The Awakening Of a Good Girl

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    · Ch 1: Failed lover

    I wait, holding her purse as she tries on another outfit in the dressing room. She walks out wearing a blue dress, spins around and asks me what I think. I can tell that she is not exactly thrilled with the dress. I tell her it looks okay, but we should probably keep looking.

    We are there shopping two weeks before her 20-year high school class reunion. She has done a great job of getting in shape and I know she wants to make an impression on her old classmates. She has done well, I am a very successful physician and keep in good physical shape, and she physically looks as good as she ever has. My wife stands around 5’2” and is a very petite brunette. She comes from a small town about an hour away from the city where we live and she only stays in touch with a few of her old high school friends. I, for one, will be happy to escort her to her reunion. I did not attend her high school, we met in college, and I will be happy to see the guys from her high school look at her as, “the hottie who got away”.

    We walk into this sophisticated store that has mostly black clothing. I follow my wife Tracy as she looks through the various dresses and I just look around not paying attention to anything in particular. After about 30 minutes of browsing, she asks me to hold her purse and wait for her to show me her outfits for my opinion. As I wait outside the dressing area I think about how much I adore my wife, she really is a fabulous and attractive woman. We have been married for 15 years; have two kids, a girl 13 and a boy 10. She is a great mother taking them to dance and swimming practices as well as being active in their school. She visits the gym on a regular basis, which keeps her small stature trim, and she has beautiful dark brown hair and matching gorgeous brown eyes that can melt any man. “Jake, Jake, Jake!” I hear as I come out of my trance. I look over and Tracy is wearing this black mini dress with a draping front that reveals a classy but ample amount of cleavage. My mouth drops! I just stand there looking at her not saying a word. “Well, I guess I have my answer, I take it you like the dress.” “You look fantastic!” I continue, “I think that is definitely the dress.” She smiles, then looks at me with pouty eyes, “It’s kind of expensive”. I reply, “I don’t care how much it costs! It’s yours!” She smiles and returns to the dressing room to take off the dress. She returns and we walk toward the counter to pay when she stops. “You don’t think its too revealing do you”? “You will certainly look sexy, but you should be proud to still be as attractive as you are. Anyway, you are married, they remember how you were a ‘good girl’ in high school, and I think you will come across as very confident wearing that dress.” “Yes, you’re probably right.” She says as we continue to the counter.

    We got home later and busied ourselves with the normal routines of the day. It’s a Saturday and as we pick up the children from their friend’s houses and decide to get a bite to eat. When we get home everyone is tired and the kids go to bed early. Tracy and I have a glass of wine while we watch a movie. Tracy is leaning against my chest as we watch the movie. One of the female main characters in the movie is having an affair. The husband is attractive and successful, but kind of the nerdy type. She is an attractive brunette and she is having an affair with the neighbor’s pool guy, a tall, thin dark-skinned Spanish man with tattoo’s. I quip, “I know the husband knows better than to hire him, but how can you stop the neighbor. But then again, lucky for her.” My wife just smiles and gives no response. I guess it was a combination of the wine, the movie, and seeing my wife in the black dress earlier, but I became extremely aroused. I began to kiss her neck and shoulders and asked if she wanted to go to bed. “I want to see what happens to the pool guy.” She says. I reply, “I can be your pool guy.”

    We head to the bedroom. She climbs into bed while I remove all my clothing before getting into bed. I begin to kiss my wife passionately, and move my hands over her body. Usually I put a little more effort into foreplay, but this evening I was extremely aroused. I removed her clothing and immediately climbed on top of her. She seemed to be aroused as well and I slipped in easily. Well, just as before, I don’t know whether it was the dress or the movie but I lasted a dismal minute and a half. After I composed myself, I looked at my wife who was trying to hide her disappointment and said, “I am so sorry, I was just too excited!” “It’s okay”, she says and rolls over with her back to me. I hold her lovingly and kiss her back as she falls asleep. I think to myself about how much of a failure that was at lovemaking. As I lay there I tell myself I have to do better, for one I have not been blessed with the largest of penises. My penis is only 3 and ¾ inches when erect, and I have taken showers with other guys, so I know I am well below average. Tracy has not had sex with anyone other than me, I was her first and only. She has never complained, and before children, because she was a virgin, we seemed to match up pretty well. However, since she has had children, I can feel the difference and I suspect she can as well. For the past ten years she only has an orgasm when I go down on her. I resolve to myself that I should make sure to go down on her before having sex, I was just a little too turned on this evening. As I lay there I also began to question if my wife is really satisfied with our sex life. She has never complained but is she just being kind to me, and while I lay hear thinking about my inadequacies as a lover, is she silently thinking about a tall, dark Spanish man with tattoo’s? Is that what she will dream of tonight?
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    · Ch 2: The Reunion

    It wasn’t until the drive to Tracy’s hometown that I realized we had not had sex since my failed episode the evening of the shopping trip. No matter, I thought, we were both very busy over the past two weeks, with all the arrangements for leaving town and my wife getting prepared for the reunion. We arrived at our hotel and we checked in. The room was very nice for being in a hotel outside of a city. We put our things away and Tracy immediately began to prepare for the evening. I sat back on the bed and watched TV until the bathroom would be free. She showered and sat down to work on her make-up wearing a robe, and I quickly mad my way to the shower. When I exited the shower, Tracy was already dressed in her mini-dress. She looked spectacular! She wasn’t even finished her hair and makeup but just looked gorgeous. When she was ready to leave for the reunion I watched my wife walking out the door admiring her figure, if she wanted to make a statement this evening she surely had accomplished her task.

    We arrived at the party, and after meeting with the greetings table we proceeded to the bar. While waiting for a drink Tracy bumped in to an old friend named Heidi and they began to catch up. Heidi’s husband was off talking to a few guys across the room, so I offered to order the drinks for us all, and then we could walk over to Heidi’s husband afterward. While I am waiting this tall, well-dressed black man walks up to Heidi and Tracy. They exchange cordial hugs and begin to catch up. I could hear their conversation behind me while waiting at the bar. Kenyon, his name as I would later find out, was living in Florida and was part owner of a computer security company. Kenyon complimented them on their dress and said that they looked liked they finished high school five years ago. They smiled and complimented him as well. When he left I heard Heidi say that she enjoyed catching up with him and that part of her really missed him. Once I had the drinks we walked over to Heidi’s husband and I engaged the men in their conversation while Tracy and Heidi moved a distance away and was talking in the corner.

    When Heidi and her husband moved on to mingle Tracy and I were alone for a few minutes and I asked what was it that she and Heidi were talking about. She smiled and said that she had asked Heidi what she meant about part of her missing Kenyon. Tracy says that Heidi admitted to her that she and Kenyon had slept together a few times in high school. She tells Tracy that its not a big deal and that her husband knows about it because at one time in their marriage they told each other all the people they had slept with. Tracy asked her what her husband thought about her sleeping with a black guy. Heidi tells her that it didn’t bother him, but she continues and tells Tracy that sex with Kenyon was probably the best raw sex that she has ever had and that is why she said a part of her misses him. Tracy tells me she didn’t exactly know what to say after that and they started on a new subject.

    We then met this large group of Tracy’s old friends and I stood back as they did a lot of catching up. Many of the guys in the group commented on how sexy Tracy looked in her dress and that it was a big change from the “goody two-shoes” she used to be in high school. She tried to argue that she was not that much of a “goodie two-shoes” but she lost that argument. I noticed our drinks were empty and I offered to get us another pair of drinks. The line at the bar had gotten long and I spent the time just looking around the party. People seemed to having a good time and the drinks had loosened up the attendees. I look over to my right and I see Tracy talking to Kenyon. I watch and I notice how much they were flirting with each other. Tracy would touch his arm every time she would speak, and as she looked up at his 6’2” frame she would smile and toss her hair to the side. For his part he started out by touching her shoulder a few times and I guess he was getting a reading from her and would touch her waist on occasion. That’s when I noticed how much watching Tracy flirt with Kenyon was turning me on. I let a few people go in front of me in order to delay a while. I got the drinks and continued to stand near the bar to watch. When they finished talking Kenyon gave Tracy a hug and I noticed his hand move to her butt and give her a little squeeze. Tracy just smiled at him when he left. I arrived shortly after Kenyon left with our drinks and asked Tracy how she was doing. She said she had been talking to Kenyon and said that he was such a nice guy. She did not elaborate before we engaged another group of friends.

    We leave the party at about 1am and head to our hotel. I could tell Tracy was feeling a little frisky on the way over and seeing her in her dress all evening flaunting her cleavage to all her old high school friends was definitely a turn-on for me. When we enter the room, I undress and lay on the bed naked while Tracy grabs some clothing out of the suitcase and goes into the bathroom. She is in there a while and I start to get sleepy. I must have passed out because the next thing I remember is the sun coming through the window of our room and my severe headache. I drink water and take a few aspirin and listen to some easy-listening music on my phone. The water and aspirin do there trick and I begin to feel much better. I look over at Tracy in the bed and she is wearing a black and red baby-doll with a red thong. She looks so sexy, I climb into bed and start kissing her back. What I got in return was, “Stop, get away from me I have a severe headache and I feel like I am going to puke!” I get her some water and aspirin and she drinks some and goes back to sleep. I shower and pack everything and leave the room to allow her more sleep. I return at 10:00am, an hour before check out and Tracy drags herself to the shower. She dresses and I try to engage her in conversation, but she doesn’t talk to me, and is obviously pissed. I stupidly push the issue and ask her why she is so mad, finally she says, “I bought this nice nightie and you just fell asleep!” “I don’t know! Don’t you even find me attractive anymore!” Rather than apologize I tried to defend myself, “Well Tracy I was tired, I can’t help it if I am tired, and you know what drinking does to me!” She responds, “well you could have at least tried, you don’t even give an effort!” Feeling defensive and nasty I counter, “Well, I guess if you were married to Kenyon he would have stayed up!” She yells back, “What! Who? Yes, he probably would have!” Then she got up and walked out of the room.

