What if


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Your wife and you are shopping at the mall, and you notice a handsome gentleman working in a store you just passed. You stop for a second and when you turn to your wife, she is entering the store that you saw the guy in. You are now walking around in a womans clothing store and you are holding your wifes purse. She comes to you with like six dresses and tell you that she is going into the fitting room. You position yourself at the entrance to the dressing rooms, so you can tell her if you like or dislike her selections. She is in the dressing room for a while and she comes out and ask do you like this one? You look and you say sure, she retreats back into the room again. Again she is in there forr about five minutes before she comes out, this time you notice that she has sweat on her forehead and you make the comment is it hot in there? She then looks around and she moitions for you to follow her back to the dressing room. You are thinking to yourself, wow a little fun on the shopping trip. You walk into the dressing room and she closes the door, and you notice a pair of mens pants in the floor. You then notice a black male in the mirror behind your wife, the guy you noticed in the store is naked in the dressing room with your wife and you. She says it was taking away from the fun, coming out so he suggested that you come in her with us. You stand their with your wifes purse as this black guy sits on the bench as your wife mounts him with you standing there. The guys eyes are rolled back in his head as your wife rides him as if he was a pony. The guy moans and grabs your wifes hips and he says I am cumming! and he picks up your wife and his black cock lets out a major LOAD, all over one of the dresses as well as your black loafers. Your wife then says damn ! guess we are going to have to buy that one. So she tells you to pay for the dress as she walks her new friend out of the store. The girl at the counter is smiling at you as you pay for the dress and she looks at you. When she gives you your bag, she says "I guess you really like this one." One the ride home you notice your wife is smelling her new dress and she has it pushed against her nose the entire ride home.