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white boys get harder erections and cum more when being cuckolded


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due to sperm wars, white boys cum more when being cuckolded.

my wife always teases me about how my dick gets harder from watching her with a black guy than actually having sex with her. she also laughs everytime i cum bucket loads when being cuckolded but barely have any cum when i'm with her myself.

Most men are excited by the idea of their women being with other men. Yes, most. They may or may not actually like it. But many an otherwise sensible gentleman finds himself aroused upon seeing his hot wife, girlfriend or significant other flirt with a stranger, or perhaps a friend. He may be jealous, hurt, angry, even enraged. Still, he often can’t help but want to make love to “his” woman as soon as they get home, his erection stronger than usual, and his ejaculation more powerful. It’s as if he is pumped up to win some sort of sexual competition with another male for the prize of this valuable female, his wife.
But many other gentlemen who enjoy watching or imagining the women they love having sex with other men in threesomes, at swing parties, in porn or with dildos, don’t feel humiliated at all. They do, however, feel extremely excited, and experience harder erections and stronger ejaculations than usual.
But whenever a man has sex with a woman, he unconsciously considers the odds of her being with another man. If he feels that she is totally faithful to him, he might feel very happy and secure and love her a lot, but his erection won’t be at its strongest, nor will his sperm volume be at its highest. Unconsciously, his brain sends a message to his testicles: Don’t bother to send out the full army (or football team) of several hundred million sperm to an empty field where there’s no opposing team.

But if he suspects his wife or girlfriend is having sex with another man, whether she is or not… if he feels she could be cuckolding him—his testicles will spring into action and produce as many hundred million warrior sperm, blockers and inseminators as they can. The result is that the man has a much stronger erection, more copious ejaculate and a more intensely pleasurable orgasm than usual. Studies have shown that a husband’s sperm count rises when his wife is away for a few days, even if he’s ejaculated as much as he normally does during her absence.
that is all research by a doctor. cuckolds get harder erections and cum more when being cuckolded.

this is all turned up a notch if the wife is flirting or cuckolding with a hung black man. black men are our natural competition. they are an entirely different race. it drives white boys crazy to see their woman flirting or having sex with a black man. we get extra jealous and want to protect our women from them, but it also brings out our natural sperm wars biology to the highest degree. we can't help it, our little dicks get rock hard and our balls fill up with cum ready to burst.