Would you????

Ladies..... Tell is if you would fuck and suck A BBC at your job even if you ran the risk of getting caught doing it.... Also if you have already done this tell us about it......
I've never done it and wouldn't, I'm far too cautious for something like that. Now I've had sex with him in public but not where I could be caught by other people that know me.

I work with someone who has. Our manager has a nice closed office with a window that overseas the parking lot and she's had sex in her office during employee 1 on 1s. She claims she had him fuck her against the window overseeing the company parking lot. She enjoys the nearly being caught and the risk factor involved in it almost as much as the big cock.


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Not at my job. But, I did visit a lover who had his own company. Visited him during the day time on his birthday and gave him a blow job in his office.

Didn't get caught, but I'm sure the office did know or suspect what was happening.