Wanting to suck BBC

Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by GHR, May 21, 2013.

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    Never mind. Deleted.
  2. willsrvu

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    Some things just can not be adequately described. It would be like trying to describe the color green to a person who is blind from birth. :unsure:

    If you want to get some idea of what sucking cock is like, without actually doing it, go buy a realistic, soft-skin style dildo, put it in your mouth and suck it. Let your imagination run free and you may get a small idea of what it is really like.

    After that, you might want to check out some gay sites as you probably won't find many black men here that are interested in letting another guy suck them off. They are here for the white pussy. :D
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    I loved it the stretching of your mouth,texture,color difference and size it all great
  4. GHR

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    No, not into the gay thing. I honestly don't have any fantasy about sex with men, other then sucking BBC. I love pussy and wouldn't want another guy to touch my crank. It sounds like you've sucked some cock, and liked it. Do you visit gay sites?
  5. willsrvu

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    I assume this was meant for me, so:
    No, I don't visit gay sites as I'm just not into guys being kissy-huggy and all romantic, although I'm not opposed to it if it floats your boat. I'm just into women as far as romance is concerned.
    I mentioned that you might wish to do so as, once you have tried sucking the dildo, you will probably think "that's not so bad" and will want to try the real thing.

    I'm not opposed to a guy sucking my dick depending on the circumstance, but I'm not into any sort of anal stuff.
    Hey, at my age and being married to a woman who doesn't suck cock, I'm not going to turn down a blowjob just because it's a guy's mouth, if the conditions permit it.

    However, as my Wife has a thing about playing with my ass, I do submit to her enjoying herself as she wishes, which I am sure is made that much more amusing for her as she knows I don't care for it.

    Which brings me to the context which my responses need to be considered in: I am a submissive male married to a dominant woman. I do and have done many things within the scope of that sort of relationship which I probably would not have if I led a "vanilla" lifestyle.

    Have I sucked cock? Yes.
    Did I enjoy it? Sort of.
    Given the choice, I would much more prefer to eat pussy. Nothing is more enjoyable than licking and sucking a juicy, delicious cunt until it's owner is shaking uncontrollably from orgasm after orgasm. Yum!

    That said, I have greatly enjoyed the humiliation of kneeling before former lovers' and Mistress' "boyfriends" and servicing them orally on command.
    I will also admit to a certain amount of pride in having performed those services to their complete satisfaction.
    A submissive strives to do his or her absolute best in pleasing their Mistress or Master, especially when their service is gifted to another.
    Additionally, I have also performed "clean up" after they fucked by licking and sucking them both clean of their combined "juices".

    So the answer to your unasked question is: yes, I have tasted and swallowed not only my own, but other men's semen as well.
    It's not really all that bad after you've done it the first time. Sort of like swallowing a raw egg.
    Actually, it is more difficult to get used to licking up your own cum from your lady, as you will have already had your orgasm and will no longer be in the sexually excited state that enables you to do these sort of things.

    Currently, my Wife has no desire to cuckold me, so sucking cock is not something required of me, although I am sure that would change should she decide to take a lover or simply decide to have me give a blow-job to another submissive male for her voyeuristic amusement.
    The last would be the more likely as she is a major voyeur and has many dominant lady friends, so two or more of them getting together and deciding to have us boys put on a show for them would be well within the realm of possibility.

    However, because of the agreements and limits regarding my service to her in our relationship, they would have to have us all get tested first. Which would take away from the spontaneity of it all and, with women, these sort of things are usually a spur of the moment amusement and if they can't have it right then and there, it usually fades from consideration.