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Too much wine equals play time

Fantasy who would turn into reality if possible?

  • Yes ruin her

    Votes: 8 100.0%
  • No

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I've always wanted to see my wife have all her holes pounded real hard until they are gaping and oozing cum by a bunch of huge cocked black men. My wife is a very dirty milf, Tall blonde and and a fantastic body for 36.However she has always refused to get others involved in our sex life. Fortunately for me my wife also loves a drink of wine, and I mean lots and lots when she gets going. She has no off switch where the booze is concerned and drinks till she completely passes out on a few occasions.
Unbeknown to her a mate of mine had supplied me with some special little pills to make sure that she would be in a deep deep slumber all night and any bodys to use as they see fit. The weekend away was booked at a posh hotel in london and I had 3 black guys from xhamster ready to pounce as soon as they received the call. I have never seen cocks so big in my life and they had proven to be genuine by showing them off on cam for me.
We went out for a meal and trhe wine was flowing as usual and the wife was getting more and more hammered, it was 9pm and she was rocking already. My cock was raging at what was going to happen to her that night, her holes were going to be used severely while she was completely unaware. A full on fuck toy for a full night!
By 10pm she was well and truly hammered so I suggested we head back to the hotel for a drink in our room (With a special ingredient to induce a deep slumber) that she knew nothing about. I sent the text to the boys to say we were headed back and give us an hour then meet in the lobby. Back at the room my wife more or less downed an entire glass of wine I had laced and within 10 minutes was laid in her front spread-eagled on the bed legs apart, her short skirt revealing her tiny red thong and gorgeous tanned ass. She was out, fully out for the night!
As my phone beeped I almost jumped out of my skin, it was the text I had been waiting for. My heart was racing as I headed down to the lobby, No going back now I thought!
There stood the 3 guys all laughing and joking as I nervously approached them, Ready to do this I said? Fuck yeah man lead the way one replied as we headed back off to the room.
I opened the door and there she was, exactly as I had left her. She had not moved an inch and was still spread for all to see, Fuck man she is gorgeous one said. So you wanna see her holes busted out said another? Sit right there and watch this!
I sat on the chair as they began to remove their trousers, and I swear their cocks looked big on cam but in real life they were fucking huge, not one under 11 inches and all as thick as her forearm.
One of the guys lifted her eyelid and saw her eyes were rolled on the back of her head, He then whispered in her ear "Im gonna get balls deep up your ass slut". At the same time the other guys just ripped her thong right off, no gentle removal just a rip and she was fully on display, her limp body ready to be used!
I was sat the in amazement as they slapped her ass and spread her cheeks roughly, sure she would stir but she was totally gone! They began to roughly finger her shaved pussy both of them ramming fingers up her with no lube. Forcing her pussy open with complete dis-regard, Stretching it like I had never seen. The third guy then moved round and spat on her tiny little asshole and just rammed 2 fingers straight up to the knuckle! This is when I knew there was no waking her, she had only ever done anal with me twice and her ass was super tight but this guy just opened her hole up immediatly without so much as her flinching.
The guys were getting more and more excited, stuffing more and more fingers up her pussy and calling her a fucking cum dump. Telling her how they were going to ruin her holes and get their cocks up in her stomach. My cock was ready to fucking explode but I restrained myself!
One of the guys grabbed his huge black cock cock and said to the others "Spread her fucking tight pussy guys, im going all the way up in one slam" And with that they f***ed her legs wide apart and roughly fingered her pussy lips wide apart. They shoved 2 pillows under her hips so her ass was in the air ready for this monster to destroy.
I watched in awe as he placed the head of this huge bbc between her pussy lips and looked me in the eye. "Fuckin watch this he said" And then slam, All the fuckin way he drove that cock. Right to the balls, her pussy gripping it real hard. Lips turning inwards as if they were disappearing back up inside her pussy as her tiny hole tried its best to stretch and accommodate the huge thing. "Fuuuuck yeah, she is tight as fuck" He said as the other guys spread her far as they could so I could see her pussy taking a beating. That thing must have touched parts of her womb no cock ever has because I have no ideas how he got it all the way up in there.
