thursays are always fun

Last Thursday was one of those days that seemed like it would never end. the illusion of the seconds hand going backwards didn't help the situation. although my colleagues were present in the room it didn't stop me from escaping into my mind to search for anything , perhaps a fond memory to keep me sane . As it turned out the meeting of the great minds of the company was pointless or at least that's what i felt.
i was the first to jump out of my seat and rush to the door , and the wait for the GOD DAMN elevators began . i looked around all the 6 elevators we zipping passed my office floor. so i returned to my office , went to my cabin , sat on the chair and made a few calls. in less than 30 minutes my friends met me at my office with a bottle of JD . we sat there in my cabin took turns playing music off youtube. i also did invite this unique friend of mine lets call him "Domnic" . Peeps , Domnic is very very unique , he's 6'4 , built like a concrete column suffers from foot in mouth disease (says the wrong stuff at the wrong time) , and to top it all he over estimates himself all the time. he once got yelled at by a six year old and he didnt have a come back ..... lol.
i personally love this guy as he looooooooovvvvvveeeeeesssss to party. Being a bachelor in dubai you are either a part of the bar culture or the mall culture. Back to the story ..... dom arrives and everyone knows what follows next . a couple of shots , then passing the bottle and then move to a club.
i was lucky that day as it was my turn to choose the venues. we hit the grand millenium belgium beer cafe ..... downed a couple more , watched the match and then we were ready ...... did i mention Dom owns a rent a car company in dubai. So we get out of the hotel and there awaits our two pimped up lexus with drivers.... this is why i love this guy , he never waits around for things to happen , be it fun , be it trouble , he initiate them.
we head off to the next pick , the legendary "TIME CAFE" at ramee . we reached there by 10 , we walk in hoping to get a place to stand , to our surprise , there was a table booked and another bottle of JD waiting for us. we quickly sat down started talking , and did rounds of yeger bombs .
just behind our booth were these two filipino couples enjoying themselves. As luck would have the guy taps my on my shoulder and asked me for a light . i gave it to him , smiled and then turned around .thats pretty much all i did (i swear ! ) lol...... no while he returned the lighter back he kinda ran his fingers on the inside of my palm which i didnt mind at that time ofcourse. anywhoooo....
it was time for a restroom break , i excuse myself and rush out the door without making any eye contact. am there standing at the loo and i look up and who should be standing right next to me and taking a peek at my junk , its the filipino gentleman from before.....
it didnt bother me a bit , he looked and just said " fat cock " and " good for you" . i smiled and returned to my business. the guy then just stood there by the door and wouldnt go . i walked upto him and said ,"hey man , if you dont ask , you are never gonna get ... what do you want ?
he then replied saying that it was one of the girls bachelorette party and that they wanted to head back home and continue the party with me as the entertainment .... i didnt think twice , i just said .... let go ....!!!!
i returned to the table and informed my friends that i got lucky and i was leaving.....the rule is the first one to leave pays .... and i did , paid the tab and rushed out and the girls and the guys were waiting at the lobby , i called the driver and put them all in one car and then left to their place in al barsha. it was a nice 2 bed room apartment .
the girls set the living room's mood lighting while the guys were fixing the drinks and the music , while i took a walk around the room and found the balcony ... stepped out for a breathe of fresh air . a million thought were racing though my head , all of them anding up in a different sexual escapade given the current players in the room .
when i returned to the room they handed me a drink , i sat down on the couch and i noticed the girls werent around. so i started talkin about the night , balh blah .....and another blah ..... while i was running my mouth , i didnt notice the two ladies dressed in their skimpiest lingerie standing behind me .... one of the took the glass away from me and the other started un buttoning my shirt. her hair fell across my face ,and it smelled like chocolate that i MUST HAVE RIGHT AWAY.... the girls then took both my arms and tied it to the wooden frame of the couch . they laughed , the guys snickered.... and what followed can only be described as a S&M edition of my sex life.
for the readers am gonna split it into parts.

