Uncontrollable Desire

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    I am completely obsessed with the idea of my wife getting fucked by a big black stud while I watch. She is well aware of it and constantly teases me about it. My wife is in her early fifties but you would never know it. She is still beautiful and in good shape. She has nice, large breasts and nipples which would look so good moving side to side as she got fucked. I am of average size and I know she could take a much bigger cock. I would love to watch her get filled completely by a thick nine or ten inch black tool and listen to her cum over and over again. The thought of licking his juices out of her well used pussy is a total turn on as well. Maybe it will happen some day but for now its a fantasy!
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    Where she at
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    Well, since you are advertising your wife...when you come to Milwaukee, I will host you...I will fuck her in my master bedroom and then she can join you in my second bed in my living room where you can suck my juices from her pussy...now where are her photos?
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