    We don't talk to each other on the drive home for the first half hour. I finally cool down enough to offer an apology. “Babe, I’m sorry, you are right I should try harder. I promise I will try harder in the future.” She does not speak; she just looks at me like ‘continue’. “It’s just that as I have gotten older, it’s harder for me to stay awake and my body just doesn’t cooperate like it used to. It’s like you are hitting your prime while I am on the decline, but I promise I will try harder to please you.” She looks over at me and says, “Its not just the sex, I want you to show more interest in me.” I say, “I promise I will and I promise to try and be a better husband.” Then I add, “I am also sorry I made that comment about Kenyon.” She just smiles and remains silent. As I drive I begin to think about the exchange, she did not apologize about yelling that Kenyon would have tried to have sex. Is she thinking about him? She was definitely flirting with him. Is it because Heidi told her the sex was so good with him? My mind continues with feelings of both concern but also intense excitement and lust.
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    Ch 3: Setting the stage:

    I look at my watch in astonishment. I have been surfing the Internet for over six hours. I am surprised at all the information on the phenomenon and how many men fantasize about their wife sleeping with other men. I have thought about my wife having sex with a black man since shortly after we started dating in college, and her interactions with Kenyon at her reunion combined with her defense of him during our argument put my urges in over-drive. When I lay next to her in bed all week I would wonder if she were thinking of Kenyon and what Heidi had said of his sexual skills as well as the nice buttocks squeeze he gave her. I always thought I was strange for having these cravings, but it appears to be something that more and more husbands are fantasizing about, and a few are experiencing it in reality. I join a site called and read great information on how to guide your wife into unlocking her natural desires to have sex with black men. I jot down a few notes that look like something that would work on Tracy. I sit back and think about ways that I could guide our conversations to discuss the things I have learned. I also begin to think about how much it turned me on watching Tracy flirt with Kenyon. The weekend was coming up and the kids had already asked us about spending Friday night with friends. It was the first week in October, but because we live in the deep-south it was still warm, and I decided to get my wife to take one last dip in our pool for the season. I figured we can have a few drinks and I will start a conversation about sex.

    Friday comes and after getting our kids to their respective friends houses, I suggest we have a few drinks in the pool. My wife agrees, and I go to put on my swimsuit while she answers a few emails. I fix our drinks, get in the pool and wait for Tracy. She comes out wearing her favorite bikini and I look adoringly at my beautiful wife as she walks toward me, her breasts are breathtaking in her bikini. I hand her the drink as she walks into the pool.

    “You look fantastic!” I say.

    “Thanks, you’re sweet”, she responds.

    We chat about small things for a while, and continue to have a few more drinks. Once I feel like we have had enough to drink to have her loosen up, I attempt to steer the conversation.

    I say, “You look so good in your bikini, but you would look even better out of it!”

    “Just behave”, she responds

    “Come-on, the kids are away, it’s the perfect time to skinny-dip in our pool!”

    I reach down and pull off my suit, and throw it near the side of the pool.

    “Okay, now its your turn”, I plead.

    “No, our neighbors might see”, she looks at me scornfully.

    I respond, feeling the liquid courage,” I don’t care, in fact, I am going do get out the pool, go inside and fix us another drink”.

    I get out of the pool and go inside to fix the drinks. With the combination of being wet and the air-conditioned air from inside, I walk back with our dinks with my penis barely registering an inch in length. I catch Tracy glance at my small member as she grabs her drink. She seems to wear the look of embarrassment for me on her face.

    I step into the pool and start the conversation with, “I am so lucky to have you as my wife, I don’t know if I am man enough for such a hot looking wife”.

    “Yes you are sweetie”, as she smiles at me.

    “Have you ever thought about being the dominant one in our relationship”, I ask?


    “I think it would be fun in our relationship for you to be the dominant one.” “You already pretty much dictate when we do have sex, and I really don’t mind that fact.” “You, know if I am really honest with you I would be really turned on by you taking a more dominant role in our sex life”.

    “Really? I am not sure I would feel comfortable”, she responds.

    “Wouldn’t you like it if all you had to do is tell me when you wanted anything, like a message, when you wanted your feet rubbed, when you wanted me to kiss your body, and when you want me to go down on you, and I would immediately do it, without question or asking anything in return!” I offer.

    With a shy smile she says, “Well maybe that would be kind of fun”.

    I counter, “A wife as hot as you deserves to be treated like a queen by a man like me, and I still to make up for my epic failure after your class reunion”.

    I continue, “You don’t have to answer now, but think about the offer, it’s a standing offer.”

    She smiles and kisses me on the cheek.

    I look at her and state, “How about we go inside, I don’t think I can stand not seeing you naked one minute longer”.

    We get out the pool, dry off and we walk inside and head to the bedroom. I am still naked as we walk into the room. I stop her and begin to kiss her shoulders, her breath quickens as she closes her eyes to enjoy the attention.

    “You are such a beautiful and exquisite woman.” I say as I remove her top and see her soft breast. I continue to stand behind her, kneel down and slowly remove her bikini bottom. She steps out of her bottom and I begin to kiss her soft and smooth buttocks. The feel of her soft skin against my lips lets me know I am doing the correct thing and that she deserves to be worshiped.

    “Come and lay on the bed.” I say as I guide her to bed and ask her to lie on her stomach. She lies on her stomach as I straddle her legs and message her back. I give her a gentle message for the next 20 minutes, and then begin to gently kiss her back. I kiss up and down her back, skip over her buttocks and move to her legs, kissing them softly alternating between her calves and thighs. Hearing her moan in appreciation I lift up one foot, kiss the sole of her foot and move to the top and continue kissing. Up to this point my kisses have been light and soft, while attending to her feet I kiss more deeply, using my tongue to make small circles as I kiss. Passionately I kiss her feet and I hear her moan more loudly. After some time attending to both her feet I move up to her butt; kissing, licking and sucking on her butt cheeks allowing the passion to build inside me. Lifting up I look at my wife’s magnificent ass, spread her cheeks then dive into her waiting tender ass. I drive my tongue as deep into her ass as I can manage. “Oh, that feels so good!” I hear Tracy moan.

    I dutifully lick my goddess’s ass for the next ten minutes before I flip her over for the final show of servitude. Her pussy is already extremely wet and I can smell the sweetness of her juices. I kiss her pussy lips softly and say to her, “You are so hot, I am so lucky to be able to kiss you and make you feel good.” I continue to kiss her sweetness, then start making small circles around her clit with my tongue. She responds with moans and I up my pace.

    “You are so hot baby, look at you, you’re beautiful”. “You are too much woman for me” I begin to speak between my oral ministrations.

    “You’re too much baby, you’re way too hot a woman for just me. I know this is the only way I can please you, you’re just too hot for me!” I continue, “I think you’re so hot baby, you’re too much woman for me, I don’t know if I can handle you all by myself, I might need help to satisfy a woman as hot as you baby!”

    Tracy starts grinding her pelvis into my face and grabs the back of my head and pushes me deep into her soft, sweet treasure. She gives a loud moan and convulses in a beautiful orgasm, filling my mouth with her sweet juices. I hold my mouth on her pussy for a time, once she recovers she looks down on me, smiles and says, “you are so good with your mouth”. I respond, “Thank you, and thank you for allowing me to make you feel good with my mouth.” I continue to kiss the insides of her thighs.

    “Do you want me in you,” I ask?

    “I am a little tired”, she responds.

    I assert, “How about I kiss your back until you fall asleep my queen”.

    She agrees and rolls over. I kiss her back gently but can’t resist moving down to her butt. I kiss her butt, she wiggles slightly and tells me that it feels good and will be nice to fall asleep to. I alternate between kissing her ass cheeks and gently licking her asshole. I am enjoying my role as servant when I notice her breathing change. My queen is now sleeping as I have my tongue an inch into her lovely ass, and I smile knowing I have found my new and appropriate roll as oral servant to my queen and wife.
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    Ch 4: Testing Her Desires

    One evening Tracy and I were having lunch at a restaurant and I noticed that our waiter happened to be a nice looking guy in his late twenties. I thought to myself that this would be a good opportunity to test if my wife was beginning to think she could and would want to sleep with another man with my approval. I passed the first test comment to my wife, “Our waiter is good looking isn’t he?” She responds innocently, “Yes, he is”.

    Then the second comment, “I bet you would like to have a boy toy like that?”

    Tracy responds, “He would not be interested in me, he is young and too good-looking to be interested in me.”

    I smiled and said, “You are wrong, I bet he would be interested in you, and I will prove it to you. First, take off your wedding ring.”

    “What…, why?”, she says.

    “Trust me, just take off your ring and I will prove to you how attractive you are.”

    She took off her ring, and then I signaled to our waiter to come over.

    I said to the waiter, “I am having dinner here with my younger sister who is recently divorced, and she is having a little problem with confidence getting back into dating. I just ask this theoretically, if you were single and you knew my sister, would you be interested in asking her out on a date?”

    He responds looking at Tracy, “Well, I do have a girlfriend, but if I were single I would certainly ask you out on a date, you are very attractive.”

    Our waiter leaves, I pick up my glass of wine to toast my wife.

    I said, “See, I told you he would be interested in you.”

    She smiled, and we touched glasses.

    I continued, “What if he were single and I told you that you had the green-light to go on a date with him. What would you do?”

    I had expected the usual “No, not interested, really”, or “No, he is way too young”, but what I heard her say next truly surprised and excited me. She looked me dead in the eyes and with a serious face says, “I would go and enjoy every minute of the date with that sexy young thing!”

    I was stunned. I just sat there smiling, composed myself and said, “Wow, that's not what I expected to hear, but it is pretty hot hearing you say that.”

    She smiled and said, “Yes, but would you really give me the green-light to do it?”

    I thought for a minute and said, “Well, I know I am lucky to have such a beautiful and sexy wife, and I do feel that you are hitting your prime and I am, well, struggling to keep up. Also, your happiness is what I care about, so yes, I would let you go on a date with a sexy young man like our waiter if it would make you happy. A little jealous of course, but your happiness and satisfaction would come first.”

    It was her turn to be a little surprised, and she said, “Wow!” She paused, and smiled a sexy smile, “Definitely a temptation.”

    The food came to our table at this point, which broke the conversation. We ate and I did note were my wife was flirtier with our waiter for the rest of the evening. It was so hot watching Tracy flirting with another man.

    Later that night I started kissing my wife’s back and caressing her skin. I moved down her back slowly kissing and caressing her softly. I told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved having such a beautiful hot wife. I started to kiss and caress her ass and I started once again to convince her of her dominance and letting her know that she can trust my love and dedication completely by telling her:

    “Baby, you are so beautiful, I don't know if I am enough of a man for you, your so hot baby.”

    “Maybe you need more than me baby, I think we need to start you an account on that dating site so you can meet a man like the wife in that movie with the pool guy or our waiter tonight.”

    My wife just groaned as I said this, then I licked her beautiful ass. I continued to do my duty and kiss and lick my wife’s wonderful ass to make sure I had her in a lustful mood, and then I continued:

    “I would understand if you wanted to explore sex with other men baby, I love you and I want you to feel good. You feeling good makes me happy, and I want you to be able to explore what it would be like with another man.”

    I could feel her get a little tense with the conversation, so I got back to work and began to move between her legs and lightly lick her pussy. This worked to loosen her up and I started again:

    “What do you think about my idea baby? I want you to know it is completely your call, but know that I want this for you with no strings, and even if you don’t want to actually go through with it, I would love for us to fantasize about it.”

    “Do you ever fantasize about being with another man?”

    I licked her some more.

    “Well baby, have you ever fantasized about sex with another man?”

