1. C

    Being cucked

    what are people preference when it comes to cucking, like would you just watch or be involved and how would you like to be involved
  2. 3.mp4


    Boys vs this you
  3. A

    Introducing my gf to BBC

    I’ve recently been introducing my 4’11” White/Hispanic gf to interracial porn and she is loving it and doesn’t even realize it’s happening. She also lost her previous dildo and I bought her a new 8” BBC dildo that she occasionally uses. I also just bought a chastity cage and I am so excited to...
  4. A

    Ghost penis

    I found something interesting. Maybe hotwifes will find it as an alternative to make cuck cum while you can enjoy bbc dildo/strap on (ofc when Bull is not around or you want some spend romantic time with hubby). Have you seen videos where they make people brain believe into their fake hand by...
  5. Your wife’s  pleasure comes first

    Your wife’s pleasure comes first

  6. Your wife knows what she wants

    Your wife knows what she wants

  7. Cuck Confessions

    Cuck Confessions

    I talk to real couples and get their perspective on flr . Tune in for more !!!
  8. Built for BBC 03

    Built for BBC 03

    I want to devote my body to the BNWO “ To be the best built for bbc Snowbunny I can be “
  9. AlexBoom012

    Chastity Cage recommendations.

    Hi everyone. For a few weeks I've been thinking about getting a chastity cage for myself. Is there anything I should consider before I buy one? Size? Material? Where to buy? What are the easy mistakes to make? I would really appreciate some advice. Thank you x
  10. Cucklimey

    Milton Keynes UK wannabe cuck

    Hey, I'm a 28 year old wannabe cuck from Milton Keynes UK, looking for a women to chat to and own me. Very new to all this and don't know where to start. I am interested in chasity and IR. Interested in fun with the right person(people) and maybe dates who knows Please message me to know...
  11. ATL2NYCuck

    Chastity & erections

    Question to all the more experienced cucks in chastity. Does wearing a device cause a decrease in erection strength or ability to get hard? I have only wore one a few times, but I swear I cant get as hard or stay hard nearly as long before I used it. Thanks for any advice. Love wearing it...
  12. Why your wife prefers BBC

    Why your wife prefers BBC

    No comparison and your wife deserves to be satisfied
  13. kingbreed77

    clean std black cock visiting knoxville , seeking bbw hot wife

    traveling straight clean std free black cock dom seeking cuck couples based in knoxville to play with when i visit looking for std free hot wife who is or wants to black cock only slut with a caged cuck in chastity i only have bare back sex so std testing is a must im looking for a...
  14. dder

    Do whitebois get more pleasure playing with thier asspussy or thier clits

    Seeing that white women no lomger has intrest in white males sexually. Wat does a white beta do for sexual pleasure
  15. BNWO Cuckold session

    BNWO Cuckold session

    @LadyAnaconda came to visit me again and let’s just say we picked up where we left off … enjoying ourselves while cucks get what’s left…
  16. S

    Cuck wannabe Poland

    Hi im Simon, i want to be a cuck for some years now, i live in Poland and im 19 My kik: SuchyGames Im open for all masseges ^^
  17. Sp4missV

    New to Site, Experienced Submissive Cuckold

    Hey everybody! Submissive white cuckold here married to my Goddess who regularly locks me in chastity and fucks superior men. We have been active in the lifestyle since 2016 and pretty quickly moved from swinging to cuckolding. I am fortunate that my wife was very receptive to my submissive...
  18. Chrissy&Kitty

    What do Bulls think of Chastity ?

    Went to gangbang with wife Saturday night , we’ve been to many before but this was first time wife made me wear a shirt that read “ caged cuck “ . I just wonder what the bulls think when you see a husband like that ? Do you feel sorry for him ? do laugh inside ? Do you wonder if it’s real ? Just...
  19. S

    Pre-wedding chastity/cuckold play

    Hi Everyone, I’m brand new to the forum but hoping that I might be able to get some help. My fiancée (28F) and I (28m) are getting married in about 2 months. We have been playing around with cuckold and gentle femdom fantasies for the past 1.5 years and are looking for ways to spice up our...
  20. Cpl4funinfl

    Pussy free for a year or caged and no orgasm for six months

    We had another post called our chastity diary I've combined it here.. I'm no longer posting on that and only adding the diary posts here. So check back regularly you'll see how it's been going Last night after not having sex for a few weeks I finally let him have my pussy. First I put his...