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    The hunk’s body was rock hard, no doubt built upon years of daily labor, and without a cent of help from Gold’s Gym or a personal trainer.

    “Do you want to fuck me?” I cooed into his ear, to which he silently nodded, caressing my back.

    “So all those times you fucked me with your eyes,” I said, staring into them for emphasis, “now you finally get to do it with your cock.”

    “Not yet, woman” he said in that lilting accent that I always found so pleasant.

    And no sooner than he said that, I felt the other man's cock enter me, and he pounded me from behind. The hunk's cock pressed into my mouth. I loved the hard fucking I was getting, but savored the gentle throb of the monster trapped between my lips as I sucked him.

    With a quick “my turn,” the other man pulled out, and again I felt the hunk's shaft pressing into my mound, this time splitting my pussy lips wide as he slipped into my cunt. My hips ached for him, and my hands pressed into his chest, lowering myself down. I gasped, savoring the sensation of my pussy getting stretched in every direction. God, he was huge!

    “Hit the bottom, yeah woman?” he asked.

    The hunk turned me onto my back, slipped his cock inside, and began to fuck me in long slow strokes. My pussy tightening around his thick shaft was enhanced by the sensation of the other man's cum beginning to leak out of my pussy. He lifted my legs up and over my shoulders, and fucked me hard, making me cry out and pressing my body into the soft grass with every thrust. I moved my hips, desperate to take him deeper, oblivious to the cramping I’d surely feel the next morning from having my womb tapped over and over by the deep fuckingI was receiving. The obscene slurps of excess fluid and trapped air added to the thick aroma of sex that lingered between us despite the breeze, and coaxed another orgasm to the surface.

    I began to spasm, breathless, and tried to free my sensitive pussy from the cock that was screwing it into the fertile island soil, but to no avail. The squishing sound got louder as he pumped me harder, and I moaned loudly as soon as I caught my breath. His grunts deepened and his strokes shortened; I reached back to grip his ass, knowing he wouldn’t hold out much longer. With a low groan, he let my legs down to either side of him, then picked me up, setting me upright in his lap.

    We kissed deeply while I gyrated my hips atop him, holding his shaft inside and fucking him with the tight walls of my pussy, just like I’d seen in that chance moment of discovery down the beach. His breath halted and his groin tightened, then he gripped my ass as his dick throbbed, fully buried inside me. He moaned as his cock pulsed and released a fountain of hot cum, splashing, then pouring, deep into my pussy . I wrapped my legs tightly around him and moved my hips, coaxing more of his seed out with each pulse, feeling his muscles tense, then relax, kissing his lips, his cheeks, his neck. I held myself on his lap for a long time, letting his thick softening penis remain inside me. I took the other man's spent cock in my mouth and drained the last of his juices.

    “I hope you enjoy, woman,” he said with sleep-like relaxation.

    Just when I was about to test my wobbly knees and slip off of the hunk's thick cock, I saw a my husband walk past us on the beach. He looked at me, and in an instant, I knew he'd been watching the whole time. We shared a long stare as he turned around and continued toward the village.

    Eager to cleanse myself, I ran into the ocean, feeling the gentle waves splash against me as I rushed into deeper water. The hunk followed me in, playfully dunking me a couple of times as I tried to elude him. I tread water for a few moments, enjoying the warm ocean waters in silence before swimming ashore. Wading back onto the beach, I noticed that both men were gone. The beach was desolate as far as I could see in either direction. Until I felt between my legs, I wondered for a moment if I’d imagined the whole thing.

    Slipping back inside the gate, re-entering the world of trust-funds, generational wealth, and detachment, I smiled, knowing it was a good walk out in the real world. The next day there would be staff personnel issues, a stack of paperwork, management of David's medicine, and whatever else cropped up. I'd needed that walk and everything that happened along the way. With the summer just getting started, I also knew there might be more just like it to come.

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