Wanna Learn How To Squirt?

Do you find squirting hot?

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I would love for you to make my wife squirt... She has such a hot pussy and when she starts to cum she squirts and it feels so good. I know she would take your cock and you would take her and take her so deep that she lets go and cum like she wants to.... We fantasize more me than her... but when she lets go... she knows what she wants and I loved it when last time she was sitting on a huge BBC dildo and she came on it and just wanted it to stay in her feeling it and how deep it was... I was so turned on... by the site and her telling me how it felt and how she wondered how a real BBC would feel... I told her that it would be 1000 time better because she would be his pussy... and I would be there to enjoy you going somewhere where I want to go and I am pretty sure so does she..... You want to be her first....?

BBW longing for BBC

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I wish I was closer I would love to train my pussy to squirt in different ways. I flood when on top but have only squirted once to oral and only got myself to do it once when playing with myself.
It's all about stimulating the g-spot. I have long fingers that help me cheat and reach it with ease but I've also found sucking on a clit while fingering helps. I'll be driving from New York to Louisiana in December. I may have to take a detour to Arkansas.
Your clit looks thick, juicy and delicious. I'd suck on that all night long. I don't mind that the pics copied twice...I can definitely work with THAT. With a pussy like yours, I can ensure you soak the sheets and squirt for a second time. Do you come up north often?
I'd love to suck and bite on those nipples while I suck your clit then slide my fingers deep inside to hit your g-spot then make you squirt all over me. Then, you are allowed to be fucked by my 10 inch black cock.
Good because I love making a white pussy all mine! I plan on taking it and owning it...and with you cum, squirting and begging for more, I wouldn't have it any other way. I planned on taking pics and videos while with you so you can remember having such a wet and wild time...or so you can post the pics and videos here so you can brag about how your pussy is mine and talk about how amazing the squirt-fest was.


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the first time I squirted I was by myself playing with one of my toys. It was a wonderful experience but I can't figure out how to do it again. I've had guys make me squirt and I love it. In the mean time I'll just enjoy myself till I figure it out.