The Awakening Of a Good Girl

· Ch 1: Failed lover

I wait, holding her purse as she tries on another outfit in the dressing room. She walks out wearing a blue dress, spins around and asks me what I think. I can tell that she is not exactly thrilled with the dress. I tell her it looks okay, but we should probably keep looking.

We are there shopping two weeks before her 20-year high school class reunion. She has done a great job of getting in shape and I know she wants to make an impression on her old classmates. She has done well, I am a very successful physician and keep in good physical shape, and she physically looks as good as she ever has. My wife stands around 5’2” and is a very petite brunette. She comes from a small town about an hour away from the city where we live and she only stays in touch with a few of her old high school friends. I, for one, will be happy to escort her to her reunion. I did not attend her high school, we met in college, and I will be happy to see the guys from her high school look at her as, “the hottie who got away”.

We walk into this sophisticated store that has mostly black clothing. I follow my wife Tracy as she looks through the various dresses and I just look around not paying attention to anything in particular. After about 30 minutes of browsing, she asks me to hold her purse and wait for her to show me her outfits for my opinion. As I wait outside the dressing area I think about how much I adore my wife, she really is a fabulous and attractive woman. We have been married for 15 years; have two kids, a girl 13 and a boy 10. She is a great mother taking them to dance and swimming practices as well as being active in their school. She visits the gym on a regular basis, which keeps her small stature trim, and she has beautiful dark brown hair and matching gorgeous brown eyes that can melt any man. “Jake, Jake, Jake!” I hear as I come out of my trance. I look over and Tracy is wearing this black mini dress with a draping front that reveals a classy but ample amount of cleavage. My mouth drops! I just stand there looking at her not saying a word. “Well, I guess I have my answer, I take it you like the dress.” “You look fantastic!” I continue, “I think that is definitely the dress.” She smiles, then looks at me with pouty eyes, “It’s kind of expensive”. I reply, “I don’t care how much it costs! It’s yours!” She smiles and returns to the dressing room to take off the dress. She returns and we walk toward the counter to pay when she stops. “You don’t think its too revealing do you”? “You will certainly look sexy, but you should be proud to still be as attractive as you are. Anyway, you are married, they remember how you were a ‘good girl’ in high school, and I think you will come across as very confident wearing that dress.” “Yes, you’re probably right.” She says as we continue to the counter.

We got home later and busied ourselves with the normal routines of the day. It’s a Saturday and as we pick up the children from their friend’s houses and decide to get a bite to eat. When we get home everyone is tired and the kids go to bed early. Tracy and I have a glass of wine while we watch a movie. Tracy is leaning against my chest as we watch the movie. One of the female main characters in the movie is having an affair. The husband is attractive and successful, but kind of the nerdy type. She is an attractive brunette and she is having an affair with the neighbor’s pool guy, a tall, thin dark-skinned Spanish man with tattoo’s. I quip, “I know the husband knows better than to hire him, but how can you stop the neighbor. But then again, lucky for her.” My wife just smiles and gives no response. I guess it was a combination of the wine, the movie, and seeing my wife in the black dress earlier, but I became extremely aroused. I began to kiss her neck and shoulders and asked if she wanted to go to bed. “I want to see what happens to the pool guy.” She says. I reply, “I can be your pool guy.”

We head to the bedroom. She climbs into bed while I remove all my clothing before getting into bed. I begin to kiss my wife passionately, and move my hands over her body. Usually I put a little more effort into foreplay, but this evening I was extremely aroused. I removed her clothing and immediately climbed on top of her. She seemed to be aroused as well and I slipped in easily. Well, just as before, I don’t know whether it was the dress or the movie but I lasted a dismal minute and a half. After I composed myself, I looked at my wife who was trying to hide her disappointment and said, “I am so sorry, I was just too excited!” “It’s okay”, she says and rolls over with her back to me. I hold her lovingly and kiss her back as she falls asleep. I think to myself about how much of a failure that was at lovemaking. As I lay there I tell myself I have to do better, for one I have not been blessed with the largest of penises. My penis is only 3 and ¾ inches when erect, and I have taken showers with other guys, so I know I am well below average. Tracy has not had sex with anyone other than me, I was her first and only. She has never complained, and before children, because she was a virgin, we seemed to match up pretty well. However, since she has had children, I can feel the difference and I suspect she can as well. For the past ten years she only has an orgasm when I go down on her. I resolve to myself that I should make sure to go down on her before having sex, I was just a little too turned on this evening. As I lay there I also began to question if my wife is really satisfied with our sex life. She has never complained but is she just being kind to me, and while I lay hear thinking about my inadequacies as a lover, is she silently thinking about a tall, dark Spanish man with tattoo’s? Is that what she will dream of tonight?
Ch 5: The Magic of Seeing BBC

