1. Jenny1234

    New Info on Cucking

    So it's been a couple of weeks since I asked for help on cucking my boyfriend. I'm still having sex with my trainer but a new thing recently happened. If you haven't read my last thread, here it is. https://www.blacktowhite.net/threads/cheated-on-boyfriend-and-need-advice-to-cuckold.118449/ My...
  2. Str8Bully

    my cockold dream

    I wanna because live in bull if possible and have both the couples total domination,been a fantasy I always been attracted to white women and was a friendly bully to the whiteboys.I'm straight but don't my a white cockold eating my dick ,taken a pounding and cleaning up my mess and taken...
  3. Str8Bully

    Thibodaux Louisiana Bull

    Hit me up I'm 29 but I make 30 April the 11th.Single and would love to find a relationship or fun until that comes.Im new to the lifestyle, but a lover of whites my dick gets so hard for yall.I was born this was a loving domainat bull/bully.My dick is 7 to 7.5 I use what I got 5'7 185 ,i stay...
  4. Str8Bully

    looking for a couple to be mine

    I'm 29 Dom str8bully love white woman and don't mind domaninating white men,its fun and I would love to a gf that's sub or a couple that will be mine.We will be bestie and lovers that's a dream of mine.I stay in thibodaux Louisiana , 7.5 dick love sloppy noisey head a nice pussy and a nice...
  5. Str8Bully


    Any one in Louisiana or willing to travel?