1. your wife likes me

    your wife likes me

    When I go out women act accordingly with me …
  2. A

    Real emotions BEFORE the arrangement

    Im so tired of those “cuck” movies that arent real amateurs, but just badly directed porn, that always go from the bar and directly to fucking in 30 secs. Where are the movies that show the couple in the bar being anxious, undecided, the wife making eye contact with the black dude, the talk...


    When I do go to a bar there is always a horny woman staring at me . When they buy me drinks I know what comes next 😈
  4. Hotwife Date Night

    Hotwife Date Night

    Leave her with me I’ll send her back better !!!
  5. 4hernyc

    Anybody here out in NYC AVE A Friday 4/15/22

    We were out Friday evening and we stopped at a few bars on Ave A in NYC. Looking for a new bar to chill and waiting to meet a friend. We were talking to a black guy basically the whole time and just about politics and how crazy the world has become just a basic conversation. When we were leaving...
  6. RelaxedCub95

    Cougars in VA

    I am a young cub from NYC and I will be in Fairfax for Christmas (Dec 23-27). I would love to meet and/or play with some sexy older women there. Any bar recommendations would be appreciated.
  7. BurghWannaBe

    You see us in a bar....wwyd?

    If you saw us in a bar, would you hesitate to hit on her in front of me and try and take her home? Keep in mind you have never met, but you notice she is just a lil ******* and I seem insecure(which I am) even though she has never cheated or cucked me. Just curious.
  8. C

    Rate her out of 10...

    Straight from work to the bar, this businesswoman surprised this younger stud at the bar. Comment your thoughts below...
  9. drippinpussy

    finally did it

    Yesterday evening hubby and I went to a bar in Prescott AZ, Whiskeyrow. Several have live music and they are fun. After our last adventure (the story is on here) I admitted to hubby that I could understand why he would love to see me fucked by another guy. Preferably a black one. Until know I...
  10. W

    Looking for suggestions in OH

    looking for a place to take my wife for a long weekend get away. I would like to hear about a couple bars (not swing clubs) in or near a hotel we could go that we could possibly get lucky with meeting a black guy to see what happens. I am still trying to talk her into making my fantasy a reality...
  11. I

    ladies be honest, would this work if a guy tried this in abar/ night club, why or why not?

    you see two girls dancing next to each other they are friends and you have a crush on one of them, what do you say? Maybe I'd ask her friend "confusing her to another person". It's an old and bad trick, but maybe it might work. That way maybe there is a chat. Just come up with a random name like...