Over the next two weeks life returned to normal, we both got caught up in our day-to-day activities. Neither of us brought up the conversation we had, but sex between us definitely improved. She began to take more of an assertive role in sex, directing our positions to improve her satisfaction and becoming more vocal during sex. She began to say things like, “give it to me” and “give me more”, and I would say, “oh baby, you are too much for me, I don’t think I am enough for you”. I, of course, began to more frequently perform my oral duties. It would be the highlight of my day to kiss my wife’s body from head to toe. I would especially love to message her back, slowly kiss her back, moving down to her butt and legs, then concentrating on her butt. I would kiss her butt passionately, slowly moving to her tasty butt-hole and spending a good 30 minutes licking her ass trying to stick my tongue as deeply as I could down her beautiful ass hole. She would moan with pleasure knowing her husband was proving to her how much he worshiped her.

One evening we were having a few drinks on the back porch when the conversation turned to some friends of ours who had gone through a divorce. She was closer with her, so most of the conversation centered on her. After her divorce, our friend began to date a lot and would occasionally call my wife to discuss the happenings in her life. My wife told me that when they went out to a bar on our last vacation to the beach, she discussed her dating a little more graphically then my wife was expecting. We both laughed when discussing this and I commented that she appears to be making up for the lack of experiences she had before her marriage, and was perhaps “sewing her oats” so to speak. My wife agreed. Because the drinks had lowered my inhibitions, I took the opportunity to mention to Tracy that she did not have to worry about needing a divorce to gain experiences on lost opportunities, because her husband would be okay with her sleeping with other men while married as we had discussed a few weeks ago.

“Do you remember our discussion”?

“Yes, I do.” She said with a shy smile.

“You know, I think that was a major factor why she chose divorce, and I want you to know I love you so much that if you ever wondered about what it would be like, I want you to have the freedom within our marriage to experience sex with someone else.”

I continued while smiling, “If she ever asked you to go out with her, I would be okay with you going out with her, and feel free to let it go as far as you want it to go”.

She said, “I will keep that in mind, but I am not sure I could sleep with someone else.”

“That’s okay because it is whatever you want. I love you and I will always be there for you.”

That ended our discussion on the subject that evening.

A week later we planned a weekend trip to our old college town. We were there to see a football game with old friends from college. After the game we went back to our hotel room, our heads swimming with the days festive atmosphere. Once we were back in the room we both took turns showering. After I showered my wife went to the bathroom and I stripped naked and laid on the bed, determined not to make the same mistake I made after her high school reunion. She exited the bathroom.

“Well, I see you are in the mood”, she said.

“I am always in the mood with such a hot wife.”

“That’s sweet”.

She changed into her conservative pajamas and got into bed. Clearly my nakedness did not cause the intense lust that she caused in me so I made a suggestion.

“Would you like to rent a movie on the TV”?


“How about one that can get you in the mood”?


I went to the adult movies section and luck was with me. I did not want to be too obvious but I was hoping to find a movie with a cheating wife theme, and not only was the first movie called ‘Wondering Wives’, but the picture showed a white woman in the arms of a well built black man. I quickly pressed ‘purchase’ to make it look like I was just making a quick selection.

We settled into bed with my wife’s head on my chest so that she had a clear view of the television with my naked body and penis in the foreground. As I looked down to my groin I noticed how the cold room had affected my penis that had now shrunk to the size of a thimble. I smiled knowing my wife was soon to see real men on the TV while having a clear view of my shortcomings for comparison. The movie was of pretty good quality for a porn movie, and the first segment showed a pretty brunette in a gym with a black personal trainer named Malcolm. The woman complained about her husband while the trainer stretched and rubbed the muscles of her legs. He then suggested the next session occur at his place as he had some equipment there that could stretch her muscles even better.

