white boys get harder erections and cum more when being cuckolded

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    due to sperm wars, white boys cum more when being cuckolded.

    my wife always teases me about how my dick gets harder from watching her with a black guy than actually having sex with her. she also laughs everytime i cum bucket loads when being cuckolded but barely have any cum when i'm with her myself.

    that is all research by a doctor. cuckolds get harder erections and cum more when being cuckolded.

    this is all turned up a notch if the wife is flirting or cuckolding with a hung black man. black men are our natural competition. they are an entirely different race. it drives white boys crazy to see their woman flirting or having sex with a black man. we get extra jealous and want to protect our women from them, but it also brings out our natural sperm wars biology to the highest degree. we can't help it, our little dicks get rock hard and our balls fill up with cum ready to burst.
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    I've never been cuckolded but I know that watching cuckold porn or reading a good story always makes me harder than when having sex with my gf!
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