To all black men


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This isn't a website to attract homosexuals, a special section was set up, however, specifically in b2w for male on male attractions and discussions. Males soliciting sex from other males, however, is not what this site is about.

No offense to the OP, but if it is, and the administrators/moderators would be so kind to let me know that it is, I'll take my leave of this site, after 5 years, and find one more focused on the original topic, as next thing you know homosexuality would be all this site is about. Guys openly soliciting sex from other guys is not my cup of tea. Mac
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My cousin asked me to ask all black men if they would let a white man suck thier cock and if not would they do it for money and how much
Despite it's not a gay forum, I've said in other posts that I assisted my wife sucking her ex black boyfriend's cock at least twice. In other occasion they were fucking in missionary and when he felt he was ready to cum, he asked my wife to open her legs (she was with her legs wrapped around his waist) then he came to me and cummed over my face.
I just wished to let him know that I really wished him to fuck her, giving him all my confidence. When he cummed over my face and all the times I cleaned my wife filled pussy, were just to make clear that we considerate him superior than me.