    “Yes” she finally relented.

    “That turns me on baby, who or what kind of a guy do you fantasize about?”

    “I don’t know” she says.

    “Well, I fantasize about you with other men. I usually picture you in the arms of a dark, handsome young and hung guy”. “Have you ever thought about sex with a handsome well-endowed guy, baby”?

    After I said this, I immediately started to lick her vigorously to get her worked up.

    I asked again, “Well have you ever thought about a young guy with a big penis baby?”

    Then the words I dreamed of hearing came forward.

    “Yes!” she moaned.

    I said, “Oh, that’s so hot to hear you say that!”

    I began to lick her even more, and I could tell she was getting worked up, and then I slowed a little to continue the mood. Then I said, “Baby, tell me you fantasize about sex with another man, I want to hear you say it!”

    I upped my pace of licking and said again, “Baby, tell me you fantasize about having sex with another man, I really want to hear you say it!”

    Then it happened, my beautiful wife and the mother of our children began to say the words that I longed to hear for so long, “I want to have sex with another man!”

    Not “I fantasize” but “I want to have sex with another man”

    I could tell she was getting close to climax, and I said, “Say it again baby, tell me what you want”!

    “Oh yes! Oh yes! I want to have sex with another man!”

    She climaxed intensely, bucking wildly as I held my mouth tightly against her sex until she slowly calmed and moaned softly while exhaling. I kissed her pussy lightly, then positioned myself next to her and held her tightly, kissed her head and told her I loved her. At that point I was so proud of my wife! And we fell blissfully asleep in each other’s arms.
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    Ch 5: The Magic of Seeing BBC

    Over the next two weeks life returned to normal, we both got caught up in our day-to-day activities. Neither of us brought up the conversation we had, but sex between us definitely improved. She began to take more of an assertive role in sex, directing our positions to improve her satisfaction and becoming more vocal during sex. She began to say things like, “give it to me” and “give me more”, and I would say, “oh baby, you are too much for me, I don’t think I am enough for you”. I, of course, began to more frequently perform my oral duties. It would be the highlight of my day to kiss my wife’s body from head to toe. I would especially love to message her back, slowly kiss her back, moving down to her butt and legs, then concentrating on her butt. I would kiss her butt passionately, slowly moving to her tasty butt-hole and spending a good 30 minutes licking her ass trying to stick my tongue as deeply as I could down her beautiful ass hole. She would moan with pleasure knowing her husband was proving to her how much he worshiped her.

    One evening we were having a few drinks on the back porch when the conversation turned to some friends of ours who had gone through a divorce. She was closer with her, so most of the conversation centered on her. After her divorce, our friend began to date a lot and would occasionally call my wife to discuss the happenings in her life. My wife told me that when they went out to a bar on our last vacation to the beach, she discussed her dating a little more graphically then my wife was expecting. We both laughed when discussing this and I commented that she appears to be making up for the lack of experiences she had before her marriage, and was perhaps “sewing her oats” so to speak. My wife agreed. Because the drinks had lowered my inhibitions, I took the opportunity to mention to Tracy that she did not have to worry about needing a divorce to gain experiences on lost opportunities, because her husband would be okay with her sleeping with other men while married as we had discussed a few weeks ago.

    “Do you remember our discussion”?

    “Yes, I do.” She said with a shy smile.

    “You know, I think that was a major factor why she chose divorce, and I want you to know I love you so much that if you ever wondered about what it would be like, I want you to have the freedom within our marriage to experience sex with someone else.”

    I continued while smiling, “If she ever asked you to go out with her, I would be okay with you going out with her, and feel free to let it go as far as you want it to go”.

    She said, “I will keep that in mind, but I am not sure I could sleep with someone else.”

    “That’s okay because it is whatever you want. I love you and I will always be there for you.”

    That ended our discussion on the subject that evening.

    A week later we planned a weekend trip to our old college town. We were there to see a football game with old friends from college. After the game we went back to our hotel room, our heads swimming with the days festive atmosphere. Once we were back in the room we both took turns showering. After I showered my wife went to the bathroom and I stripped naked and laid on the bed, determined not to make the same mistake I made after her high school reunion. She exited the bathroom.

    “Well, I see you are in the mood”, she said.

    “I am always in the mood with such a hot wife.”

    “That’s sweet”.

    She changed into her conservative pajamas and got into bed. Clearly my nakedness did not cause the intense lust that she caused in me so I made a suggestion.

    “Would you like to rent a movie on the TV”?


    “How about one that can get you in the mood”?


    I went to the adult movies section and luck was with me. I did not want to be too obvious but I was hoping to find a movie with a cheating wife theme, and not only was the first movie called ‘Wondering Wives’, but the picture showed a white woman in the arms of a well built black man. I quickly pressed ‘purchase’ to make it look like I was just making a quick selection.

    We settled into bed with my wife’s head on my chest so that she had a clear view of the television with my naked body and penis in the foreground. As I looked down to my groin I noticed how the cold room had affected my penis that had now shrunk to the size of a thimble. I smiled knowing my wife was soon to see real men on the TV while having a clear view of my shortcomings for comparison. The movie was of pretty good quality for a porn movie, and the first segment showed a pretty brunette in a gym with a black personal trainer named Malcolm. The woman complained about her husband while the trainer stretched and rubbed the muscles of her legs. He then suggested the next session occur at his place as he had some equipment there that could stretch her muscles even better.

    “I bet he does!” I quipped. My wife made no response.

    The next scene they were at his place, he was shirtless with a lean look and well defined muscles and she was in tight dance shorts and a tank top. After a bit of small talk about how nice his place was, she asked about the stretching session and admitted that she was real tight and had not had a good stretch in a long time. With this the trainer moved in and embraced her in a passionate kiss. After a long kiss, she moved back and kicked off her sandals, he removed her top, they kissed again and when they stopped their kiss, she removed her shorts. Now that she was naked she knelt in front of him and slowly grabbed his shorts then slid them down his thighs revealing a very large flaccid black dick. At that point I felt my wife’s’ gaze go from the TV to my penis and back to the TV. Fortunately, the room was still cold and I had not let the movie cause me to become aroused, and I seized the opportunity.

    “Wow, a little bit of a difference from what I have”!

    “Yes, his is black”, she responds.

    “Yes, that too”. I said.

    We watched as the brunette began to admire his beautiful manhood, stroking it then kissing its tip and shaft.

    I began, “I guess a girl appreciates it when she finds herself holding something that impressive, and I like that she is a brunette because she kind of reminds me of you”

    “Oh really”, she says.

    “Yes, only she isn’t as hot as you are baby”. “Would you appreciate and admire a penis like that if you were to hold one”?

    “Probably”, she said and turned and smiled at me.

    She turned and watched the TV as the brunette was working oral magic on the long, thick, black dick. I moved and gave my wife the propped up pillow. I removed her clothing while she continued to watch the movie. Once I had her naked I began to kiss her stomach. My wife watched the couple on the screen while I kissed her legs hips and stomach, and then I spread her legs and laid between her legs as flat as I could as to not block her view, while I softly kissed her sex as only a true subordinate could. I could hear the TV and could tell the couple were now locked into hard sex, with the brunette moaning and saying how big he was, how much he was stretching her and how she never felt so good. I looked up and I could see my wife’s eyes locked on the TV. She caught my gaze and I smiled at her while I returned to my job of worshiping my wife’s sex and performing the only sex act that I was accomplished and skilled. The couple in the film both climaxed, and I looked up again. My wife looked at me, smiled, and reached down and pulled my head tightly to her pussy. She held my head tight and began to grind her hips aggressively into my face. I licked furiously and within a few minutes she began to cum and bucked uncontrollably.

    Once she calmed down I gently kissed her stomach and waited for her eyes to open. When she opened her eyes we smiled at each other.

    “Well, I think that movie put you into the mood”.

    “Yes it did”.

    “Good, I am glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoyed my efforts to make you feel good.” “Do you like what I do with my mouth”?

    “I love what you do with your mouth”, she responded.

    “Well, I need to try to be good with my mouth since I don’t quite have the equipment of the guy in the movie”. “What did you think about the guy in the movie”?

    “He was attractive, and definitely big”

    I assert, “I wish I were that big, and I would definitely understand if you would want to have sex with a guy like him. I think he could make you feel things you’ve never felt with me”.

    “Probably, but I don’t know if I would be able to handle something that big”.

    I laughed and said, “Maybe, especially since you only have experience with my small penis”

    I turned so that she could get a good look at my flaccid diminutive excuse for a penis.

    “You’re not ‘THAT’ small”, she said not wanting to hurt my feelings.

    “You’re too kind, but like I said before, I know that I am definitely on the small side and I am okay with you acknowledging that I am small, and I am positive my beautiful, hot wife could handle a guy like the one in the movie”!

    She smiled and did not say anything. At that point I started kissing her stomach again and moved down to service my beautiful queen once again. She leaned back and moaned as I gently kissed her pussy in a way to show appreciation for allowing me to service her beautiful body. I did this for perhaps 15 minutes, when my wife pulled me up, grabbed my small member, and inserted it into her wonderful pussy. I did my best to please her and pumped furiously while she reached down to grab my ass to pull me deeper inside of her. Knowing that she was now in the moment I started:

    “Oh baby you’re so hot! You’re too much”, “I wish I could give you more baby!”

    She said nothing but grabbed my butt tighter and pulled me in more aggressively.

    “I wish I could give you more, you want more baby?”

    “Yes!” she moans.

    “You want more baby?”


    “Tell me you want more baby!”

    “I want more! I want more! I want MORE!”

    “You want a hung black guy like in the movie baby, he could give you more!”


    “Is that what you want baby!”

    “Yes, I want a black guy!”

    “Tell me what you want baby!”

    “I want a hung black guy! Yes, I want a hung black guy, Oh yes, I want a gorgeous black guy!”

    “I want you to have a handsome hung black guy baby!”

    “Oh yes I want it! I want it so bad!”

    At that point I could not contain myself and I came with an intensity I had never experienced. Just before I came, I shouted, “Oh, the thought of you with a black guy turns me on so much baby!” She could easily tell how turned on I was by the intensity of my climax. When I was done, she looked at me, smiled and grabbed my face to give me a deep passionate kiss.

    She said, “Wow, did it turn you on THAT MUCH!”

    “Yes it did, I loved hearing you say that.”

    “Hum, that’s nice!”

    I say, “I wish I could have lasted longer, I want you to have another orgasm.”

    “That’s okay.”

    “No, I really want you to have another one. Do you want to have one?”

