HusbandOf BBCadmirer
May 25, 2013
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Feb 2, 1975 (Age: 42)

HusbandOf BBCadmirer

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Interracial and swinging is FUN!!! But, all this talk about daughters is kind of creeping me and the wife out. Nov 21, 2016

    1. King Ding 96
      King Ding 96
      Love your pics
    2. HusbandOf BBCadmirer
      HusbandOf BBCadmirer
      Interracial and swinging is FUN!!! But, all this talk about daughters is kind of creeping me and the wife out.
    3. Mikeyso_fresh
      Just wanted to say hi. 27 year old military guy here. Hope all is good ;)
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    Feb 2, 1975 (Age: 42)
    Hello I am the Husband of another female member on this site. can you guess her name?

    She has been a verified member for years and has met a few guys off of this site. For the past few years life has been just to busy for us to play much and she does not get time to come on here much anymore.. but occasionally I will catch her flirting with some hung BBC.

    Now.... I am not a true cuckold by definition and I am actually quite a large person in body and cock size. I like to watch but will also join in on occasion.

    I do please my wife but she is absolutely insatiable. She loves sex and everything about it. I cant keep up with her sex drive.

    Typical night. She jumps me in the basement, we put the futon on the floor, and I fuck her silly.

    No hole is off limits and I cant keep up with her. She loves her clit played with but will also have orgasms from large cocks without her clit even being touched.

    We dont play with strangers that much anymore but she still has a few large black guys from work that keep her pussy and ass loose while she is away on business trips.

    This forum and most others are inundated with professional pictures taken from other sites. like this:

    fake as shit!!!

    My wife is a real PTA PAWG. If you ran into her on the street you would never know she has had so many large cocks up inside her. What a real PTA PAWG looks like:

    what she looks like about to get fucked by a BBC:

    see the difference between real and fake?

    Honestly, As I said.. she doesn't play much anymore. She still is interested, but real life is a busy thing. I am going to keep it real. I like people looking at her and her sluttyness. It turns me on, and she trusts me not to give away our identity. Unlike so many other people on here, I can show a face picture for all the pictures I post. You can see it is my wife in all her glory. We have talked about it and both agree it is not safe to show faces in the open. I may show her face to some guys on here.... but dont get offend if I say no.

    You are welcome to fuck... I mean... go to my wife's profile and see if she wants to chat, but she doesn't get on much.
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