Black baby facebook post. Real?

Real post? Is there a bbc sex, black baby challenge for teen girls?

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Some of those eradicate the white race (or any other race for that matter) posts are horrible! Some crazy people around if anyone genuinely believes that trash. I doubt this is actually a real challenge or thing which is happening but if it is, atleast most of the girls are having babies before they get older and already have children (like me) which makes the idea of having another baby with another man pretty difficult.

I personally believe in the idea of eradicating racism and making up for some of what history has happened by submitting ourselves (white or other ethnicity women) for black men's exclusive use. I don't want to be a racist as I have seen a lot of racism from my own family towards blacks while I was growing up and that is part of the reason I participate in this lifestyle.

But to see people say that we should try and eradicate an entire white race is ridiculous. And to see posts about underage girls is also quite worrying.
I'm not for the submission, eradication fantasy.
The long term practice of breeding for pregnancy would lead to
the elimination of the racial differences that make BM WF fucking so hot.

I'm just for seeing the hot fucking with white college girls & wives,
breeding but not for pregnancy, at least not mostly.