    “Yes, sure”


    At that point I began to kiss her stomach moving down quickly before my mood changed. I positioned myself between her legs and kissed her inner thighs. I looked up at her and she smiled at me with the most beautiful loving smile. At that point I would have done anything for her, and I went down on her, pressed my lips to her pussy and began to lick her with all the passion that was building inside of me. She was full of my cum and I was surprised that the taste was not bad. I could tell that the fact that I was licking her a mere few minutes after cumming inside her turned her on. I wanted to savor the moment, so I would bring her close to orgasm then slow my pace to let her recover. I dutifully showed my appreciation to my Queen for over 30 minutes, before I attacked her clit in earnest. She came violently, shaking and moaning loudly as I held my mouth tightly against her pussy. She calmed and relaxed as I looked up at her and kissed her pussy lovingly. She smiled at me and said that I was so good with my mouth. I told her that I would always be there to please her with my mouth. We held each other as we fell asleep.

    The next morning we ate breakfast by room service. I made sure to take my robe off to eat naked and as the room was still cold, my wife could see my small penis while we ate and she kept her robe on. I love letting her see me when I am at my smallest. We drank coffee and I started the conversation.

    “Well, that was some night we had.”

    “Yes it was.”

    “Did you enjoy yourself?”

    “Very much”

    “What was your favorite part?” I smiled, “The movie?”

    “No, not the movie.”

    “You have to admit, it was a good movie.”

    “Yes it was.”, and she smiled.

    “Any interest is having a rendezvous like the girl in the movie?”

    “Would you want me to?”

    “I hope you don’t think less of me for this, but yes I would like for you to experience having sex with another guy, especially a guy who is well endowed whether white or black.”

    “Why?”, she questioned.

    “I love you more than anything, and I want you to be happy.” “I want you to have all the pleasures you deserve, and I feel inadequate to fulfill some of those needs.” “No, actually I know I am not adequate enough to give you pleasure in certain ways.”

    I looked down at my shrunken little penis, although it was obvious what I was talking about.

    “You give me pleasure baby.” She said.

    “But we both know a bigger guy could make you feel things I can’t.” I continued, “Look, I know I am not even close to average size, and I feel bad that you haven’t experienced the kind of good sex that you deserve.”

    She thought about what I said for a few minutes and I could see things going through her head. Then she said.

    “I understand what you are saying, and I do agree with you, but I don’t think I am ready to act on it just yet.”

    Then she looked straight into my eyes and said, “And I stress, NOT JUST YET!”

    Then she gave me a wicked sexy smile, the kind of confident smile I have never seen on my wife’s face. Then she got up, kissed me on the cheek, reached down and pinched my penis between two fingers and said, “Just give me a little time, Okay tiny man.” Then she skipped to the shower while I sat there with my head spinning, feeling more happy and nervous than I have ever felt before. My wife was actually considering sleeping with another man. It was a wonderful day!
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    Were ton her do you get advice on getting your wife to try others
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    Great story, Lucky. Looking forward to more.
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    Working slowly to the good parts. Like foreplay.
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    CH 6: Finding Her First Lover

    Over to next several weeks I did not bring up the subject of another man, and she did not mention anything nor did she insinuate that she was thinking about our conversation. She was, however much more assertive in bed. Previously she would always let me initiate sex, even when I would orally service her it was usually my decision and my prompting. Now she began to do this thing when we would go to bed, she would lay down, look at me, put her hand on her pubic area and say, “I need to be kissed baby, come and kiss me”. I, of course would obey, crawl between he legs and show her pussy the appreciation it deserves. It felt so good to be her oral servant. Her interest in penetrative sex diminished and I spent more and more time concentrating on the giving my wife the oral pleasure she deserved.

    Over a period of three weeks after our college town trip I averaged going down on my wife about every other day and we had sex just once, and it was a complete failure on my part. It was two and a half weeks after our trip and my wife and I were both at home for lunch. As she walked around the kitchen I would keep rubbing her ass and was telling her how hot she looked. She had been to the gym that morning and had not taken a shower but she looked amazing! I asked her if she wanted to go to the bedroom before we ate and she said yes. Once in the bedroom we both undressed and got into bed. I wanted to try traditional sex so I kissed my wife passionately and positioned myself on top of her. This, I could tell, surprised her a little but she went along to be supportive. I was very excited because of our conversation two weeks ago and because of my recent transition to frequent oral servitude. I entered her and began to perform as best I could. I looked down at my wife and she gave me a sweet smile but I could tell this was not giving her the pleasure my mouth usually gives. I began to go in and out very slowly and arched my back so that we could both see my penis moving in and out of her pussy. We both looked for a while, then she looked up at me and said, “It is rather small isn’t it”.

    I responded, “Yes it is”.

    That sent me over the edge and I convulsed in orgasm, filling my wife with over two weeks worth of cum. I lay on top of my wife kissing her neck in post climax when I heard her say, “I am not finished, I need to be kissed”. I looked at her and smiled, “Like I promised, whenever and wherever you want”.

    I kissed my way down her body. Without any prompting my usually shy sexy wife, spread her legs widely, grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy. I licked her obediently as my mouth filled with our combined juices. She held my face tightly against her pussy and I had a difficult time swallowing all of the cum from her pussy.

    She could hear me struggle a bit and then I heard her say, “Good Boy!”

    I continued to service my beautiful queen until she climaxed.

    Afterward as we lay together, my wife whispered, “Sorry I made you do that”.

    “No need to be sorry, I love doing that for you. Like I promised my mouth is here to please you anytime you desire”. I added, “I would never turn down an opportunity to kiss you down there”.

    I looked at her squarely in the eyes, “There would never be a time I would not want to kiss you down there”

    She kissed me on the forehead (no where near my sloppy lips) and told me she loved me, and we rested with our love juices drying on my face.

    Two days later my wife’s’ cell phone rang, I looked at the screen and it was her divorced friend, Katie. I answered the phone, exchanged a few pleasantries, then found my wife and handed her the phone. She was in our bedroom and I stayed behind the closed door to hear their conversation. After a brief ‘catch-up’ they started talking about Katie’s dating. My wife asked her a few questions and there was a long pause as her friend took over the conversation. Then my wife laughed and called her a bad girl, then added “but it sounds like a lot of fun, you know I have always been a good-girl, but now I think I am ready to embrace my naughty side”. Then I heard my wife say, “Can I talk to you about something”? She started to tell her friend that we had discussed her dating and that I offered to let her sleep with another man if she wanted. I could tell that her friend thought it was a trap. My wife explained that she did not think it was a trap and that I had changed since we started discussing her sleeping with another man. She told her friend that I was more attentive than I have ever been and treating her almost like she was a queen. Then she admitted to her friend that I go down on her a lot and that the other day I went down on her after we had sex. I could tell that her friend was shocked by this revelation. Then my wife asked if she could confide in her. I could then hear her tell her friend that I was really small and that part of our discussion was that I wanted her to have sex with someone larger. My wife then began to ask questions about the size of the guys Katie had been with relative to the size of her own hand.

    My wife said, “Really, your fingers barely touch when you grab it”. “When Jake is soft he is the size of a chapstick container and when he is hard I guess about as long as my hand is wide, but my fingers definitely go past each other when I grab him, we measured him one time next to an iphone and he was about three quarters the length of the phone ”.

    Her friend spoke for a moment then my wife answered, “So you definitely think he is small. He said he was small and he seemed genuinely honest when he said he wanted to be faithful to me if I experimented and slept with another man, and I believe him.”

    Her friend was talking and from what I gathered from Tracy’s answers was that a friend of Katie’s had seen a picture of her and was always asking questions about her and was always asking if she were still married. From what I could hear of the conversation, he was in his mid thirties and tall and apparently Katie confirmed several times that he was good looking. I could hear them discussing dates for Tracy to get away so they could meet. I heard them hang-up and quickly went to the living room.

    She came out of the bedroom and sat on the sofa next to me. She said her and Katie had been talking and she wanted us to visit over the weekend. I said “sure” and that I was free this weekend. I asked her if she wanted me to go or if Katie wanted just her to come. She told me that Katie wanted us both to come but that she may want to go out that night and I might need to stay at her place to look after her kids. I agreed that it would be a good idea to come to avoid the need for a sitter, and it had been a long time since we visited.

    I made sure not to mention anything, because I did not want her to think I heard their conversation, so I just went along with whatever she was saying at the time. Therefore plans where made for the upcoming weekend.

    We made it to Katie’s house and settled in. After we ate I told Katie I would clean up while they got ready for their Girl’s Night Out. Katie gave me a little wink and a smile when she and Tracy left to go shower and get ready. I cleaned up and sat on the sofa to watch some TV. The kids went to their room and Katie was the first to finish getting ready. Katie is tall and very attractive and together she and Tracy made a good match for guys on the hunt, it would just be a matter of whether you wanted a tall gorgeous brunette like Katie or a short beautiful little hottie like my wife. Katie sat on the chair to the side of me and when I would glance over at her she would smile and had this confused look on her face. I took the bait.

    “You seem to know something about me that you are not telling me”.


    “Well you can ask me anything if you want”.

    “Tracy says you are alright with us going out and meeting some friends of mine. Are you?”

    “Yes, I am perfectly fine”.

    “You know my friend Mike really likes your wife, he always goes on about how attractive she is”.

    “That’s good, I hope y’all have a good time and I hope Mike and Tracy have a good time as well”.

    “You are seriously all right with her meeting him tonight”.

    “Yes, I am sure, I love Tracy and I want her to have a good time”.

    She became real serious, and said, “If this is just an excuse to have a reason to leave Tracy I swear I will get you and I will use this conversation against you in the future”.

    I smiled and said, “Look, I love my wife and I have no intention of leaving her, I love her and I am dedicated to serving her and making her happy.” “Did she confide anything sexual to you?”

    “She did tell me a few things”, said Katie.

    “Did she tell you about my ‘short comings’”?

    “A little”, she responds.

    “Well, let me show you something and I think you will understand why I would like for my wife to go out and have a good time, whatever that may entail”.

    I pulled out my phone and went to a hidden file where Tracy had taken a nude picture of me. I showed Katie the picture. She smiled immediately and tried to catch herself from laughing when she saw the picture. I told her it was okay if she wanted to laugh.

    She said, “Well, at least you keep yourself in really good shape”.

    I ask, “What do you think about my size, and feel free to be brutally honest”.

    “Okay, you are very small”. “Tracy told me a little bit, but I had no idea just how small you were”.

    “I want her to have the freedom to have sex with a real man if that’s what she wants, and I told her it would always be her call. I will not push her one way or the other”.

    Katie says, “I still find that a little strange, but I think that is real nice of you”.

    At that point Tracy came in, and asked, “What were y’all talking about”?

    I said, “I was just telling Katie that I hoped y’all have a good time tonight and don’t worry about anything here, I have it covered all night”.

    Tracy said, “Great, well we will see you later.”

    Katie smiled at me and whispered, “Yea, see you later little guy”.

    They were gone for a long time and when the kids went to bed, I went to our bedroom, but I could not sleep. The excitement was too great, I kept thinking about my wife out having a fun time with another guy, and wondering what they were doing.

