Thinkin' 'Bout the Ex


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Do most wives ever quit thinking about an ex-lover of theirs? I know a lot of hubbies out there too would want to know the answer to such question. If a white wife once had herself a black lover who took her around the world in bed, and years later she’d gotten married, would she still keep inside her memories of her sexual dalliances with him? And if her hubby got to finding out about his wife’s sexual history, even though she might have told him about before or kept the juiciest parts to herself, what would be going through her hubby’s mind about this?
A lot of hubbies out there would confess to the fact that at one time or another their wives have been known to have dabbled with black men, or have had one or two ex lovers whose sex encounters was unlike anything she’d had before. Any of you ever wonder what would be in her mind about this … and how curious a lot of hubbies out there would be towards wanting to know more about such a lover?