The New BBC Road

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    Not long after Lora paraded her escapade of having sex in the house with a black man, I asked her what is going to happen next in our marriage.

    " Well, is can't love me like a black man can, nor can your small white cock even come close to satisfying me anymore. I think you should just accept that for me to be happy, you have adjust to being my husband and not worry about who and how I have sex. I am pretty sure you know you like watching me get fucked by black cock dontcha' ? And I also know you are sorta wimpy when it comes to being in control of me or any dominant person. So, let's just admit that as a couple we are great outside the bedroom, but...inside the bedroom, we part ways and sharing a bed to sleep together is all we share there--- just sleep and rest, maybe some conversation and such. I love black cock, big meaty man sized dick that can penetrate my big pussy and make me cum over and over again. Is that to much to ask for, Lee? I bet you might even like being cuckolded bya black man, wouldn't you sweety ?.... "

    I was beside myself, dam!! She could read my thoughts to a T. Is this the marriage I want
    to have, it felt right, good to have Lora happy and content. She was being very reasonable and sound. And she hit the target: I am sorta wimpy when it comes to standing up to her. And I kinda like that feeling of submission, it is also very exciting, that inner tingle.

    " ...Okay, Lora...I will go along with this, let's just keep the communication open, no need to be sneaky..that is just a time waster for both of us. Being cuckolded?... I 'll have to get that in my mind first...we will see where that goes....."

    In a matter of no time at all, Lora started having all the black cock she wanted, at home and sometimes when we would travel and stay in hotels. I was liking it, sometimes when I was allowed to watch her, my cock would get really hard and of course, dribble, dribble... but hey
    I was loving this. And we were getting along so well, less tension, less arguing about little stuff.
    I kept thinking though, where will this go to next. A permanent lover, a guy that will make me do anything he likes when he is with Lora ? Lora was already dominant before I became a lousy lover, now she exuded command and control by her posture and words. Where will I fit in,
    I am accepting this form of change, to serve and to serve Lora's black men like they are masters of me. As long as we are happy, I will take this ride, see where it goes next......
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    Once a wife travels down that black cock road, now way does she want to look back!
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    so true tell me about it lol
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    I do my telling in private.
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    After six months of our new arrangement Lora decided to place me in chasity.
    I figured that just meant no stroking while she was taking BBC.
    But, come Saturday morning after drinking and getting really sloshed
    I awoke in bed feeling that morning urge to piss. That hard cock pressing
    against my underwear. Something was different... I felt some type of contraption covering
    my penis and my balls were in a ring. And..... I noticed a small lock attached to this plastic device.
    " Honey sweety..... you are now in chasity.... I have the only key
    that releases the lock that gets your little dick truly free.....go ahead and sit on the toilet
    you can piss thru the slit that encases your hard babydick...."

    "....uhhh what the hell Lora..... Is this necessary?...."

    She proceded to tell me in her commanding voice that she is really going all the way.
    " You are now cuckolded"

    My last lover, JaQuan gave me this before he had to move to his new job.
    He told me it made white men into white bois.

    I agree with him now and you will learn to be in control to me and any
    Of my boyfriends.... " you got that!!!! "

    Keep your worthless little Dickie inside there
    No playing and jerking off unless me or your black superiors
    let you out!!!

    " Lee, why are you still hard after peeing?"

    I stayed silent.
    I was cucked now.

    But I did it see the key anymore.

    " Oh, I tossed that into the drain outside while you pissing..,
    We won't need it will we?"

    ".... ( gulp) I guess we won't Lora.... "

    And I stood there naked and caged
    and my cock was harder than ever
    dripping and oozing cum so heavy it just
    collected in a white gooey mass on the carpet.

    Caged.... Cucked ....and loving it!!!
  6. Damn man your living my fantasy what's it like knowing that key is gone for good ?
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    Not good
    She superglued the peg holes to the CB lock
    and lock is super resistant to smaller toothed saws

    I did get released last week
    She milked me and used a really big dildo
    to excite my prostate
    I came a lot
    I am a cuck that's the bottom line
    I like being used
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  8. damn I wish I was you I have no idea how to bring this up with my gf
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    You can as long as you work toward it!
  10. How do I do that sir ?
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    View attachment 323631 image.jpg Lora continued to take on BBC when she could
    She enjoyed the road to being used and filled with
    Thick black cum capable of breeding her as she
    was a bareback slut and loved the daring manner
    That would keep her babydick hubby cucked
    Now free to enjoy dominant BBC
    and keep leeboi cucked and caged
    She started to hook up with more BBC
    And she soon became the happy home slut
    She dreamed of being ...,while making her cuck serve her
    And her new Masters
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