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Yemi's Groove - How I got a Girl into BBC

I have to say, I'm a rather lucky guy. I'm an Asian male who's been lucky enough to have been with some beautiful women of all sorts of ethnicities and cultures. I love women of all sorts, whether white, black, brown or anything in between. I have prided myself on introducing white women to the pleasures of variety, and, in a CV-like sentence, I hope to continue this in the future. Below is a story of such a seduction into the wonderful world of swapping & sharing.

I was 21 and at university. There was a blonde girl named Laura in my English class who fancied the pants off of me. Laura was the same sort of height as me at around 5' 6", 19 years-old, size 12 and 34 DD. I used to go out with her and her friends quite a bit, get ever-so-slightly drunk, and me and Laura would head home for some fun. And fun we did have, especially as she could come in a matter of minutes. I taught her more about controlled breathing and how to have multiple orgasms more frequently. She has used these techniques many times, and it was very sexy having her learn under my tutelage.

Anyways, one day, we talked of threesomes. Laura spoke of how so many guys fantasize about FFM threesomes, but are often close-minded about a girl doing the same thing in reverse. I said that this isn't always true, and she then asked me "would I ever consider a MMF?" "Maybe...Depends...", I answered. She didn't think I was serious. Little did Laura know that I had started to hatch a plan in my head...

Me & my lady decided to have a little dirty weekend in Dartmoor during the spring, where she had an empty home. We'd check out the castles, drink at the pubs and have some naughty fun indoors and out. This gave me the perfect chance to organise a surprise for her, namely a threesome with myself and a young, black stud named Yemi (quite buffed, smooth, 5' 8", 9" cock). Obviously, I didn't want Laura to know, and I managed to verify Yemi as genuine and get his mobile number.

I decided to set up our MMF on our second night in Dartmoor. We got up early in the morning, screwed a couple of times, and then went off to see the castles, have a nice pub lunch and spend our noon hiking about and having sex in nice surroundings. When evening hit and we were about to head home, I told Laura that I had a "gift" for her. I said to her that I'd have to blindfold her before we went into her house. Laura looked at me in puzzlement, but thought nothing of it and went along with it. I text Yemi at this moment to get prepared, and sent him her address. I told him not to knock but text when outside.

We got to her front door and, after she opened it, I blindfolded her and led her upstairs to her bedroom. I asked her to be patient and keep the blindfold on for several minutes while I left the room and "prepared" her present. At that moment, Yemi text to tell me he was outside. Luckily, her room and the front door were far enough apart for her to not hear my sneaking downstairs and opening the door. I told him to go upstairs to her room, with me following him.

When we both entered the room, Laura still had her blindfold on, not really much wiser. I nudged Yemi in order to get him to kiss her. He did so and, for a few seconds, Laura didn't notice much, but as she drew him closer, she stopped kissing him and asked, a little shocked, "what's happening?". When she asked this, I started kissing her neck from behind. Laura had started to realise that this was indeed her "present". Laura smiled, blushed and drew Yemi closer, kissing him passionately and deeply. We were both running our hands over Laura's thighs and breasts, gently stroking her. Laura was getting more and more red with pleasure, and I could feel her getting wet when brushing my hand inside her lingerie. She took off her top, I unhooked her bra, and Yemi started to kiss her breasts. Laura was already moaning by this point, so I decided to start unbuttoning her mid-knee skirt and taking off her lingerie, kissing her legs and thighs, until I bent her over and started to lick her out, feeling the throb of her clitoris against my tongue. Laura was shuddering with delight by this point. Laura's body went a slight crimson all over, and she was obviously having fun. While I was kissing her pussy, she started to kiss Yemi on the chest, then the stomach and eventually started sucking his bbc. At this moment, I thought to undo her blindfold.

Laura opened her eyes and saw she was sucking bbc. I went down on her again while she was giving Yemi a blowjob, and she came almost immediately. I asked her if she wanted to fuck Yemi. She didn't need to answer. She turned around, started to give me a blowjob, and let herself slide onto Yemi's 9" in doggystyle position. Every thrust Yemi took bought Laura to orgasm. She grooved and ground into Yemi's pelvis, wanting every inch of him inside of her. Yemi got Laura into a rhythm by controlling her waist and raking his fingernails over her breasts and thighs. She started to have multiple orgasms after about 5 mins of Yemi's groove. I withdrew from her mouth and came over Laura's breasts. Laura kept on having orgasms when Yemi was inside of her. I just let Yemi fuck Laura while I kissed and stroked her all over, heightening her sensation. Laura's legs started to cramp, and moved over to rest on the corner of the bed, all the while keeping Yemi inside of her. Yemi carried on grooving inside of her doggystyle. Laura had started to alternately shout and whimper "I want to make you come!", and grooved harder into Yemi's pelvis. Yemi lifted her up slightly by the waist in order to get deeper penetration. I noticed Laura had started to use my breathing techniques, and this turned me on even more. Laura screamed wildly for about 30 minutes, her pussy dancing with delight on Yemi's dick, greedily taking Yemi inside of her until he came. When Yemi came, Laura took a huge sigh of pleasure, happy that she made Yemi orgasm. Laura wanted all of Yemi's come inside of her, and would thrust herself until she took all of Yemi's come.

Laura saw that I was hard again, told me to come over and continue her orgasmic night. Me and Yemi shared Laura for several hours that night, as she hungrily allowed myself & Yemi take turns on her. I would awake in the morning to find Yemi and Laura fucking on the kitchen floor, flooded with fine, orgasmic feeling...

We organised several threesomes after this experience, both MMF & FFM. Laura was so astounded that I would organise such a scenario with her, that she would often reward me with threesomes. However, I always made sure that the other guy was black when having an MMF, as she would orgasm so much in this scenario that it would've be wrong of me not to give her such pleasure. Laura particularly loved older black bulls, and I even organised her a 55 year-old black bull for Christmas... Perhaps this could be another story? All in all, Yemi certainly helped ignite Lauara's passion for bbc, and has had many black men play her drums since.