    Around 1am I heard a car drive up. I looked out the window of our upstairs guest room and noticed Katie had stayed in the car talking with her date and Tracy was standing outside the car with her’s. He looked to be in his mid thirties, tall and in pretty good shape. He and my wife were talking and then he put his hands on her waists. She looked up at him and he drew her in and kissed her. They separated briefly, then my wife put her hands around his neck and they embraced in a deep kiss. My wife and her date kissed for about 10 minutes and I watched as he ran his hands over my wife’s ass. Katie got out of the car, and they gave each other one last small kiss before the guys left. Katie and Tracy came inside and I could hear them talking for a while before she came upstairs into the bedroom. I pretended to wake up as she came in and went to the bathroom to change. When she came to bed I asked her how her night was. She initially just said okay, and she waited a while before asking me if I wouldn’t mind sitting up to talk.

    I said, “sure, anything you want baby”.

    She started, “well, I did have a good time tonight, and Katie’s boyfriend Mark had a friend named Mike that was with us.”

    “Yes, I believe Katie mentioned someone named Mike earlier to me.”

    “I hope you are not mad at me, and I feel a little guilty about this… but I kissed him tonight.”

    “No, I am not mad at you baby.”

    “But I feel real bad that I kissed someone else that wasn’t my husband.”

    “Before you came in and saw me, which is probably when you started to feel guilty, would you say that you had a good time?”

    “Yes”, she answered.

    “And while you were kissing him, would you say you enjoyed the kiss, and be honest?”

    She put her head down so she wouldn’t have eye contact and said, “Yes”.

    I took her face in my hands and lifted it so that I could look straight into her eyes, kissed her and said, “I love you, and I wanted you to go out and have a good time and I am happy that you enjoyed kissing him, I am proud of you that you let yourself enjoy tonight, and please don’t feel guilty because I am happy you had a great time.”

    She looks at me lovingly and says, “Thank you that makes me feel a little better”

    “That’s good”, I said.

    “Katie wants to go out again tomorrow”.

    “That’s okay with me.”

    “Well, she wants us to go to Mike’s place, just the four of us.”

    “That sounds like it would be fun, and so that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable asking me, if you want to stay over by his place tomorrow night, that’s fine with me.”

    “Really, you would be okay with me spending the night?”

    “Yes my queen!”

    I then began to kiss her hands and arms, lifted her shirt and kissed her stomach as she laid back. I removed her shorts and underwear and when I passed her underwear by her feet, I took her beautiful feet in my hand and kissed them telling her she was my queen and would do anything for her. She smiled at me and said, “I will hold you to that!” I continued to kiss her feet, and moved my way up to her thighs, kissed them and settled myself between her legs. I licked her pussy and she let out a gentle moan. I asked, “Are you thinking about Mike, and how tall he is and how big his hands are?”

    She replied, “Maybe.”

    “It’s okay if you do, I just want to please you!”

    She moaned again and was enjoying my oral attention. I said, “I love doing this for you, I love it so much I will do it anytime, even when you come home tomorrow morning if you want me to!” I licked some more and she moaned again. “Do you want me to kiss you here after you come home?” She moaned, and I said, “I would love to do this for you after you’ve been with Mike, would you want me to baby?”

    She moaned and in a low deep voice of pleasure, “Yes, I want you to, you are so good with your mouth!”

    I smiled knowing what was in store for me tomorrow. I licked her to an intense orgasm. I lay between her legs and softly kissed her pussy as she fell asleep. I slept with my face between her legs, where I belonged.

    I woke the following morning, showered and headed downstairs to cook breakfast. I surveyed the kitchen and made myself at home and cooked a full spread of pancakes and French toast. Katie’s kids came in and helped themselves to breakfast followed shortly by Katie. Katie and I fixed our breakfast and went outside to sit on her patio. She thanked me for cooking breakfast and we sat down to eat.

    I said, “You’re welcome, and thanks for being such a good friend for Tracy”. “Did y’all have a good time last night”?

    She looked at me, slightly suspicious and said, “Well, yes we did, are you okay with that?”

    “Very much okay.”

    With a confused look, she said, “You know she and my boyfriend’s friend Mike kind of hit it off last night.”

    “I’m glad they hit it off.”

    She put her fork down, looked at me squarely and said, “I don’t get it! I don’t understand how you are okay with your wife and Mike hitting it off. You know, last night they kissed!”

    “Yes, she told me, and she also told me she enjoyed their kiss. I also told her that I am okay with y’all’s plan to spend the night at Mike’s condo tonight.”

    “That’s great for us, but I still don’t understand how you could be okay with this!”

    I stated, “Well, I don't expect as a woman you would ever understand what’s it like to not have an adequate penis, so just enjoy the fact that you have a partner to have fun with and can be a little naughty with, and that her husband is fine with the whole thing.”

    Katie said, “Well, okay then, if this is fine with you, but if you ever get mad at Tracy because she is going out with me, I swear I will kick your ass!”

    “I know you will”, and I smiled.

    We could see Tracy in the kitchen, and Katie asked to change the subject because it would be too weird to talk about this while we were all together. I smiled and said sure.

    Tracy and Katie spent the day shopping. Katie’s kids went to stay at friends houses, so I was alone when they returned. I asked them if they wanted to try a drink I had made from a recipe I found online. They each had one while we chatted in the living room, then Katie left to get ready. I followed Tracy to the guest bathroom and I asked her if she wanted me to help her get ready for her date.

    She looked at me, smiled and said, “Date?”

    “Yes, your date. Do you want me to put lotion on you?”

    She looked at me earnestly, “Are you sure you want me to go? I am not sure I want to, I’m a little scared.”

    “Look, Katie will be there with you and I will fully support you whether you want to go tonight or not. Also, just because you go doesn’t mean anything will or has to happen. Just have a good time and let it go where you feel comfortable, wherever that may be.”

    She smiled and said, “Thanks, I think I want to go.”

    “Great”, I said, “Let me get you another drink to take the edge off.”

    I came back with her drink and she sipped her drink while she got ready. She asked me to go in the bedroom while she dressed because she wanted to show me what she had bought to wear this evening. She came out of the bathroom wearing a loosely fitting black dress that went to mid-thigh in length. The top had a diving “V” line in both front and back revealing lots of cleavage. As she spun around to show me the dress you could see her breast move unrestrained as they swayed from side-to-side. She looked absolutely gorgeous! The dress was very sexy and classy.

    “What do you think?” she asked.

    “Wow! You look great!”

    She smiled then lifted up the dress to show me a laced thong that was purple and black.

    “I am so proud to have you as my wife…and as my beautiful Queen.”

    She smiled and said thanks, then gave me a little peck on the cheek, “Can’t mess up the make-up.”

    I followed her to the living room, and Katie was already there. She was wearing a similar dress only a deep burgundy in color. They were both so hot and sexy. Katie said her boyfriend Mark was driving and would be there to pick them up in a few minutes. She said that they were planning to get drinks, and then head to Mike’s. Katie emphasized, “We won’t be back ‘till sometime tomorrow!” I excused myself to the guest room while they waited for the guys to pick them up.

    As I sat in the room, I heard the doorbell ring. I could hear Mike and Mark comment on how nice Tracy and Katie looked. Then I heard the door close. I ran to the window to get a look outside. I could see Mike had his arm around Tracy’s waist as he led her to the car. She looked up at him and smiled when he opened her door, and I could tell right there that my wife was attracted to him by they way she looked at him at that moment.

    I was so excited; I tried to watch TV but kept thinking about Tracy on her date. About an hour after they had left I get a text from Katie. It was a picture of Mike and Tracy at a table in what looked like a bar in a restaurant. He had his arm around her and they were sitting very close to each other, looking at each other and smiling. About ten minutes later I get another text. This time it's a picture of Mike and Tracy kissing each other at the table. A text came through, “Mark and I kept telling them that they made an awesome couple and that they should kiss!” Then another text, “I guess they listened.”

    Five minutes after the last text, a series of text messages come through, “I don’t think your wife will be the same after tight, T-P.”

    “T-P is my new nick-name for you, Tiny Penis ;-)”

    I texted her back, “I can’t argue because its true. Oh well, at least Mike is there to pick up my slack J”

    I sat back and enjoyed the thought of my wife in her sexy dress kissing another man in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

    I did not hear from Katie for a while and I started to fall asleep when a text woke me. It was a picture of Tracy and Mike kissing on a couch on a patio that Katie apparently snuck while passing by the glass door. They were locked in a deep kiss and his hand was cupping Tracy’s ass and I could clearly see her laced thong underwear. Fifteen minutes later another text of a picture showing Mike leading Tracy down a hall while holding her hand. It was obvious he was leading her to the bedroom. I texted Katie, “J”. She texted, “Tracy, J!!”, then she texted, “See you tomorrow, T-PJ”

    I fell asleep smiling, knowing my wife took a major step and was having sex with another man while her husband waited approvingly at home. My wife was now officially a “HOT WIFE”.

    Katie and Tracy arrived back at the house around 2:00 the following afternoon. Since they were late getting back we did not have much time to talk. I had already packed our car and we said our good-byes quickly so Katie could pick up her kids. When I hugged her to say good-bye, she winked at me and said, “Have a safe trip T-P”. Tracy looked at us with confusion and I told her I would explain this to her in the car.

    As we drove away, Katie’s T-P statement gave us a good starting point to start talking without a since of awkwardness. I told her that I told Katie about my “short comings” because she couldn’t understand why I was allowing you to go out with Mike. I told her T-P stood for “Tiny Penis”, it was a nickname she started using yesterday and I hope that she was not mad at me for discussing this with Katie. I told her Katie had been suspicious that all I wanted to do is use you going out with her as an excuse to cheat on you or get mad at you. She seemed to understand a little after I told her I had a small penis and I didn’t feel I could please you adequately. She looked at me and said that she could not get mad at me because she had told Katie about my penis before this weekend.

    “Are you mad at me?” she asked.

    “No baby, I am not mad at you, it's the truth and Katie is a good friend and I trust her”, “Obviously we trust her because she knows about our little arrangement.”

    I continued, “You know ‘T-P’ can be a little inside secret between the three of us.”

    “Good, I was worried you would be mad that I had discussed your size with Katie.”

    “I could never get mad at you about that sweetie”

    There was a short pause so I took the opportunity, “So how was last night?”

    “It was nice”, she was wearing a shy smile.

    “Look what Katie text me last night”, I handed over my phone and she looked at the pictures.

    “Well I knew about the ones at the bar, but I didn't realize she took the other ones.”

    “Don’t get upset, I liked getting the updates and knowing you were alright and having a good time.”


    “Yes, and I can only assume by the last picture that you and Mike were going to his bedroom?”

    “Yes”, and she put her head down and covered her face to hide the embarrassment.

