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What is the biggest rat bastard thing youve done in bed?


Gold Member
Exactly what the title says. Biggest schmuck dirty, low down thing you've done to your partner. And loved doing it. You redefined the word arrogant. Like you fucked her in the ass and wiped your dick on her curtains. That sort of thing.

For me, this was back in the 90's, I was traveling on business in Indonesia and picked up this married asian milf. Took her back to my hotel. While banging her, on the TV, there was a news report about something happening in Israel. And this cunt spewed the vilest anti-semtic rant I have ever heard. Not anti-isreal. But genuine anti-semetic material that even the Nazi's would have blushed at.

Guess what religion I observed then?

So being a rat bastard, I rolled her over and made an unannounced anal visit and made sure I was fucking her painfully. And while doing, I was telling her "how do you really feel? tell me some more". LOL ......

After I came, I stuck my dick in her mouth and made sure she sucked me a bit. WTF, she had a potty mouth so a little bit of shit wouldnt hurt.

I think I have some pictures of her too. If I find them, I will post them.

That dirty little married cunt!