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White cucks who

That is a great deal of truth to that! I never thought I would be the way I am now. I don't have any interest in any white guys at all!
You and me both. I can't stop laughing some times after being drilled and creamed well by my Black lover. Because then I go online and I see bitter white boys like Mac complaining. It's so funny. It's like he doesn't believe how much we enjoy getting dug out by superior black men.
For years I was with white men and my cuck loved sloppy seconds. After watching me achieve ecstasy having multiple squirting orgasms with a black man who was much bigger and lasted 5 hours, I believe my cuck was relieved that I wanted my pussy to be black only. That was 12 years ago and has never asked to fuck me.
Not to extreme by me. I would also feel relieved to be free of the pressure to perform. I don't think I will ever find that woman, though. I would love that woman as much or more than in a "traditional" relationship because it takes the stress away from me.
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It's so wonderful to see white males who at last have all the last vestiges of racist masculinity driven out the of them and accept their place as the natural cuckolds of the animal kingdom.
Occasionally out of the blue my wife will invite me to fuck her but as much as I have jerked off thinking about it, when the time comes I can not keep the little guy up.
I've watched or heard her screaming orgasms so many time from a superior cock that I know I can't come close to pleasing her with my pathetic attempt.