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Hello, hi, hey!

European guy in his 20's here. Single at the moment, as straight as it gets and not a big fan of the extreme cuckolding that seems to be the norm around here. But I've been looking at this site for a month now, saw some good things and people so decided to join in.

I'm here to share thoughts, ideas and experiences. Since I'm not gay and don't have a girlfriend, real meets isn't for me. But if there's a white chick about to be with a black man and wants me to be a part of it, I'm up for it! Like that's ever gonna happen ... :cool:

I hope you all have a great weekend and I'm looking forward hearing from you all!
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We aren't all about extreme cuckolding on here. I would describe my husband and I as people who are just sexually open and feel the more the merrier.

Thanks for stopping in and although I don't think your going to find what your looking for on here, you are more than welcome to participate in the discussions.
No I know that, that's why I registered :)

Time will tell! Discussions and discussions, quite a lot of one-sided monologues where people spew out their own crazy fantasies with people who does the same thing ;)
Yes, there are some crazy fantasies on here. We have been open sexual for a great many years and I have never come across half the stuff I read about on here. The reality of it is that most guys like to join in and participate fucking their wives and the guys or couples you hook-up with are not complete strangers but like minded people you have met throughout the years.

Not sure what country your from but that area of Europe has some great swinging groups. Another place to try would be adult theaters.
Same for me! Was a bit of a shock when I first started watching this site and some others and thought "Hey, I've never come across that the few years I was into this swinging/hotwife/whatever. Have I been doing it wrong?". But I figured out that most of it was fantasy pretty quickly.

It has? Didn't know that! On the other hand, I've never really looked for swinger groups around here though.