1. SWM4bbcslut

    Most bulls in 1 night, a weekend, a week, a month?

    Most black bulls that you have sucked/fucked in each time frame?
  2. IMG-20170921-WA0024.jpg


    Lucy Hotwife
  3. Wife DP'd as her husband enjoys the show

    Wife DP'd as her husband enjoys the show

    Wife DP'd as her husband enjoys the show
  4. 276367.jpg


    Are there anymore of those SUPER-HUMAN black cocks out there?
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    Two studs for a beautiful woman
  6. SirBAO

    Advice from Older Bulls to Young Bucks

    I was reading another thread by @jamesj about what he’d learned throughout his years as a bull and I thought it would be a good idea for there to be a thread for older Bulls with Experience to elaborate on a thing or two that they learned or regretted about the lifestyle that might help younger...
  7. F

    Valentine's days with her Bulls

    I proposed my wife a challenge for Valentines day : spend morning with one lover, spend afternoon with one other lovers and finally have Valentines dinner with her bull ... when coming back home, provided she will send me pictures during the day (her kissing her lovers, naked in bed at hotel...
  8. R

    Chicago Area

    Any Bulls out there willing to FUCK my wife?
  9. SWM4bbcslut

    Bulls gangfuck her when she is pregnant with your baby?

    Black bulls ever gang fuck & cum in her while she is big with your baby?
  10. King-Kong

    The creation of black bulls

    Not every black man is a bull or has a big cock, but alot of bulls are black. Why and what makes a bull? Obviously its part physical you have to have the body and the presence to make a women wet. But alot of people that enjoy the lifestyle dont realise the mental aspects of being a bull...
  11. SirBAO


    For the Hotwives, Cucks and Bulls on B2W What’s the ideal situation? Long Term Relationship Or No Strings Attached? There are benefits to both but also some cons. What went into your decision making process?
  12. cuckboi206

    Two cuck couples sharing

    One of my bucket list things is to be with another cuck couple as our wives are being used by several bulls. Both of us husbands in chastity together watching the Bulls do our wives while we stand together humiliated.
  13. SirBAO

    Who's met Whom?

    New to this site and I just wanted to know who has actually met up with other other members from B2W and wanted to know about your experience. Let's hear from all perspectives Single females Hotwives Bulls Cucks We all know about the fakes and the flakes but lets hear the success stories.
  14. WorshipBBC3

    A question for the bulls/alphas...

    I want to hear how some of you alpha males feel: My main question would be, do you get pleasure out of cuckolds and other men wanting to give you their woman? How does it make you feel? (Proud, strong, dominant, important, in-control etc) Another question I have is, would you prefer to have...
  15. cuckboi206

    Training of the cuckold husband

    This subject may have been covered in other posts but i would like to begin a conversation regarding the training of husbands to be cuckolds. In our case my wife has trained me to be a submissive and has locked me in chastity. In addition i am no longer permitted intercourse with her. i was...
  16. 1

    Seeking Utah bulls

  17. Q

    Midwest Couple Owned by 2 Kings

    Hi ya'll. We are a 39 and 49 year old white couple new to this forum. We have been on SLS and SZC for years but are tired of the same people and same clubs:-( We have moved from being a swinger couple to being exclusively a cuck couple owned by 2 amazing and beautiful strong, dark Real men. We...
  18. Motocpl4play

    Need 6 - 8 bulls for Daytona beach gangbang

    Looking to host a few professional gentlemen in our hotel room next Sat night. 2/25. Please message us if you can make it. If you do not have a picture on your page please include a few. Verified real members to the front of the line.
  19. jaybbc53

    Want to attract the perfect bull's attention......

    Ladies have you been wanting to attract the perfect bull's attention, but not quite sure how? Well look no futher, check out these BBC wife items....they sure to let bulls know your available for fun teespring.com/hotwifetshirts
  20. Sophie&gee

    Young couple seeking genuine Bulls in UK

    We are a young attractive seeking hung black male / males to fulfil our fantasies.