“I bet he does!” I quipped. My wife made no response.

The next scene they were at his place, he was shirtless with a lean look and well defined muscles and she was in tight dance shorts and a tank top. After a bit of small talk about how nice his place was, she asked about the stretching session and admitted that she was real tight and had not had a good stretch in a long time. With this the trainer moved in and embraced her in a passionate kiss. After a long kiss, she moved back and kicked off her sandals, he removed her top, they kissed again and when they stopped their kiss, she removed her shorts. Now that she was naked she knelt in front of him and slowly grabbed his shorts then slid them down his thighs revealing a very large flaccid black dick. At that point I felt my wife’s’ gaze go from the TV to my penis and back to the TV. Fortunately, the room was still cold and I had not let the movie cause me to become aroused, and I seized the opportunity.

“Wow, a little bit of a difference from what I have”!

“Yes, his is black”, she responds.

“Yes, that too”. I said.

We watched as the brunette began to admire his beautiful manhood, stroking it then kissing its tip and shaft.

I began, “I guess a girl appreciates it when she finds herself holding something that impressive, and I like that she is a brunette because she kind of reminds me of you”

“Oh really”, she says.

“Yes, only she isn’t as hot as you are baby”. “Would you appreciate and admire a penis like that if you were to hold one”?

“Probably”, she said and turned and smiled at me.

She turned and watched the TV as the brunette was working oral magic on the long, thick, black dick. I moved and gave my wife the propped up pillow. I removed her clothing while she continued to watch the movie. Once I had her naked I began to kiss her stomach. My wife watched the couple on the screen while I kissed her legs hips and stomach, and then I spread her legs and laid between her legs as flat as I could as to not block her view, while I softly kissed her sex as only a true subordinate could. I could hear the TV and could tell the couple were now locked into hard sex, with the brunette moaning and saying how big he was, how much he was stretching her and how she never felt so good. I looked up and I could see my wife’s eyes locked on the TV. She caught my gaze and I smiled at her while I returned to my job of worshiping my wife’s sex and performing the only sex act that I was accomplished and skilled. The couple in the film both climaxed, and I looked up again. My wife looked at me, smiled, and reached down and pulled my head tightly to her pussy. She held my head tight and began to grind her hips aggressively into my face. I licked furiously and within a few minutes she began to cum and bucked uncontrollably.

Once she calmed down I gently kissed her stomach and waited for her eyes to open. When she opened her eyes we smiled at each other.

“Well, I think that movie put you into the mood”.

“Yes it did”.

“Good, I am glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoyed my efforts to make you feel good.” “Do you like what I do with my mouth”?

“I love what you do with your mouth”, she responded.

“Well, I need to try to be good with my mouth since I don’t quite have the equipment of the guy in the movie”. “What did you think about the guy in the movie”?

“He was attractive, and definitely big”

I assert, “I wish I were that big, and I would definitely understand if you would want to have sex with a guy like him. I think he could make you feel things you’ve never felt with me”.

“Probably, but I don’t know if I would be able to handle something that big”.

I laughed and said, “Maybe, especially since you only have experience with my small penis”

I turned so that she could get a good look at my flaccid diminutive excuse for a penis.

“You’re not ‘THAT’ small”, she said not wanting to hurt my feelings.

“You’re too kind, but like I said before, I know that I am definitely on the small side and I am okay with you acknowledging that I am small, and I am positive my beautiful, hot wife could handle a guy like the one in the movie”!

She smiled and did not say anything. At that point I started kissing her stomach again and moved down to service my beautiful queen once again. She leaned back and moaned as I gently kissed her pussy in a way to show appreciation for allowing me to service her beautiful body. I did this for perhaps 15 minutes, when my wife pulled me up, grabbed my small member, and inserted it into her wonderful pussy. I did my best to please her and pumped furiously while she reached down to grab my ass to pull me deeper inside of her. Knowing that she was now in the moment I started:

“Oh baby you’re so hot! You’re too much”, “I wish I could give you more baby!”