    “Don’t be embarrassed, we both knew this could happen. I love you, and all I hope is that you enjoyed yourself. Did you?”

    “Yes”, her head still down.

    “Great, then I am happy and you should not feel embarrassed in any way.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Would you like to tell me about it, because I would love to hear all about it if you want to share.”

    “Really? You want me to tell you? I don’t know if I can without being too embarrassed.”

    “Would you like for me to ask questions that you could answer yes or no, would that be easier?”


    “Well, the obvious question. Did you have sex?”

    “Yes”, she covered her face with her hands.

    “Was it enjoyable?”

    “Yes”, she picked up her head and smiled at me, then once again hid her face in her hands.

    “Does he have a big penis?”

    “Ah, yes, pretty big”, she smiled widely and covered her mouth with her hands like she could not believe she was confessing this to her husband.

    “Did you like having a big penis inside of you?”, I asked.

    “Yes”, this time only covering her mouth while looking at me with a giddy smile.

    She was beginning to loosen up and I could tell she was enjoying remembering the events of the previous night.

    “How many times did y’all have sex?”

    “Three times, twice that night then once in the morning that lasted a really long time” she said smiling with a mix of nervousness and excitement.

    “Is there anything else you want to share?”

    She thought for a while, smiled, covered her face again then said, “I took him in my mouth.”

    “Really!” I had a surprised look on my face (my wife had not given me a blow-job in the last 12 years).

    “Are you mad because I don’t do that for you?”

    “No, absolutely not. It’s a turn-on knowing you took his penis in your mouth. Can I ask you what made you want to do that?”

    “Well after we went into the bedroom last night I undressed and sat on the bed while he took off his cloths. Then he walked up to me and his penis was right by my face. It looked so nice, I just stared at it for a while. He asked me if I wanted to touch it and I said yes, then I touched it and held it in my hands. It was so heavy and looked nice and I don't know what came over me but I wanted to kiss it. So I did.”

    “How long did you kiss it?”

    “I told him that I had never seen one this big before and then I kissed it some more. The more I kissed it the bigger it got. I tried to take it in my mouth but I could only get the head part in. Wow, this feels weird telling you this, are you sure you want to hear about this.”

    “I love you telling me about it, please go on.”

    “Did I tell you he is not circumcised?”

    “No, you didn’t”

    “Well, he is uncircumcised, so it was fun to pull the skin behind the head then suck it back over. I also kissed the sides back and forth, and, oh my, this is so strange to be telling you this, I put his balls in my mouth and sucked on them!” She hid her face and started to giggle like a young girl.

    “Sounds like you couldn't help yourself because he was so big, how big was he?”

    “Well”, she thought for a moment, looked at me showing me her arm, “He was about from my wrist to my elbow and about as big around as my mid forearm, is that big, it sure seemed big to me. Sorry babe!”

    “Well, you are pretty small so it’s hard to say, I have a tape measure in the console, get it and we will measure your forearm.”

    She retrieved the tape measure and she measured her arm.

    She said, “That makes him seven inches long and six inches around. How big are you babe?”

    “I’m about 3 3/4 inches long and 3 1/4 around.”

    “Awe, poor T-P.”

    “See, that's why I finally had the courage to open up and give you the freedom to explore the things you always knew you wanted. I think a penis like Mike’s is something you always knew you wanted.”

    “I think you were right”, and she reached over and kissed me on the cheek.

    She bit her lip, looked at me and said, “Katie wants me to go back in two weeks, just she and I, are you okay with that?”

    “Sure, you seem excited to go back to see her. Y’all have plans?”

    Again the shy smile, “Well the kids will be away, so it will be just Katie and I at the house… and maybe the guys might come over”, she said as almost asking a question.

    “That sounds like a fun time. Go ahead and I will handle everything back home”

    I didn’t get any more details about the weekend for the rest of the trip home, but at least I now knew my wife felt comfortable enough to arrange for a second trip to Katie’s. More than that, she seemed absolutely beside herself with anticipation when I told her I wanted her to go back in two weeks. Could it be that my wife got her first taste of a substantial penis and was now hooked?
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    Loving this story, please continue! Lol
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    Ch 7: Confused Feelings

    Over the next two weeks Tracy did not mention anything about the past weekend at Katie’s. I decided to give her time until she was ready to open up about giving me information. I did notice a few changes in her as well. She was going to the gym more often and was definitely more confident. She started to by clothing that was way more sexy then anything she had ever bought before. I also noticed several bags from Victoria’s Secret left about the house. However, one thing that troubled me was that she did not seem as interested in sex as she had been before that weekend. I did not push anything, but anytime I would try and get her in the mood, she would say she needed to get to the gym early in the morning. The only encounter we had was one evening after we both went to bed, I started kissing her shoulder, she said she was tired and rolled away from me. I asked her if she would like for me to pleasure her with my mouth, but she said that would keep her up too long. I then asked if she would let me kiss her butt. She said okay and rolled over onto her stomach. I lifted her nightgown to her shoulders and pulled off her panties. I softly kissed her butt cheeks. Tracy let out a soft moan of approval and shifted her pillow to get more comfortable. I kissed her cheeks then slowly circled in to the crack of her ass, then to her beautiful ass-hole. I softly tongued her wonderful ass, and after about 10 minutes I realized her breathing had changed and that she was now asleep. I happily licked her ass knowing that my proper place was now licking my wife’s ass while she slept probably dreaming about sex with Mike, a real man.

    Screen shot 2016-10-20 at 4.01.34 AM.png
    Friday came and because I did not have to go in for work, I was working on my computer from home. Tracy came back from the gym and tells me she needs to shower quickly and get ready to head over to Katie’s. I could tell by her voice she was excited about the weekend. She packed up her things and I put them in the car for her. She gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, and she was off. That’s when I realized that Tracy was not even interested in kissing me any more. This gave me some angst. Was I losing my wife to this guy? Was Tracy falling in love with Mike? If she is, I had only myself to blame, for it was me who introduced the idea of meeting another man. I decided to just try and not think about it for now. I set out to busy myself for the rest of the weekend.

    Friday night around 9PM I get a text from Katie. I look and it's a voice text, so I press to listen. It was not very clear but I could hear a man grunting rhythmically, and then I clearly hear my wife’s voice saying, “Yes, yes, oh yes! It feels soooo good! Yes, oh yes, oh yes it’s soooo big! Yes, oh, oh, oh, oh YEEEESSSSSS!” A second text comes in, “That is Tracy, in case you are wondering if she is having a good time!” “I recorded through the bathroom door, she’s a loud one! J” “Later, T-P”. Wow, my heart was racing. I text back, “Thanks for the update J”

    The following afternoon I get a call from Tracy. She told me she just wanted to let me know she was fine and that they were hanging out on Katie’s patio. I asked her if things were going well, and she said that if I really wanted to know, she was having a great time! I asked her if she was at a place she could talk, and she said that she was alone in the kitchen. I told her Katie sent me a text saying that she was a loud one in bed.

    Tracy said, “Yes I know, she told me this morning that she sent you a voice text of Mike and me having sex.”

    “Is that okay? I really enjoyed hearing you like that.”

    “Yes, its fine, but I told her to ask me next time before sending you something like that.”

    “That’s fair, but I really did like it.”

    “That’s nice.”

    “You know what would really be nice? If you would send me a video of you and Mike together from your phone.”

    “I don’t know if I could do that”, she sounded a little annoyed.


    “I don’t know, but probably not, okay!”


    “Alright, I’ve got to go, talk to you later.”

    “Okay, bye! I Love you” , I say as I hear her hang up.

    I did not hear from either Tracy or Katie for the rest of that Saturday. Sunday, around 4PM, I get a text from Tracy, “I’m getting ready to come home”. I responded “Okay” then received a second text from Tracy. It’s a videotext, and my heart starts racing. I press on the picture and it begins to play. The video starts with Tracy in the foreground near her phone propping it up on its side and Mike in a robe in the background coming out of the bathroom. I hear Tracy say she was just checking her phone for messages, she looks over at Mike and asks him to come over to her. She scoots to the edge of the bed and sits at the end with her feet on the ground. Mike comes closer and Tracy unties his robe and tells him he smells good, and kisses his stomach. She grabs hold of his penis and brings it to her mouth. She starts kissing it and stroking it. His penis grows as she continues kissing it and then the video cuts off. I sit there dumbfounded. Wow, his penis is quite substantial. It was a good size by any standard, but looked even bigger in my wife’s small hands. I knew right then that I would never be able to sexually please my wife again. I just hope I was not going to lose her to this guy for good.

    When Tracy arrived back home I greeted her at the door and told her I would take her bags in. She went inside while I retrieved her bags and when I went into the living room she was sitting on the couch and had poured herself a glass of wine. I told her to relax, and I asked her if she wanted me to wash her cloths. I put her bag in the washroom and sat beside her on the couch.

    “How was your weekend? Are you tired?”

    “Yes, I am tired.”

    I smiled and said, “Do you want to talk about your weekend?”

    “Not really, not right now.”

    “Would you like or me to rub your feet?”


    I knelt on the floor, took off her shoes and began to rub her feet. She leaned back and drank her wine while I knelt there rubbing her feet. She seemed to be lost in thought and I continued to rub and caress her feet. I brought her feet to my mouth and began to kiss her feet and lick the underside of her feet.

    She looked down at me, smiled and said, “you’re not much of a man are you?”

    “But you are my Queen.” I responded.

    “I guess I should just be happy. I don't know, maybe I am just tired and aggravated. I think I will just go take a bath.”

    “Let me poor your bath water, then while your relaxing I will wash your cloths.”

    I got up and went draw her bath water she followed a short time later. I took her cloths as she undressed and sat in the bathtub. I watched my wife lower herself into the water and she looked absolutely beautiful to me.

    “You look beautiful baby!” I said, “Would you like some more wine?”

    “Yes, get me another glass of wine then leave me relax here, and you can start washing my cloths.”

    I obeyed, went fetch her a glass of wine then turned to my domestic duties. I separated her cloths and began to sort through her underwear. I noticed she had bought new underwear and a few sexy nightgowns. The underwear were all laced thongs and she had one red and one black teddy. The red teddy had matching thong underwear and when I looked on the inside lining there was a large stain of dried cum. I smiled and brought the underwear to my face and breathed in the smell of it deeply. I thought for a minute then stuffed them into my jean pocket to save without washing, hoping she would not notice their absence.

    Tracy never came back to the living room, so I went to the bedroom to check on her. She was sound asleep in our bed. I figured she had had some weekend and apparently had not gotten much sleep. I smiled with that knowledge and closed the door to let her sleep. I slept on the sofa so I would not disturb her sleep.

    The following morning I left early for work and Tracy was still sound asleep. It was interesting working that day as my mind kept going back to what kind of weekend my wife must have had. If only the women who work around me knew my little secret, that I had such a small penis and that I encouraged my wife to seek full sexual satisfaction in the arms of another man.