Part1 - TIE AND TEASE BUT DONT PLEASE: bound to the couch with no shirt on , i found it rather exciting than i expected. the girls then moved to the front of the couch , danced around and the men were giving them all the instructions. i just sat there with my legs spread and my throbbing cock trying to rip open the zipper ..... tthe men then said something in tagalog , the girls then looked at each other and then knelt in front of me and started running their hands all over my body . thats when i noticed the guys were stroking themselves and watching these girls move on me ...
this went on for a while then they started removing my pants , i did notice that the girls did not waste any time there they clearly wanted to see me hard and wishing i could just touch them . Soon my boxers came out too ..... and presto , my cock was out - red and hot , throbbing and waiting to be touched by the girls.

Part2 - The Nurse : Upon seeing the cock , the girls giggled and said something back to the guys and the guys stood up and came close to see my cock . i didnt interrupt here and said ," so , what do you think " and one of the guys said , "my friend , i suggest you just sit back and relax,and not say another word". i smiled back and said " one of you has to feed me my drinks " , one just just grabbed the glass and started nursing me , and didnt stop pouring it , until the drink ran all over my face ... down my neck to my chest , past my stomach and around my cock. she then said " no talking " .
they all then laughed .... started kissing each other .while the women stroked the mens cocks a feet away from me . at this point i was losing my mind , i said to myself , no wonder people in straight jackets always lose their mind eventually.

Part 3 - The Rider - the guys then removed the panties of the girls and with their back facing my face , they dance with them . within minutes both the girls assumed a seat on each of my thigh , with their wet pussies rubbing against me , just bending enough to suck their men off. i was so exicited that i closed my eyes and try to feel every part of their pussy on my skin. they guys stood there looking at my reaction and kept teasing me by asking me to look while they grabbed their womens head and shoved their cock in so deep that they chocked , and as a result of that they slammed and pressed their pussies against my thighs.

Part4 - Don't make a wish - the men turned their women towards me bent them , the girls held each of my knees . the guys started penetrating them from behind , while i sat there watching their faces turn red . with every thrust my throbbing member would bound up and down like a orchestra conductor ,synchronizing the movements to follow. to test my position , i gently brought my knees together the girls then moved with my knees and ended up kissing each other..... i was hard , no where to go , cant participate ,just watch . it was a different kind of a high i must admit that . the guys then asked me if there was one thing i wanted so badly , what would that be right now . i should have said , release me from my bonds you sick SOB , but instead i said , surprise me . which was at that time seemed like a good choice of words but what followed was a shocker .

Part5 - Come one come all , but me :( - the guys repositioned the girls ,, they made them sit right next to me on either side of my bonded arms , lifted the girls legs up and placed them on the arm rest . i now had two girl resting their head on my lap looking up at me while the men slowly and deliberately ate their pussies. the girls reached up and pinched my nipples , touched each others breasts , but never touched my cock .i was ready to just call it quits try to break free and shove my cock in their mouths, but i held on .that went on until the girls came .... and the guys then stood right in front of me while the women sucked them off resting on my lap . this is pure torture i said to myself . eventually the guys came , one of them need a bit extra help as he was plastered. lol.

they all sat around me asking me questions and what is my preference , how far i would go , blah blah ... i answered honestly ,as i knew if i lied , i wouldnt get what i want. , then the knots came undone , the women escorted me to the bed room , laid me down , poured me a stiff drink and asked me to finsih it so that i could join them in the shower. it was not test , i gulped it down , grabbed them by their hand and said "lead the way " , it was a nice steamy shower where the girls washed me up and i soaped them , they washed each others pussies and one of them even went down on the other , just to see my reaction. it was a long shower , we eventually ended up in the bed , the three of us and the guys followed . the poisitoned me at the foot of the bed and one girl just started riding me while i grabbed the other and and made her sit on my face ..... (dear readers , the whole sit on my face is my thing , it turns me on the most of all the sexual acts. ) . the night went on that way . and got a bit weirder when one of the girls forced the guy to lick her clict while she was riding me , she came instantly , jumped up pulled my cock towards her face and grabbed the guy and they both sucked on my for what felt like hours.
i eventually came , as i had never felt that excited . we then took turns and came with the girls till the dawn crept up on us.
i was wasted , tired and sore ...... i crashed in the couch . got up , went for a nice friday brunch at 2pm. thanked the guys , and left.

hope you had a fun time reading my post.see you soon with another experience ..... in the mean time love each other , fuck each other