Wife's next photoshoot requests


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Need some requests for pics you'd like the wife to take during her next playtime with her toys, she's got 2 BBC dildos she can use, a marker for any body writing, etc.

We'll pick three of our favorite ideas and post them.

We won't post face shots or identifying pics.
I think we should take this out of the bedroom for a little anticipation before play. A pair of daisy dukes, cut as high as possible, with her hot white ass-cheeks overflowing out the sides so much it's practically a thong. Then slap one of these on that milky white ass, so the spade is just barely covered by those jeans. So when she dances, struts or bends that lily-white ass over, the black spade on that fine milky flesh spills out of those jeans for all to see. http://www.queenofspadestattoos.com/shop

Then go to the blackest dance club in town (or a few towns over, if you want to be discrete). Hang back, film incognito and just watch the reactions. Brothers on the floor getting hard in their pants all over. You know she'll be gushing wet and clawing to take those short jeans off the second she gets home. Then film all the action too, having her vocalize how turned on she is, and the fantasies that have popped into her head.

I think you'll have your best session yet.

Oh, and please post that shit.
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