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    This started as nothing more than a Joke for us. But as time went on we were out drinking one night and hubby decided to play a little truth or dare with me. I was more nervous so chose more truths than dares. One of his questions was if I ever fantasized about being fucked by a huge cock. I finally told the truth and said yes I have.
    My husband of 3 years and we both are on our second marriage is the biggest I have ever had. Compared to the guys I have seen on this site, he wouldn’t be much a comparison. About a month ago, he teased me some more and ordered a realistic dildo online. It was a flesh feeling and about a inch and half longer, but not much thicker. I had such a difficult time taking it and afterwards found out it was one and five eighths thick. Then reading about these men with two inch thick cocks made me realize maybe going huge off the bat would not be a good idea.
    But hubby showed me pictures of a woman, Diane Limber. This woman is no bigger than me. She appears to be about five foot 2, and all of 110 pounds maybe. The pictures and videos I watched turned me on soo much. I realized that if this petite woman can take this, I can too. And the black man she was with, I wish I could find him and have him fuck me the same way. His cock looked at least ten inches long, and a full two inches thick.
    I am looking for the same, and would only love to be filmed and show off for my husband fucking such a beautiful cock. I fantasize now about my husband finding and setting things up for me. Then to ease my nerves directs me what he wants to see me do and what he wants this stud to do to me. I would love for a strange man like this to slow fuck me for as long as he can hold out. As a finisher I would love to feel his large cock swell inside me as I beg him to fill me with his cum.
    Sitting here now writing this, I am wanting even more. I can dream of him staying hard and continue thrusting his cock in me. Being so wet right now thinking I even want my husband too. Let me place this right. I straddle over my black lover and take him deep in me, then my husband moves behind me, and begins fucking my ass and now having my favorite cock in my ass, and my new cock filling my pussy. They both continue until once again my new black cock is filling my pussy with his cum and my husband cumming in my ass.
    Well, those are my thoughts until I get it. I will finish myself off now looking at all these pictures of other women getting what they want too..
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    As it sounds like your husband already has the desire to see you with a well endowed lover, I don't need to wish you luck at fulfilling your fantasy as I'm sure it is just a matter of time and finding the right man.
    I will, however, wish you a wonderful first experience and many more to follow. :)

    Let us know how it goes when it happens.
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    First, thanks for the pics - HOTHOTHOT!!! Way to start my day, now I can't wait to get back home and do something about it.....:oops: (BBC toy time)

    Don't count on everything you see in the movies, or hear. My recent ex-GF had a friend who was a pro - escort, hooker, 'ho, whatever - who was not exactly a tiny girl but had to refuse clients who were big, 'cause she couldn't take them without sometimes getting hurt so bad she was out of action for a couple of days...and you would think that a girl who fucked all day for a living would be stretched and flexible as could be, or at least to have worked up to it....

    I, on the other hand, even being kinda small, have discovered that I'm a size queen...the bigger it is, the better it feels ;) I suggest trying it out with toys first...get yourself some nice BBC "realistic" models, which is what I love, big ridged heads and yummy veins that you can sometimes even feel inside you :)

    Wishing you good luck...and fun times.....

    :blackheart: Lanie
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    I'd love to make that Coe true for you Felicia