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Why I seek private with a burning desire to go on trips to ecstasy with a big car & a roadmap

After ending my 2nd marriage, it dawned on me that my manhood is one of my greatest assets, and its been urging me to find a safe and drama free sexual partner so it can replenish its power by fulfilling her burning desire. It gets a kick out of finding her limit and going beyond it. The big boy is used to increased intensity with each engagement, not less. And the goal is to transfer the blissful feeling and accomplishment into success in life and not into its own ego. Sometimes I think it came up with the word "Climb to the Max".

Some people lose the desire for intimacy, while some others go from one person to another trying all kinds of things and toys. The fact is that they may have never fulfilled that inner desire. Many people think that sex and orgasim is the end, but its just the begining on the way to ecstasy. To go on these trips, you will need a partner who is open minded and has no expectations, a big enough car, and a roadmap to get there.