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    2 tiny besties vs 2 monster cocks 🔒 1 hour 3 minutes

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  2. S

    Conversation of BBC and showing her amateur cuckold porn over the years.

    When I first started to show her the Black cocks she could get mad but not look away and she would never get it out of her head again and I would just slowly introduce her to more and more and give her hints and then she stopped everything. She’s from Mexico and barely knew English I thought I...
  3. H

    Dmm to convince ur wife

    Dmm to convince ur Mom/gf/wife/sis🔞 For cuk0ld. I'll Chat with her and make her a s1ut. Helped 14 guys till now.🔞 An expert in making girls reveal their true desires.. Direct message for consultations.
  4. Black4Latina

    Convincing Latina wife...

    Wife and I play and fantasize about BBC, but I’m not sure when she’ll want to try a real black dick. Been trying to persuade her lately, what’s the next step?
  5. A

    Really want to convince wife to try

    Hey everyone, This is has always been a fetish of mine to watch my beautiful wife get fucked by a powerful black bull. Me being locked in chastity while watching her get fucked is my ultimate fantasy. The question I have is how do I get this conversation going with her? She was a virgin...
  6. CuckyBoyCasey88

    Sorry for the repetitve question but...

    What got you started at the basic level Have you always love sex with black and that is something that both knew or enjoyed for the start? Or did your husband's first have the interest in the lifestyle introduce you to it and was then or later became interested and finding pleasure things when...
  7. PittCuckboypa88

    White wife who were reluctant... ???

    What was the thing or things that sealed the deal, drew you in, or got you more than interested in taking black lover ? Remember asking those wives who had to be persuaded and convinced who were once reluctant Just Curious :) Oh! BTW I posted this pic just for fun and your enjoyment ;)...
  8. Carl Franklin

    Need Help to Convince GF

    maybe you could set up an interview with a black guy
  9. showingmyslut2

    Couples or Women you've converted

    I wanna here stories from you guys about couples or women who were vanilla before you met them. Not the normal story of white guys who convinced their wives to go black. Did you convert them into hotwives / cucks? What was the process? How'd it turn out?
  10. ApexCode

    Hot Videos of Couples roleplay Discussing Cuckold

    im looking for videos where either the gf or bf ( hubby or wife ) suggest, talk about, discuss, prepare or convince the idea of cuckolding or swinging, i have some decent examples here:
  11. C

    New here, have a question

    I am a 26yo white male, my wife is 27 and average buid, sexy build, big ass, just the right amount of thick. We have been married about 4 years now, with 2 children. Which led her to be extremely selfconcious about her body. Years before we married I have been obsessed with having a BBC slut...
  12. D

    I Need Some Help With Getting Cucked

    So I confided in my wife about 2 years ago that I was into the cuckold fantasy. Eventually it evolved into wanting her to fuck black guys. She is very loving and kind to me and didn't dismiss my fantasies out right. I'm away from home a lot too. She webcams with me sometimes with her fucking the...