adult lifestyle


    Seeking Sexy Women to do XXX Shoots/Cam Shows With

    Looking for sexy women to do camshows and XXX vids with, preferably in Atlanta area but other places in U.S. as well. Message back if interested $$$
  2. MasterFW4

    Have anyone here been to a swingers club or adult book store?

    I was wondering how many people here have been to a swingers club like club 440 and club sinday or an adult bookstore with screening facilities, how was your experience the first time you went?
  3. The Ultimate Bull

    What If She Falls In Love With Her Bull?

    What happens when all the fucking becomes making love? Has this happened to any cucks? Have any of the women experienced this? I've had a cuckoldress fall in love with me before. The husband made sure we never slept together again.
  4. Bullntenn

    Thanks to all cucks, hubbies, and bfs

    I would like to give a huge Thanks to all the cucks, hubbies, and boyfriends and girlfriends who allow their partner, wife, etc to play with us Bulls and Studs.Thank you
  5. Wives` And Husbands` (Adult Lifestyle) Roles

    Wives` And Husbands` (Adult Lifestyle) Roles

    A try to explain the roles wives and husbands can take on inside and outside the Adult Lifestyles.