Your Wife's Fantasies


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When you leave the wife at home, do you ever wonder what she might be up to? If maybe she's having phone sex with her lover, wanting him to come by the house? And if by chance she is really doing such ... does she usually let you know?
I'd rather walk in on her, too. I can almost picture it -- getting off early and surprising her by coming home early. I even pick up flowers and a bottle if wine. But when I open the front door, I announce I am home but hear nothing. I walk through the house with a the flowers and bottle until I get to our bedroom door, where I can hear muffled moans. I figure she must be taking a mid-day break with her vibrator, so I slowly open the door to peak at her pleasuring herself. Instead, I am horrified to see her on all fours, her big tits hanging and jiggling as her pussy gets battered by the big black cock of our neighbor's college-age son.
its so hot when you know her black lover is there with her im at work hes pounding her pussy deep and good she wont answer my calls for hours , just getting a text that says hang on he just got here and never her from her all day wow its so exciting waiting wondering
and when i get home she is in bed naked and her pussy is so sore cause he stretched it and used it for 6 hours straight she feels so soft and puffy awesome shes spent and worn out from fucking all day
I have never been walked in as have never done that. A few years back though did get talked into phone sex with guy while hubby was away at work and he came home and found a dildo all covered and used. He loved it.. I know he would like for me to do it again thats for sure or go the whole way when he walks in and finds me legs up and a BBC balls deep in me.