Wife's Friend Gets Her Thinking

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Would you be jealous if your told you she knew her friend's husband was hung like a horse?

  1. Yes, it would bother me every time we saw them.

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  2. No, I wouldn't care.

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  3. She already knows this about one of our friends.

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  1. CuckoldCouple

    CuckoldCouple Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Once during woman talk, one of my wife's black friends mentioned that her husband has a
    huge cock. My wife told me this and often makes sly remarks about how much her
    friend must enjoy sex with her husband. I know my wife is attracted to him and
    the revelation of his massive manhood has only made her more interested. She has
    even admitted that she would like to have sex with him just to see what it would
    be like. I didn't tell her that I would like this as well.

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  2. One Small Dick

    One Small Dick Well-Known Member Gold Member

    You should have told her. That door of opportunity doesn't come around just everyday and there are plenty of white guys who wished it did and would love to hear their wife say that to them.
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  3. wanabecucked

    wanabecucked Well-Known Member

  4. bigalex

    bigalex Active Member

    Tell her to fuck him you both will love it.
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  5. wwwtime

    wwwtime Active Member

    Some people have all the luck.....
  6. willsrvu

    willsrvu Administrator Real Person Gold Member

    Your Wife gave you the perfect opening to let her know you not only are OK with her fantasizing about fucking a Black Man, but that you would be happy for her to actually enjoy doing it and you .... BLEW IT BIG TIME!

    Opportunity seldom knocks twice, so since she probably figures from your silence on the subject that you aren't very accepting of the idea, the ball is now in your court and you will need to watch for an opening to ask her if she is still interested in finding out what fucking a BBC is like. If you get the chance again, make sure she knows that you are not only OK with it, but that you would love to help make it possible for her to enjoy trying.

  7. teninches4Tracy

    teninches4Tracy Well-Known Member

    She needs his cock or at least one like it or she'll spend the rest of her life wondering.
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  8. Drillher4me

    Drillher4me Well-Known Member

    Talk about missed opportunities! Man you gotta go have your head read! She opens the door and you don't even take a look see!? Smarten up! She's come out and told you she wants to fuck this guy! How many ways does she have to say it for you to understand! Just give her the go ahead, she'll love it! Just make it a condition that you can sit in the corner and watch! Maybe you can jerk off while she's getting the big black night stick! :blackgrimace:
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  9. cucky

    cucky Well-Known Member Gold Member

    ,dont loose an oppurtunity like this,try to help your wife