He began to pull out and I was amazed as her pussy lips re-appeared and began to grip that black shaft as it withdrew, now they were the total opposite and being stretched right outwards as his un-lubed cock turned her inside out. "Lets ruin this pussy for good he said" as the other guys began to laugh and he started to fuck her. Harder and harder and harder he drove, balls deep every time. Her limp body being slammed downwards into the bed with every slam, and still not a murmer. Her womb must be taking a real hammering as he dry fucked her pussy as hard as I have aver seen anyone fucked. Not a pornstar on the planet could take that much cock like she was, He was destroying her forever!
"Fuck im gonna cum" he said and with that his balls tightened as he began to pump her stomach full of cum while holding his cock right up to the hilt. Not a single drop leaked out due to her pussy being on the limit of what it would stretch to!
When he was totally empty he began to withdraw his huge raging cock, turning her pussy inside out again as he did so. When he was all the way out I moved round to look at her pussy and I have never seen a gape so big in my life, I could see right the way inside her and look at the huge load of cum swilling around in her womb!
"Oh my fucking god, that is amazing" I said!
"Lets bust out that little white girl ass" one of the others said. This was the biggest cock of them all, No less than 13 inches long and with a girth like I have never seen in real life! The other guys spread her cheeks wide again and he got the huge head of this monster against her tiny puckered asshole. All 3 spat on her asshole and he said "White slut, youre gonna walk funny for days for this" to her out cold face!
Then BANG, I shit you not in one fucking huge slam he had driven this thing all the way inside her colon up into her gut! "Yeeeeah you fuckin black cock whore" he growled to her "How you like that up in your white slut ass"?. He never received a single wince in reply.
"Guys maybe steady a little bit" I said. "Fuck you white boy, just fuckin sit there and watch us tear her up" they replied. I felt a little intimidates but so fucking turned on I did as they said. My dreams were coming true in front of my eyes, Her ass was being used as a fuck hole with no regard for her well being whatsoever!
He began to do the same as the last guy, thrusting himself deep up inside her. Using her like a piece of meat and asking her what it feels like to have her ass torn up like a cheap porn whore. The other guys were encouraging him to go harder, deeper faster and fuck her up. He was hammering her ass, her pussy still gaping from the last monster as his huge black balls slammed against her red raw lips. "Take this you slut" He growled as he drove one last time, the deepest of all right the way up her ass and began to cum. Her super tight asshole was flexing as his cock was pumping her with cum, every pump making her stretch that tiny bit wider. Holy shit I was thinking, that is one huge cum load. Suddenly he withdrew, real fast and left what I can only describe as the most amazing anal gape. Shaped perfectly like his huge cock and with her pussy gaping underneath it. Cum now oozing from both her destroyed used up holes. "Fuckin white slut" he said as he laughed and pointed to her ruined holes!
"Get her on her back and hang her head off the bed, You guys have fucked her holes up so bad I only got the throat left to do" Laughed the last guy. They dragged her limp body round like a ragdoll to the edge of the bed. Her limbs flopping as they moved her. She was on her back, head hanging down. Perfect position for a throat fuck.
This guys cock was thinner than the other guys, her throat could easily take it right down. All 11 inches of it were soon being fed into her mouth, "Don't worry, i'll give her air now and then" he laughed as I watched her throat expanding every time he slowly fed his huge cock down in there. He was so horny he was ready to cum in no time and he grabbed her nipples hard and twisted them like he was trying to pull them off as he began to fill her throat with black mans cum. This time she began to gag and cough a little so he withdrew and watched as she soon settled again but with his cum running from her mouth and all down her face and into her hair. "One ruined white cunt" He laughed and said "Lets split" to the other guys!
And with that they left! Gone! within 1 minute. And left me to wank furiously over my wifes busted out destroyed fuck holes, Having witnessed them get ruined at the hands of the most brutal bbc fucking I have ever known, including stuff on the web!!