    When I returned home that evening my wife looked particularly annoyed. She seemed to avoid eye contact with me, and would busy herself in a different room of the house from where I would be. I asked her if she wanted me to cook something for dinner and she said sure, and went back into the bedroom. As I was preparing something to cook she returned from the bedroom holding something in her hands. The object in question was her underwear that I had stuffed into my jean pockets the night before.

    “Why were these in your pocket?”

    I initially felt shocked and confused. I did not know what to say, and I stood there quietly for a moment, collected my thoughts, and decided to come clean and confess all my fantasies and perversions to her.

    “I liked what they represent and I wanted to keep them.” I said plainly.

    “I don’t understand! I don't understand how you can be okay with me sleeping with Mike, and I don't understand the feelings I am having about us, about Mike and the whole damn situation!”

    I tried to remain as calm as can be. “I love you and I want you to be happy. What is it that you are feeling about me and about Mike?”

    “I find myself wanting to spend more time with Mike and less time with you, my feelings for you are starting to change and that scares me!”

    “I think what you are feeling is normal, it’s not easy for a woman to separate sex from feelings. I know I am the one who guided you in the direction we are in now, and I accept responsibility for anything that may happen.”

    I continued, “I want to completely open up to you if that’s okay?”

    “Sure”, she said in a persistent annoyed fashion.

    “I have fantasized about you being with other men for a long time. Even before we were married. Through the years it has occupied more and more of my thoughts, and as you noticed that as time went on we would have sex only seldom, I would masturbate more and for the past several years I would masturbate only to the thought of you having sex with other men.” “I am convinced that I cannot fully satisfy you sexually, and I prefer to masturbate thinking about you being satisfied by other men. I tried to keep it as just a secret fantasy for a long time, but when we started to incorporate the fantasy into our sex talk, and you seemed to be open to the experience, I must confess I was extremely happy.” “I can’t explain why, but what makes me happiest is knowing you are having a sexually satisfying relationship with another man, and if you and I can manage the feelings that come with it, I would like for you to continue to have sex with Mike or any other man that you would like to have sex with.” “I truly love you, and I hope you know that whatever your decision is, that will not change.” “I enjoy thinking of you as my queen and that my needs are subordinate to yours, especially sexually.”

    It felt so good to get everything out in the open. I waited tensely for her response.

    “You’ve had these feelings since before we were married?”


    She looked at me more softly, “I also can’t understand why I did it, and I feel a little ashamed, but why did you want me to send a video of Mike and I together to you?”

    “Please don’t feel ashamed, you are a beautiful and sexy woman and I think you should embrace your sexuality. Part of my fantasy of thinking about you with another man is to actually be there to watch you have sex with another man.”

    She interrupted, “I really don’t understand that.”

    “I don’t expect you to understand as a woman, but I think it stems from my desire for you to be the dominant sexual partner and I the subordinate one. Part of my fantasy of watching is for you to make me watch as a man satisfies you in ways that I can’t. The thought of you telling me I am an inadequate lover, I have a small penis and that you need a real man to satisfy you, and that my punishment for my inadequacy is to watch you with a real man with a large penis turns me on. I must confess I was excited when you told me of Mike’s size.”

    I continued, “If you would like, I would love for you to dominate me sexually and for you to be my queen that I wait on and do everything for. This is all your call, but know that this would make me so happy, no matter how demanding or cruel you would be towards me.”

    She just looked at me, and I could tell many thoughts were running through her head. “This is too much for me to process right now. I would like to go read in bed by myself and think about things and we can talk tomorrow when you come home from work.”

    She went to our bedroom and I ate then cleaned things around the house before I went to sleep on the couch.

    At work all I could think about was our conversation from the previous night. I hoped that she would accept the offer I had laid out. When I got home, Tracy had dinner ready and appeared to be in a good mood. We sat down to eat and she requested that I open a bottle of wine. All these factors seemed to be adding up to a good sign. We ate and drank the bottle of wine while we chatted about the day and various topics. Tracy suggested I open a second bottle of wine. I opened the bottle and we left the table and went to our back porch to get comfortable, as the evening was very nice. I filled our glasses once more and when I sat down she looked at me and said, “I think I am ready to talk, are you?”

    “Yes I am.”

    “Okay, let me just say everything I have to say before you say anything.”

    “Yes ma’am”, hoping she would catch my subordinate tone.

    “I thought a lot about our conversation last night, and everything that has happened the past weeks. The more time I have spent with Mike, the more I have become attracted to him and at the same time I have become less attracted to you. The more I acknowledged this the more confused I became last night. I called Mike and talked to him to see how he felt about our relationship. We talked for a good while and decided that we enjoyed seeing each other but neither of us wanted more of a commitment. I told him I would like to continue spending some time with him when we could. He told me he really enjoyed spending time with me and wanted me to come to his house this weekend. I told him yes.”

    She looked at me sternly, “you know the more time I spend with him the less attracted I will be to you, and the way I feel right now I don’t think that I want to have sex with you, and I am not sure I want you to sleep in bed with me. I feel bad for saying this, but you are the one who pushed me in this direction!”

    She looked at me somewhat agitated, “Well, do you have anything to say!”

    “Do you love me?”

    “Yes I love you! But I am confused because I am not attracted to you, and that should be part of a marriage, and I am mad at you for not fighting for me!”

    I tried to remain calm, “Well the most important thing is that you still love me. I am and I always will fight for you. I want to be married to you and you are the most important thing in the world to me and all I want are the best things for you. I confessed something to you last night that I cannot take back, nor do I want to take back. You are my queen, and I will do anything for you. If you don’t want to have sex with me that is okay, and you are beautiful and sexy woman that I know I can’t really satisfy sexually. You may feel uncomfortable because this is all new to you, but you are the sexually dominant one in our marriage. I want you to feel comfortable with that, embrace it and don’t feel ashamed that you have needs that Mike can satisfy better than I can.”

    I continued, “Do you kind of understand how I feel?”

    “A little I guess.”

    “Do you know what a cuckold is?”

    “No”, she said as she tilted her head in an attempt to understand the word she just heard.

    “I can give you a website to look into it, but I think the way it is described I have always been one. Basically, it is a man who remains faithful to his wife while allowing and encouraging her to sleep with other men. The cuckold man usually feels like he is an inadequate lover and often has a small penis like I do. The woman is usually dominant and feels sexually liberated by the relationship. The husband is subordinate and treats his wife like a queen the way I want to treat you. Because women are not sexually attracted to a subordinate male, she will stop having sex with her husband and demand that he not have sexual satisfaction even by masturbation unless she allows him to do so. Sometimes the wife will have the husband wear a chastity device that is basically a cage worn around the penis and the only sexual contact is when he pleases his wife with his mouth.”

    I went on, “I would love it if you would let me be your cuckold husband and would like for you make me wear a chastity device, however I would love it if when you do allow me to masturbate, I could do it in front of you while you tell me how well Mike satisfy’s you.”

    “Wow!”, She said. “I think we need more wine!”

    We filled our glasses again and by this time we had finished the second bottle. Good thing, with as much new revelations I had given to my wife we both needed the extra courage. The wine must had taken effect on her because she started to smile and then said, “I can really be the queen?”

    “Yes, most certainly and I will do anything you want and demand that I do.”


    “Yes, you are my queen.”

    “I can have sex with anyone whenever I want, and if I don’t want to have sex or sleep with you, that is perfectly fine?”

    “As the queen, you make the rules, I’ll only do what you tell me to. I will also do all the housework and anything else you want me to do for you. Buy your cloths, bath you and shave your legs if you allow me, and pack your bags when you go visit friends.”

    “Humm, I might be able to get used to this.”

    “I hope that you can.”

    I got down on my knees, removed her sandals from her feet, kissed her feet and asked her if she wanted me to clean up and wash the dishes for her.

    “Sure”, and I could see her thinking as she hesitated then said, “except I want you only wearing the dirty panties you saved from my bag.”

    She reached into the pocket of her shorts and threw them at me. I was shocked yet so excited and started to undress on the spot. I felt so venerable as I stripped naked right there on our back porch, hoping no neighbors could see me. I stood there naked with my wife smiling at me as she said, “Okay, now the panties!” I slipped on the panties. They were very tight and it squeezed what little penis I owned into a small lump. My wife looked at me and giggled, “this might be fun, you look sooo cute in your little panties, now put my sandals back on and start cleaning up. Then run some water for my bath, and tell me when its ready. While you do that I will call Mike to let him know when I can get there.” “Come to think of it I might leave tomorrow, and I will let you know when I plan to come back.”

    As I turned to leave she told me to wait. I turned around and she took her phone out and snapped a picture of me wearing her panties.

    “What’s that name of what you are again?” she asked.


    “Okay, I think I will do some research.”

    She grabbed the laptop while I started cleaning up the dinner table. Tracy came inside and browsed on the lap-top while I cleaned. While I cleaned I could hear Tracy respond to some of the things she was reading on the web. Occasionally I could hear her say “What” or “That’s interesting” as well as a giggle from time to time. I had recommended two good websites for her to look into, the first was and the second I knew both to be pretty informative and not too smutty for women. When I finished in the kitchen I walked past her on my way to the bathroom to draw her bathwater, she seemed so engrossed in her information gathering, I stopped and asked her if she was ready for me to run her bath water. She said she was not quite ready and suggested I clean up around the living room. I felt so weak and vulnerable yet so excited, fluffing the pillows and folding the blankets wearing only my wife’s underwear while she watched me, the thong driving deep into my balls and ass when I would bend down. I noticed my wife looking at me as I worked with a combination of love, pity and disappointment, and I knew then that she would no longer desire to have sex with me. It was becoming as it should be, my roll was to cater to the domestic needs of my wife while another man was to tend to her sexual needs. While I had known and accepted this fact for a while, I could see the transformation in my wife and she now knew this to be how our married life should develop.

    After she watched me clean a little she requested that I go to the bathroom to run her bath water and wait there for her. I did as was told, drew her bath then sat on the edge of the tub to wait for her. When she came in I asked her if she would like me to undress her. She said yes then took a seat on the edge of the bathtub. I removed her sandals, then her shirt and bra. She stood and I removed her shorts and panties and she climbed into the bathtub. I asked her if she needed anything and she told me to find nice things in her closet for her trip, to bring them out, and she would decide if she wanted me to pack them for her. I first picked out a few sexy dresses, she requested that I pack the black one and the white one, and told me to find tops she could wear with her two pair of favorite jeans. I picked out a red shirt that she liked to wear with a black vest, as well as a few loose fitting low cut shirts to wear. Once we were finished with cloths my wife smiles at me and says, “Okay now for my underwear, pick something nice and sexy, Mike likes for me to wear sexy underwear.”

