To white women

If you had known how good bbc was before meeting husbands would have you married black? Or do you enjoy the cuck lifestyle to
If it would be possible for me to marry black but somehow still have my children then yes I would have.
More realistically though if I could go back I would still marry him but I would have been fucking bbc all along.

Janice K

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I can honestly say that if I would have found my present black boyfriend before I married my white husband (now my ex-white husband), I definitely wouldn't have married white.. I've been black exclusive ever since my very first black experience and I have absolutely no regrets with the path I have chosen..
As I wrote elsewhere I married hubby because I loved him. Sex is important but it's not the only thing.
Your comment is perfect. I'm not the best lover (sexually) but I try to do anything and everything else possible for my wife. If I can't please her from intercourse I use other enhancers. IR porn, dildos, vibrators, etc..
I love her reaction to it all as she knows her needs come first. The absolute best thing is when she's watching a hot Mandingo scene while I'm going down on her.


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If you had known how good bbc was before meeting husbands would have you married black? Or do you enjoy the cuck lifestyle to
I would have married the person I fell in love with. The person I wanted to spend my entire life with- my best friend. The fact that sex with black men was amazing would have been irrelevant. As another person has already responded- there's more to life than sex.

Knowing what I now know about black men I would have expanded my search beyond just white men and it's possible I could have ended up with a black man but only if I fell in love with him and he was able to provide all of the other things I need besides orgasms.
IMHO Question is a bit off point: A huge majority women naturally lose sexual desire for their longterm, live-in mate. Straight or lesbian this has been studied.(Klausman, Uni. Hamburg)

Even on this site Hotwives have talked about their "Bulls" who are married men, but whose own wives are NOT interested in sex with them. Let THAT sink in for a second: A "Dominant", "Alpha", BBC.....whose own Wife is completely sexually BORED with him???

A HUGE PART of the eroticism and excitement of fucking outside of marriage ,in general, is the fact that whomever you're fucking is NOT your spouse. True for both Men and Women. Here, you add on top of that any number of additional kinks (IR, Big Dick, Chastity, FemDom, etc, etc) and OFCOURSE the sex part is going to be better (which is fine).

I guess the whole point is that a rollercoster is fun.....until you live at Six Flags. Then after a while ANYTHING different is a welcomed thrill.