The Preparation of Louise 2

The heavy door prevented her from hearing him clearly, and she struggled with his African accent.

"Go away," she called again suddenly wondering what on earth she would do if he didn't!

His words muffled by the door seemed to indicate that he had something to give her. Curious, she looked again through the peephole. She could not see him carrying anything. She looked at his three colleagues just visible further away from the door. They were the same three men he usually hung around with.

Shorty was watching the door, at least Shorty was the nickname she had given him; Smiler was examining the flowers growing along the front of the house. While Georgy Peorgy sat on the low garden wall and wiped the ever-present perspiration from his brow.

They did not appear threatening. In fact, they looked bored. Louise made a decision and opened the door. She stepped back quickly as Scarface stepped immediately inside. He stopped and his eyes dropped from her face to her mini skirt. He had of course, only seen her in trousers.

He was the first man to see her in it!

His friends crowded in behind. She tried to protest but their mutters about the heat outside reminded her that she was not being very sociable to leave them standing in the sun. She stepped away allowing them more room. Not even noticing that the door had closed behind them.


The words of Scarface drew the gaze of the other men, and all four Africans stared at her exposed, curvy legs. Georgy Peorgy wiped his forehead rapidly.

Louise flushed and she felt shivers ran down her spine as these four men openly ogled her legs. She was suddenly conscious that she was in the house alone with these four men, with even the gardener away.

"Well, what did you want? Did you say that you have something for me?"

Her voice was stronger than she felt.


Scarface's voice was a slow drawl as he eyed her lovely white legs. Louise was not sure if this was a comment on her legs or an answer to her question. She was trying not to appear nervous. She struggled to control her voice.

"If you have something for me, please give it to me and then leave."

"I think you should give it to her, boss."

It was Shorty whom had spoken.

"That's right, boss, why all the talking?"

Louise looked askance at that last comment by Smiler. There had not been much conversation to-date. Scarface turned and nodded at his companions before turning back to Louise.

"My friends here will bear witness that you asked me to give it to you, and I complied with your request."

Louise nodded and managed to look bored at the same time. She had mastered this technique many times in front of the mirror. She found the slow way of getting anything done one of the most tiresome features of being in Africa. That after only one month living here!

Her composure was shattered when Scarface casually unzipped himself.

"I suspect you have not had one of these before."

His words were calm, collected, measured even as he reached inside, and to the further shock of Louise, pulled out of his trousers a huge black cock.

Louise screamed.

The African men smiled at each other.

Scarface gradually caressed his cock. Louise looked on disbelief as the soft, 10-inch member began to lengthen.

To lengthen and thicken.

She screamed again and the African men laughed.

She looked at them in bewilderment. The boys back home would have run a mile if she had screamed like that. She suspected some of them would have run more than a mile. These men just looked at her and grinned without the slightest concern.

"I can't help with wondering whether your panties are as sexy as the rest of your clothes."

Louise opened her mouth to scream again, but stopped when Scarface shook his head at her.

"It is doubtful whether anyone can hear you."

He paused and eyed the heavy security door meaningfully. It had an imposing thickness. That very thickness would no doubt help to suppress any noise from within the house.

"In the unlikely event that anyone does here you scream, do you really believe that any of them could be bothered to run 15 miles into town to the nearest police station and report it?"

"Even if they did this remarkable thing, do you suppose the police are going to come charging to the rescue? Firstly they will dither then ask for an explanation. Then they will write a report. Then they may radio for guidance. In the unlikely event they do decide to investigate, you can expect Officer Kirog to jump onto his bicycle and cycle the 15 miles here to investigate; which, of course, he may leave until tomorrow since it will be so late by the time any decision is reached!"

Louise closed her mouth and stared at Scarface. Everything he said seemed only too plausible.

"When Officer Kirog arrives, we may offer you to him ourselves. I'm sure Officer Kirog would be very tempted by such an offer. After all, he is a man, and you are a particularly attractive example of English womanhood. Especially if I offer him a discount."

"Even if he refuses such an offer, he will want to take you in for a statement. Then his senior officers are going to come and goggle down your top and check out your legs. I can assure you from past experience their main concern would be finding a way to arrest you and keeping you in jail overnight. After all, they could accuse you of civil disturbance wearing clothes like that."

Scarface nodded to her short skirt.

Louise flushed.

"They will accuse you of provoking the lusts of men and inviting rape! Tiresome I know, and provincial in the extreme, but what can you expect from a backwater country like Zimbabwe? It won't really matter once they have ogled your lovely breasts. They really are very lovely, you know. Aye, and once they have finished examining those lovely white legs they will find some pretext for arresting you so that they can keep you overnight."

"Night time in African jails is no place for a pretty white woman like yourself! Who knows what would happen in the dark?"

Scarface grinned. The scar did not make it appear much like a smile. Louise shivered. She was helpless with these men. She had been so foolish to open the door. These were not like the boys back home. They were men.

Men who were undoubtedly intent on taking her for their sexual pleasure, and there was not anyone here to stop them!
I am imagining my wife being in that position - almost too much to bear
It is a very easy position to be in in African countries. There almost seems to be bush telegraph around the local Africans when a husband is away overnight and a white woman is at home alone. The police in Zimbabwe did not come out 'after dark' they would send a police officer in the morning by bicycle. Any police cars were reserved, I emphasise at the time because things do change, for senior police officers.

My wife was advised not to get into a situation where she was likely to be raped in the first place, but if she was and had no choice...go along with it, don't let the Africans think you are going to report it as soon as they finish, if possible make the rapists think you enjoyed it and they will walk away grinning and you no further harmed, but they will kill if they think you are going to run screaming to the police.

That said often the first time I knew I was being called to an urgent meeting overnight was the arrival of a security guard. if I did not know already then the arrival of the guard meant a meeting had been called as the first reaction of my company was to put security guards in place before I left.

That was sometimes part of the problem. If you have ever been to Africa you might appreciate that the 'guards' are often big, strong, tall muscular, young fit Africans; Zulu types, or Ashanti, or Mandingo's even sometimes Luo, between 17 and 25yo.

I always reckoned those security guards got more white pussy than any other group of Africans, with the wife of course know that husband was not going to be back and the gates were locked so no surprise visitors.

My own wife succombed only once to a handsome 17yo. She said 'never again, I got no sleep at all, he had a nonstop hard on for me all night'

The next time I was away he turned up at the gate with two friends and she told me she kept the gate firmly locked :)

But the Preparation of Louise that was not based on the guards. Just on local opportunists hanging around the local shopping mall and then going for an opportunity that presented itself
Did your wife tell you immediately when you got home about her succumbing?

When I got home the security guard give me a pleasant wave and walked off with a big grin on his face as he strolled off. That was normal for them to leave as soon as I returned but the grin was broader than usual.

I went in and Angela was on the bed naked.She just looked at me with a satisfied grin on her face.

'I just did it I let the guard fuck me and I'm all sore'

Then she just spread her legs and invited me to come and lick her all better

As I licked she talked about what had happened

She told me he had fucked her all night and then slept all day and then when she told him I would be home soon he had feverishly humped her again.
How did you feel? I would love that, licking her as she recounted it all in great detail.
Very erotic she was clearly quietly sated and satisfied, and of course only got more aroused as I licked. Her recounting events was a frequent accompaniment to making love when she returned from a date