What's with the term white boo?

Ebonics, derogatory/humiliating intent, racism. Pick your vitriol, dude. Either way its bad grammar and spelling and should be avoided. One thing I don't tolerate is racism from anyone we include in our lifestyle. Bulls are chosen based on respect, calling me white boy or any other racist term is a quick way to remove yourself from the list of bulls we choose from. Proper spelling and grammar in messages is something we look for. We expect respect up front and if you can't even send a nicely written message we're not likely to consider you. Calling her a whore, slut, or other derogatory term to address her in a written message, especially when we've never met you, is a quick way to ensure you never fuck her. We both read messages from prospective bulls. We don't do coffee dates either. Had too many people just flake or not show up.
Back in the day of Jim Crowe, "Boy" was used as derogatory/racist term. You could say it was a racial slur. Now certain people throw "white" in front it. Changing the spelling to "boi" is likely to imply sissification, feminization, but it is universally a disrespectful thing. It is spelled that way intentionally to be a disrespectful acknowledgement. We don't deal with it. Disrespectful bulls aren't worth our time.


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If you look up meanings of boi, this is why I use it "Often, though not always, a "boi" prefers the submissive role." And I use it referring to cuckolds. It is not racist and IMHO is accurate for application to most cuckolds.
i am not a sissy but i love being called boi by women who would never fuck me. I agree with BethLuvsBBConly, its a great way to describe inadequate white men
Being called boi or bitch is a turn on for me. My wife usually calls me boi and her current bf has started to call me bitch. When you have a tiny dick, no body hair and are spanked regularly it seems an apt title.