    I went to the drawer where she keeps her underwear and noted several new purchases that I had never seen her wear. I picked three with black lace and two more without any lace, a white one to go with the short white dress and a sexy leopard print one. I looked some more and noticed a ridiculously small thong and added that to the mix. I brought them to get my wife’s approval. She looked them over and told me I made a nice selection and that she was sure Mike would appreciate my efforts. She asked me about the white pair since they did not match the sexiness of the others, I told her they were for the white dress. She smiled at me then told me she did not intend to wear any underwear when she wore the white dress, but I could pack them anyway. She then told me to pack a conservative nightgown in case she would stay at Katie’s house. Once I was finished packing she asked me to sit next to the bath tub so she could talk to me. I kneeled at the side of the tub as a subtle sign of meekness and subordination. She told me that while she was investigating this “cuckold” thing that I was into that she noticed that many wives would discourage their husband from having erections by having them wear a device over their penis. I told her that they called it a chastity device or “cuckcage”. She smiled at me and giggled, caught herself to get serious and said that she wanted me to buy one so that she could have me wear the device and that way she knew I would not stray and would always be reminded that this was what I wanted. I smiled and told her I would be happy to wear the device to show my complete devotion to her.

    I hesitated then spoke, “Can I ask something of you?”

    “I don’t know if you are in a position to ask anything, but go ahead.”

    In a meek voice with my eyes looking down I asked, “would you be kind enough to tell me the details of your week with Mike and would you let me masturbate in front of you while you tell me how he satisfies you and how good a lover he is?”

    “Wow, you are such a little pervert, but I will tell you details if I feel like it and I will have to decide on the masturbation thing.”

    I added, “I would love it if you would take pictures with your phone to show me.”

    She looked stern, “well that will be my decision, so I won’t make any promises nor do you deserve any promises. Now go get the lotion so you can moisturize my feet and legs.”

    I did as was told and as she stepped out of the bathtub I dried her body gently with a towel. Once dry she sat on the edge of the bathtub while I keeled before her to rub lotion on her feet and legs. I looked up at Tracy and I could see she was beginning to enjoy the power she possessed over me.

    Wednesday morning came and I went to work while Tracy was still sleeping. I left a note telling her to enjoy herself, and left some money for her to take with her. I received a text from her by mid-afternoon saying that she had made it to Mike’s place. I sent her a text back that I was happy she made it there okay and that I loved her. She did not text back at all that day. On Thursday and Friday I texted her during the day that I missed her but hoped she was having a good trip and that I loved her. She did not text back on Thursday, but Friday she texted back, “I know you do. I am having a great time, don’t worry about me, I am being well taken care of.”

    I did not hear back from her until Saturday afternoon with a text, “ Having a great time at Mike’s, hanging out at his pool. Katie says ‘Hi T-P’, the guys got a kick out of her nickname for you.” Another text came, “Mike says he is happy to take up your slack!! He also wanted me to send you this pic of me he took a few minutes ago”

    A picture of her skinny dipping in a pool came through

    The last text came through, “I won’t be home until Monday this has been a wonderful trip! Don’t want it to end!”

    My head was spinning. The excitement and anxiety was overwhelming, thinking of my wife skinny-dipping right now with Katie and her lover, Mike. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled telling myself that I am now truly a cuckolded husband to a beautiful and hot wife.
    Before I left for work on Monday I made sure the house was immaculate for her return. When I got home that afternoon I noticed Tracy’s bag on the floor by the door and a few of her things thrown onto the sofa. I did not see her anywhere until I looked out the back window where she was sitting on the back porch drinking a glass of wine and talking on her cell phone. When I came out she kept talking on her phone, looked at me then put her hand holding her wine glass out as a signal for a refill. I dutifully took the glass, filled it and returned to where she was sitting. She paused from her conversation briefly and told me that her feet were dry from swimming this weekend, to get the lotion so that I could moisturize her feet. I returned with the lotion a knelt by her feet. I placed her feet on my lap and began to rub the lotion on her feet.

    She was talking to Katie about the weekend and she told Katie that I was home and was rubbing her feet with lotion like a good little husband. As I was rubbing her feet Tracy continued talking to Katie about the weekend and Mike with little disregard to my presence. She was telling Katie about how tired she was driving home today because she and Mike had one last marathon session Sunday night, and how because they did not drink at all on Sunday, he was able to keep going for several hours. She looked down at me after I had rubbed her feet for about twenty minutes and said, “You need to go unpack my bag, wash my cloths and clean up the house while I talk to Katie”. I did as was told.

    After cleaning, I picked up take-out for us to eat. We ate a light dinner, and after I picked things up, Tracy asked me to run her bath water, and for doing such a good job of cleaning up she had a nice surprise for me. I ran her bath, and laid out a nightgown for her. After she was finished she came out to the living room where I was sitting reading a book. She picked up a magazine to read when I asked her, “Would you like me to sleep in the spare bedroom or with you in our bedroom tonight?” She smiled and said, “I was thinking about that, and you can sleep in the bedroom with me tonight. Remember how I said I had a surprise for you.” I shook my head yes and smiled. “Well, I have some pictures I can let you look at, and as an extra surprise and for my amusement, I want you to play with your little penis for me.”

    “That’s great, thank you!” I said.

    “Well, one more thing. While you are playing with yourself, I will video you so that I can show Mike later.”

    I hesitated, and relented, “Whatever you want my Queen.”

    “I thought you would agree! Okay lets go into the bedroom, take off your cloths and make sure the lights are on and wait for me. I am going to text Katie. She said you would never agree to be videoed, and I bet her that you would do it if I wanted you to.”

    I went to the bedroom, turned on the lights and stripped naked.

    Tracy came in and said, “Good boy.”

    She sat next to me and went to the photo section of her phone. Okay the first one is Saturday night when we went out to their favorite bar.

    “Mike loves my cleavage and put salt and wedged a lime between my breast and did a few shots in the bar.” “I felt sexy with everyone at the bar cheering him on when he buried his head between my breast.”

    “Okay, are you sure you are ready?” she asked.

    “Yes, I am all in!”

    “Okay, and you can start playing with yourself if you want.”

    “I will wait, I am too excited and I know you want to video me, so I don’t think I would last a minute.”

    She smiled at me, “You are probably right, best to hold off touching your little guy.”

    She continued, “Here is one Mike took of me on his couch Thursday night after he took me to eat at a restaurant.” “I was wearing my white dress without a bra or underwear. Mike did not want me to wear any, and the restaurant had better lighting than I anticipated, and lets just say the tables I walked by had a pretty clear view of my butt and breast, and it was useless to try and hide.” She giggled, “so I didn’t”

    I looked at Tracy and said, “You look beautiful!” “I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in that restaurant so I could see all the guys looking at you. You know how many fights you must have caused between couples that night. Mike really knows how to bring out the sexiness in you!”

    “Yes he does!”

    She looked at the next picture and said, “Okay let me explain this one to you. Mike took the picture later Thursday night. You know how you enjoy kissing my feet?”

    “Yes, I love to kiss your feet.”

    “Well, Thursday night I was just in this mood, that I wanted to inhale every part of Mike’s body. I kissed his feet like you kiss mine, and I really enjoyed it, and so Mike grabbed my phone and took a picture of me while kissing his feet”. “He does have a beautiful uncircumcised penis don’t you think!”

    “The last one is me on Monday morning. Did you hear me telling Katie about Sunday night?”

    “Yes”, I replied.

    “Okay, this was me that Monday morning”

    I spoke, “Wow, you look blissful, like you have been completely satisfied.”

    “I was, that night was absolutely wonderful. I never thought anyone could make me feel so good, so complete, so fulfilled sexually!” “Mike is a wonderful lover! I hope saying that doesn’t make you angry.”

    “No, it doesn’t make me angry, I am glad he is such a good lover, and I am glad you two are spending time together” “I want you to have the kind of sex that makes you feel fulfilled, and I know I can’t give you that with my penis, and if you want to allow me to please you with my mouth, I would love to do that again for you, but as far as sex goes I know Mike is the man for the job.”

    “That’s sweet.” “Okay, after I video you, I will let you pleasure me with your mouth”.

    She maneuvered her phone and started recording me. The room was cold and the erection I had at one time while viewing her pictures was gone. Tracy said, “Okay now start playing with yourself.” I started stroking my flaccid penis with two fingers. Tracy giggled a little and said, “I forgot how small it was, it is a tiny little thing isn’t it!” I continued to stoke when the excitement of the whole situation overcame me, here I was stroking myself in front of my wife who was just showing me pictures of her weekend with her lover. Before I could even get a full erection my half flaccid 2 ½ inches of penis began to spew cum onto the bed. I had cum in about 45 seconds.

    Tracy said, “Wow, that was fast. I didn’t think you could even orgasm without an actual erection, or is that as big as it gets now.”

    Once I composed myself I answered, “I guess my penis doesn’t see the point in getting hard”.

    “Yes, I guess your penis is right.”

    “Do you want me to grab a towel to clean up the bed?”

    “No, no need, it’s on your side of the bed, so you can just leave it. Now get over hear and do what you do best!”

    She took off her robe and lay back with her legs spread. She was becoming so dominate over me, I was enjoying the changes in her personality. I crawled between her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs. I worked my way to her beautiful pussy that I had not tasted in way too long. My urges overcame me and I dove right in. Tracy pushed my head back and told me to slow down, take my time and to do a good job. I did as was told and slowly went back to work. Once I calmed down I was able to enjoy the pleasure I was giving my queen. After about twenty minutes of slow methodical worship of her sex I began to concentrate on her clit. I began slow then increased my pace until I could feel her breathing begin to change. She began to thrust her hips into my eager mouth until she shuddered in an intense climax. I held my mouth firm to her pussy, not moving until she composed herself again. I looked up at her and smiled, then I thanked her for allowing me to please her beautiful body with my mouth. She rubbed the top of my head and told me I was a real expert with my mouth and that my mouth made her feel good. I told her that I enjoyed her body so much that I didn’t want it to end, and asked if she would not mind if I kissed her butt while she relaxed. She smiled and said “sure”. She rolled over and I started kissing her gorgeous ass. Tracy moaned in approval, positioned herself in a comfortable position while I worshiped her bottom. For the next thirty minutes I kissed her butt cheeks and lightly licked her asshole. At times I would try and stick my tongue as far down her tasty butt-hole as I could. I could tell that Tracy had fallen asleep, so I rolled over to my side of the bed where I was welcomed by a cold, sticky wet spot. I fell asleep smiling in my wet spot with the taste of my queen’s pussy and ass on my lips. I felt the part of an accomplished cuckold.
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    Had problems uploading the images in the right spots. I will post with the explanations in the proper portion of the story.
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    Cleavage at the bar
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    white dress.png
    On Mike's couch in white dress
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    Kissing Mike's feet
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    morning blis.png
    The morning after, and fully satisfied!