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Who has the big car and roadmap to ecstasy?

After recently separating from my 2nd marriage, I spent the past 4 months reflecting on the lessons i have to learn and what i need to get thru this transition. One of my needs led me to do some research and i ended up here.

It dawned on me that my manhood is one of my greatest assets, and its greatest and power was replenished by taking its female partner beyond her sexual limits. It gets a kick out of finding her limit and taking her beyond it, and with each encounter going to a higher level. Sometimes I think it came up with the word "Climb to the Max".

My point is that I view sex as one of the most powerful forms of meditation. Yes we can meditate by ourselves via yoga and other ways, but our creator made intercoursing with the opposite sex so strong thats its hard to ignore. while most men are here seeking sex or to cum, that is only the beginning and is only the route to reaching ecstasy or experiencing total bliss.

my success and pioneering creativity in bed has reached levels of satisfaction which has fulfilled my inner need , strengthened my confidence and transferred into my life and success in business. It can do the same for my sexy private partner once her needs are fulfilled. We also plan fantasies to enhance the expectation and excitement. Once we learn each others personal and physical needs, the scripts and my guidance helps to take us thru the mental process. Yes, the big manhood demands control, but only during these moments. It pleasures in seeing the female in her ideal state of femininity, where she can finally trust that it is safe to be herself and to let go without worrying about a man who lacks the humility and may use his ego outside of this engagement.

Reaching this erotic zone is a powerful feeling and boundaries must be established so nothing else exists but pure passion. If you are also seeking a safe way to accomplish this goal and fit the description of the attractive lonely housewife, young busty girl seeking experience, have a body built for something bigger but never meet a man with the skill and sensitivity, then you might be that person.

So, if you have strong desires that are unfulfilled and seeking a private partner who has a big car and a roadmap to take trips to ecstasy, find out what I am talking about, because I don't.