The Preparation of Louise 4

A stunned Louise stared down, as the material hung limp and loose. Not a mark or scratch marred her magnificent silken white body. Georgy Porgy advanced on Louise. Shorty and Smiler held her arms fast. Their actions in gripping her tighter drew the material further apart.

Scarface slid his knife back into its sheaf. Louise seemed frozen as Georgy casually flipped the sweater aside and pudgy black hands cupped and caressed the magnificent breasts.

Louise gasped.

"Please...don't," her voice was a whisper.

Four pairs of African eyes explored her body; stared eagerly at the exposed white, pink tipped mounds, and the fat black fingers exploring them. To her surprise and confusion, the hands on her breasts felt good. The African's hands were soft, and gentle. His fingers tweaked and played with her hardening nipples. Louise cursed her body's betrayal as it responded to the presence of four rampant desiring males. Sharp tingling pleasurable heat radiated from her aroused excited nipples. She looked down at the dark hands, which starkly contrasted with the whiteness of her own previously untouched breasts.

His hands felt good!

Louise struggled with that realization.

This fat, black bastard was arousing her.

How could that be?

She looked at Georgy. For the first time she really looked at him. His eyes were wide with wonder. His lips seemed to tremble with barely controlled emotion. His eyes darted up to meet hers and locked. His hands continued their play, as he looked Louise in the eye. He watched her eyes shine, and her eyelids lower as he squeezed and fondled. He squeezed her nipples in a sudden hard twist. Her eyes never left his as the pain only seemed to excite her even more.

Despite herself the feel of those fat, pudgy black hands fondling and squeezing her lovely breasts was deeply exciting. Louise found herself pushing her breasts forward, pushing into his hands not wanting him to stop.

Louise braced her legs, forced apart by the hand now freely stroking her feminine center. Almost without her notice, as she focused on the feeling in her breasts, Scarface had slipped his hands between her legs. Wet heat dampened the thin, lacy panties. Shivers of pleasure seemed to run like light fingers up and down her spine.

Louise groaned.

"Please...please stop... ooooh... oh god! Don't do this to me!"

"Ooooooh...stop it... Oh! Oh! Ohh! Please, what are you doing to me? Oh god."

There was nothing Louise could do to stop these men, nothing at all. She was powerless in their arms. That fact was stark. It should have scared her. It increased her arousal further.

"Oh God!"

"Oh no...oh nooo!"

Black fingers had slid aside the now wet crotch of her panties, sliding inside and along her labia, easily parting the excited, and aroused entrance. The Africans holding her arms had to take her weight, as her legs seemed to weaken and fold.

She sighed as the hand withdrew.

"Let's get her to a bedroom," Scarface commanded.

The two Africans holding her arms bundled her along between them as Scarface led the way down the corridor. Georgy followed behind. Scarface looked into each room. Finding a double bed, he led the way in.

"No, this is my parents' room."

Scarface just laughed. His companions bundled her into the room. The remains of her top were pulled off and Louise was thrown onto the bed without ceremony. Africans hands gripped her skirt and pulled it down over her shapely legs. Her panties soon followed. Louise stared as the Africans stripped themselves naked.

In moments, Louise found herself naked in a room with four naked men.

Black cocks that were hard and throbbing with lust for her lovely form.

Louise shivered with apprehension and arousal. She was a virgin. A sexually excited young lady, but still a virgin, she was unsure what was going to happen now. Some vague and foggy ideas formed in her mind. Her sexual excitement was confusing her ability to think straight.

Her eyes swung from man to man, from huge, erect cock to huge erect cock. She had not realized that men's cocks could vary so much in size, in length and thickness! All four men advanced on the bed. She backed away, put they reached down clasping her ankles and pulling her back towards them, pulling her legs apart as they did so.

She was hauled to the edge of the bed.

"Please no, don't do this."