Wardrobe Malfunction

For those of you that have read stories that I have posted about my wife on here, I thank you. I do my very best to keep the stories terse, and pithy, as I know not everyone has tthe time to read a short novel. There are really no ways to shorten this story, though I will indeed try, so please bear with me.

Many years ago when the wife finally got me into the LS (she had been in it alone for many years.) we had occassion to frequent a club here where we live. you couldn't find a listing for it in any yellow pages or internet night life listing. This club catered to the black male white couple/wife lifestyle. The wife had become aware of it through a friend. I was somewhat apprehensive at first, though once I got there I was suprised at how well ran, and the quality of people in attendence.
The black gentlemen had to be over the age of 25, though most were older than that, and there was a strict dress code. Most of the gentlemen were dressed in suits, or at least a business casual dress. They were after all marketing themselves. I was also impressed with how they kept the ratio very close, only a certain amount of Gentlemen were let in pertaining to the amount of couples. That way you didn't have 30 guys and 3 couples..
Me and the wife had attended several times and had always had good experiences. On this one occassion my wife instantly picked out a guy that caught her eye. His name was Carl. He was well dressed wearing a double breasted suit, bald head and clean shaven. He was a very dark man. He was about my size standing 6'4 and weighing in at about 250 lbs. He was 35 years old and had the build of a professional football player. We engaged him in conversation,,he was very articulate and well spoken with a deep voice that had just a hint of southern accent. I was actually suprised at how well me and him got along and how much we had in common..several times throughout the evening the wife had to pipe in and say.." um hey guys..right here."..this would cause us all to laugh.
We played darts, pool drank, my wife and him danced alot..it was turning out to be a very fun evening.
As the night started to come to a close, we started talking about arrangements for the "after hours activities." I could tell by the look in my wifes eyes she couldnt wait to get this guy in a hotel room.
We decided to meet at a nice hotel that was just a few miles up the road. Carl offered to pay for the room as he said it was what the single guy should do. We followed him to the hotel where he secured the lodging for the evening and we all went inside.
They went at each other immediately. As my wife undressed him He looked like what we both figured he would. The guy was ripped, not an ounce of body fat..he literally looked like he was carved from granite. Then she moved towards his underwear..when she pulled them down we both gasped..his tool was massive..it was coal black..veiny ...the damn thing looked scary..and he was limp. The wife had had massive cocks before and she guessed this one at a full 11" and about 8" in girth..she strated to suck on the monster and her hand could not fit all the way around it..he face fucked my wife for several minutes until his full erection came about..I'm betting it was closer to 12"..I went over and started to lick my wifes pussy to get her loosened up for the coming onslaught..after awhile she told us she was ready. Carl reached in his bag and pulled out a condom..not any condom but a Magnum Ultra..these are much larger than regular magnum condoms and in fact he told us he has to speacial order them. He anded it to my wife who opened it and rolled it onto his rod. Even this massive condom only went down his shaft about 2/3 of the way..and was so tight you could still see his prutruding veins.
Then the fucking began..the guy was a beast..fucking in all types of positions..this went on for about 45 minutes..I don't know how many times the wife had came..several. Carl said he wanted to cum..his favorite position to nut in was a modified missionary style..wife legs over his shoulders so he could really drive it in.
The moved to that position..I was kneeleing on the floor at the foot of the bed and had an amazing view..the first thing I noticed that I hadnt really paid attention to before was the size of this mans nut sack..I had been so mesmerized by his shaft that I didnt realize his sack was the size of a large grapefruit.
He started long stroking her..all the way in ..all the way out..deliberate strokes..his pace quickened and he started to grunt pending the coming nut. I saw as his sack started to expand..There had to a full cup of cum in those balls..Hi pace quickened more..just seconds away now..then it happened..I saw as the condom broke..it rolled down his shaft inot a little makeshit cockring....but he was to far along..3 more strokes agains my wifes now unprotected pussy was just to much for him...He let out a roar that I swear would have sent any grizzly bear running in fear..he was pumping away..this sent my wife into another powerful orgasm..I watched as he emptied a huge nutsack full of batter inside her..I saw it leaking out..running down her ass onto the bed...and yet he continued to pump away..he must have came for a full 15 seconds.
He finally came to a resting position..still balls deep inside wife, he stayed on top of her qand in her for several minutes while they kissed and recovered from the orgasm.
Carl apoligized for the condom breaking, we normally dont go bareback with guys we just meet because of the STD factor..was really much we could do about it..hey shit happens. We exchanged numbers with Carl and promised to meet again real soon. He agreed to and STD test and the next time we would just leave the condoms at home.
It was a great evening, wife had cum leaking out of her well into the next day..