1. Size queen hotel party MFMF 🔒 60 minutes total, includes 2 perspectives

    Size queen hotel party MFMF 🔒 60 minutes total, includes 2 perspectives

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  2. A weekend alone with her *******.mp4

    A weekend alone with her *******.mp4

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  3. Ciekawski

    My first voyeur!

    As I drove up into the driveway, I noticed another car, a hot black BMW, parked in the drive. I am divorced, but my ******* Kirsten moved back in with me when she started studying at the state university. Her mom lives 2 hours away, whereas I live only 5 minutes from the university. Kirsten...
  4. allfulfilled

    Awakening Emi - An Interracial Comic

    We will be posting this in parts. Chapter 1 Part 1... This is an illustrated cartoon / hentai story of a young teen *******, her MILF mom, and cuckold *******, and the changes she and her family undergo as she explores interracial sex.
  5. ******* couldn’t have asked for a better fucktoy

    ******* couldn’t have asked for a better fucktoy

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  7. Mr MiracleBBC

    Post Your Cuck Taking BBC

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    Why You Should Breed Cucks

    Breeding a cuck is just as important as breeding his wife. Now why is that you may Wonder... it's very simple. As the bull in the relationship we must make both the white woman and her a beta white male addicted to our cum. Not that goes behind just him cleaning it out of his white woman's pussy...
  9. Grcuck

    Black cuckold Couples and Hotwives

    Hi,how are yoy? JUST wondering if they are black cuckold couples here.. Will be happy to see Black Hotwives..and how it began this :) Feek free to share Cheers BWC
  10. PageantMom

    Family resorts in Caribbean

    Anyone know of any good resorts in the Caribbean with ******* entertainment to keep them busy while mom is kept busy elsewhere
  11. PageantMom

    Eastern Canada, Northeast USA

    I travel around Eastern Canada and North-Eastern USA taking my ******* to beauty pageants and modeling engagements. I'm always keen to meet up with BBC when I'm travelling. Very experienced with BBC and hubby doesn't know. If you live around there, say hello
  12. PageantMom

    Hello from Quebec

    I'm Marianne from Quebec. I used to be a baby model and pageant contestant and now I manage my *******'s pageant and modeling career. I'm a faithful wife and mom at home, but when I travel with my ******* to her appointments I like to hook up at night after she's in bed. I've had plenty of...
  13. E

    Essex/London based black bull - Hello

    Hey guys, How are you all doing? Been reading a few threads and thought I'd join. I'm looking for a couple that would like to introduce their ******* into the lifestyle. Seducing and taking wives sounds amazing, but to take a beautiful ******* and use her like how I use her mom? Sounds...
  14. K

    tube journey

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  15. W

    Black baby facebook post. Real?

    Cute post. for real? http://kneeltoblackpreg.tumblr.com/page/3 Hakuna Matata post.