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    I am a younger BBC that has been strongly attracted to foxy older white women since high school. I would almost always be thinking about my English teacher and my History teacher--two voluptuous bbw women in their early forties--when I was sleeping with my high school girlfriends. When I was in college, I had a discreet relationship for a few weeks with a busty married, thirty-six-year-old adjunct professor whose husband taught at a college in another state. And I've had two other older white women as lovers since leaving college. First, there was my old landlord--a tall, bottom heavy, redheaded divorcee in her mid-forties. Then there was a short (5'3") but very busty neighbor whom I invited to have Thanksgiving dinner with me in 2011 when I learned that we were both going to be spending Thanksgiving alone; she was thirty-four.

    The neighbor who was my last older lover had a very serious fetish for black men and big black cocks. Her fetish really turned me on. I love the way she would talk about me and my cock during sex. She told me she would often search craigslist for bbc and that she had actually met men via craigslist on three occasions.

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I started thinking of her and started surfing craigslist and searching the web for places where white chicks can connect with big black cock. I am happy that I found this place.
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    Iam sure my bbc virgin wife would like a ride.