She said nothing but grabbed my butt tighter and pulled me in more aggressively.

“I wish I could give you more, you want more baby?”

“Yes!” she moans.

“You want more baby?”


“Tell me you want more baby!”

“I want more! I want more! I want MORE!”

“You want a hung black guy like in the movie baby, he could give you more!”


“Is that what you want baby!”

“Yes, I want a black guy!”

“Tell me what you want baby!”

“I want a hung black guy! Yes, I want a hung black guy, Oh yes, I want a gorgeous black guy!”

“I want you to have a handsome hung black guy baby!”

“Oh yes I want it! I want it so bad!”

At that point I could not contain myself and I came with an intensity I had never experienced. Just before I came, I shouted, “Oh, the thought of you with a black guy turns me on so much baby!” She could easily tell how turned on I was by the intensity of my climax. When I was done, she looked at me, smiled and grabbed my face to give me a deep passionate kiss.

She said, “Wow, did it turn you on THAT MUCH!”

“Yes it did, I loved hearing you say that.”

“Hum, that’s nice!”

I say, “I wish I could have lasted longer, I want you to have another orgasm.”

“That’s okay.”

“No, I really want you to have another one. Do you want to have one?”

“Yes, sure”


At that point I began to kiss her stomach moving down quickly before my mood changed. I positioned myself between her legs and kissed her inner thighs. I looked up at her and she smiled at me with the most beautiful loving smile. At that point I would have done anything for her, and I went down on her, pressed my lips to her pussy and began to lick her with all the passion that was building inside of me. She was full of my cum and I was surprised that the taste was not bad. I could tell that the fact that I was licking her a mere few minutes after cumming inside her turned her on. I wanted to savor the moment, so I would bring her close to orgasm then slow my pace to let her recover. I dutifully showed my appreciation to my Queen for over 30 minutes, before I attacked her clit in earnest. She came violently, shaking and moaning loudly as I held my mouth tightly against her pussy. She calmed and relaxed as I looked up at her and kissed her pussy lovingly. She smiled at me and said that I was so good with my mouth. I told her that I would always be there to please her with my mouth. We held each other as we fell asleep.

The next morning we ate breakfast by room service. I made sure to take my robe off to eat naked and as the room was still cold, my wife could see my small penis while we ate and she kept her robe on. I love letting her see me when I am at my smallest. We drank coffee and I started the conversation.

“Well, that was some night we had.”

“Yes it was.”

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Very much”

“What was your favorite part?” I smiled, “The movie?”

“No, not the movie.”

“You have to admit, it was a good movie.”

“Yes it was.”, and she smiled.

“Any interest is having a rendezvous like the girl in the movie?”

“Would you want me to?”

“I hope you don’t think less of me for this, but yes I would like for you to experience having sex with another guy, especially a guy who is well endowed whether white or black.”

“Why?”, she questioned.

“I love you more than anything, and I want you to be happy.” “I want you to have all the pleasures you deserve, and I feel inadequate to fulfill some of those needs.” “No, actually I know I am not adequate enough to give you pleasure in certain ways.”

I looked down at my shrunken little penis, although it was obvious what I was talking about.

“You give me pleasure baby.” She said.

“But we both know a bigger guy could make you feel things I can’t.” I continued, “Look, I know I am not even close to average size, and I feel bad that you haven’t experienced the kind of good sex that you deserve.”

She thought about what I said for a few minutes and I could see things going through her head. Then she said.

“I understand what you are saying, and I do agree with you, but I don’t think I am ready to act on it just yet.”

Then she looked straight into my eyes and said, “And I stress, NOT JUST YET!”

Then she gave me a wicked sexy smile, the kind of confident smile I have never seen on my wife’s face. Then she got up, kissed me on the cheek, reached down and pinched my penis between two fingers and said, “Just give me a little time, Okay tiny man.” Then she skipped to the shower while I sat there with my head spinning, feeling more happy and nervous than I have ever felt before. My wife was actually considering sleeping with another man. It was a wonderful day!