Which are you?

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As a single white guy, looking for your queen of spades are you more....

  1. Her equal, but you're a lovingly supportive partner of her desires to get freaky from time to time?

  2. Her submissive, mesmerized by her spell overly you doing anything she wants and needs?

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  1. don Giovanni

    don Giovanni Member

    There seems to be two distinct clear groupings of the white guys here. One is the what I think most single QoS and bulls think the men are here. They are to some degree meke to girly, small dicked to limp, willing to do house chores to cleaning up cum. They are willing to help in any way the QoS and Bull in having sex so as to be turned on.

    The other grouping of men are generally professionals with at least a modest disposable income and some what handsome. The only QoS that know of these guys are the ones that married to them, as they write my husband is not like other white guys here. This other grouping of white guys more conscious, active, involved in their woman's affairs. They see them selves as seducing the woman into the lifestyle, then supporting encouraging her and then loaning her out.

    Which one are you? And tell us more about yourself.
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