Would You Consider This As Hot Or Not?

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Ladies, Which Do You Prefer? A Black Dick That Has Had Lots Of White Pussy Or No White Pussy?

  1. Give me the black dick that's had lots of white pussy.

  2. Give me the black dick that's had no white pussy.

  3. I am a curious male interested in how they voted.

  1. One Small Dick

    One Small Dick Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I have heard of this happening and wanted to get some input from our gang here about your thoughts on it, especially from the ladies point of view since this involves the girls mainly.

    How would you react and would you think this is hot if you were asked or told by a black man to watch a video of him fucking other white females while you were sucking his dick?

    I was chatting it up recently with a black guy that actually does this and he said it really turned the white girls on when they were able to watch on video, the same black dick that they were sucking as it slid in and out of the different white pussies that he had recorded while he fucked them. He compiled all into one that had a bunch of short segments of each one he fucked. He said he cut them up so it showed closeups of the reciprocations of his black dick into the different white pussies.

    Hell, I thought it sounded red hot and I commended him for not only thinking of it but also for actually doing it.
    Here are a couple of similar example still shots.

    Earn It 16.png
    So, what ya think ladies (and everybody else), Hot Or Not?
  2. One Small Dick

    One Small Dick Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I was hoping for some input from the crew here on this subject but I haven't been able to generate any so far. I still thought it was hot as hell and pretty damn cool too.
  3. kissylips

    kissylips Active Member

    nothing beats experience in bed ever
  4. Marshavon

    Marshavon Active Member

    I kind of would like to be the first white woman a black man had,something like the guy being a virgin.
  5. Nobby

    Nobby Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I am sure, a lot of white ladies would love to be the first white pussy for a black cock.;)
  6. chrispiss

    chrispiss New Member

    i don't care