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What do you guys think about these pic. Was shot by her husband

One Small Dick

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CuckCpl4BBC;1253 said:
Pretty hot. I think you should demand hubby be naked so he can be very aware of how small his dick is compared to your bull and embarrassed about how hard his cock gets seeing you f*d properly.
I totally agree about the hubby should always be naked while he watches his white wife taking bbc. The black man should be able to see how hard hubby's little white dick gets seeing his wife getting pounded by a black dick.
I've just made my cuckold buy a chastity, i don't think he deserves to get hard, i think it looks funny when he pulls it out of his boxers and its the size of my little finger, then i do it to the big black man and i pull his huge cock out. You'll love the facial expression on the woman when his massive black cock is revealed, 3 times the size of yours and it's not even hard... mmm

Another thing is: Should you be able to even see? - Blindfold so you can just hear? My next BBC i'm not going to tell my cuckold when he's coming over i'm going to make him dress up and pretend it's just me bullying him then i'm going to tie him down (with my bed restraints) and leave him there whilst i'm getting dressed up, I'll have him wearing his chastity too... then all he'll hear is a knock at the door, i'll get up and answer it then we come into the room and he'll wonder what is going on, all he hears is laughter when me and the bull are laughing at his tiny penis and the fact that he's dressed up for me, he'll then know i have BBC to fuck tonight ;) I then get his huge cock out and he'll hear me say 'wow, that's huge! - much larger then my cuckold's over there' then we'll laugh again. Then I'll lay back onto my cuckold (whose tied up facing upwards) and use him to lean on. I'll get him to take the BBC and place it into my pussy, that way he can feel what'll be going into my little white pussy, with my face near his he'll hear me moaning i'll then proceed to let my cuckold see for a little bit, but still be tied down after hours of sex and pure excitement... i'll make my cuckold clean up and make him say thank-you to the bull for cumming all in my pussy. Afterwards i'll let my cuckold fuck me (As this is the only time he's allowed to) then he can feel how stretched my pussy is, i'll guarantee he'll cum within a minute and i won't feel a thing.

;) xxx


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I agree hubby should always be naked while a black stud is using his white wife however I have an 8.5" hard cock, not so small but I'd keep it bare and hard for whatever was next..........
that's just awesome!! you've gotta post some pictures!!! I know there are some sensitivities associated with that, but photo editing comes standard on most pc's
awesome!! I don't have to tell you that we're always hungry for more pics. I'd go so far as to say that we are as hungry for pics as you are for black cock...

One Small Dick

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Barbie, I agree also about cucky not being allowed to see you naked but you see him naked all the time. That too is a major power and control statement. Especially when you can fuck whenever you want to and he has a chastity device on lol. I love it.