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The Spades Club

Hello All,

My hubby and I just completed our 4th book. "The Spades Club". We think it is our best work yet!! It is over 35,000 words and follows a couple on their journey to the cuckold lifestyle and is centered around an interracial hotwife/cuckold club called the Spades Club. This is by far the most cuckold themed book we have produced to date which shadows our own relationship!

Check out the cover if nothing and read the free exert as it is a hot scene pulled from the book!!

Hope you enjoy and REALLY appreciate any reviews you may post about the book on Amazon.. If you post a review let me know via message or email and I will gladly send you a free copy of any of our other books you may want to check out! You can send via p.m. or okhotwife@yahoo.com.

Thanks! Okhotwife!!

Thanks! yea send me your email u use with your kindle either on here or email me or private message me that email and I will gift a copy of the new book to you... All i ask is a review of the book good or bad (it will be good i am certain)...

Mandy and Brian

Gold Member
well half way through and im loving it ,wish we had a club like this, me and hubby would be in every weekend.love it love it,Mandy xxxx thanks Dawn and Michael
Thanks, Mandy and Brian! Glad u liked it... Trust me we wished we had a Spades Club near by as well... Several Clubs where some naughty things go on. But nothing quite like the Spades Club!