The Alpha Organization- Part 8

The Alpha Organization- Part 8

Rick sat up as the stern lady came into the room. He had had "the talk" with Kim two weeks earlier after her long bath. She had methodically gone over his shortcomings and also the things about him that she loved. She eventually brought up the concept that he and she would both be happier if they were in the "right" roles. She finally asked him what he thought about men that were better than him. Could he accept the reality that she might be attracted to such men and could he step aside if it was the best for all? She asked how far could he or would he go to show his respect to both her and any men that were frankly his betters. She finally brought up something he had not expected. As she said it to him "Rick. I am not going to give you my opinion now. I am going to give you the simple facts. These men that we both know are better than you. These men that I might be attracted to. They are black men Rick. I wonder if you could keep an open mind long enough to learn some things. To try and get our relationship to the right place. Could you do that?" Rick was numb but nodded he would and she then told him about the classes she would arrange for him. To "re-educate" him in how things really were and how they were going to be. The conversation ended with Rick quietly asking Kim what he had been worrying about. He asked if she had been with another man the previous night. Kim took her time in answering but knew that Rick had to accept the pain that comes with being cuckolded. She very sweetly said to him "Yes Rick. I did. The details are not important but a couple of things are. First, the man is better than you in every possible way. I want you to be jealous. That is healthy. But I also want you to respect what this man has done. He has taken me from you and you need to be accepting of this and happy for me. And you need to know that if we are to stay together your price will be chastity and my reward will be the fact that last night was not the only time. Can you accept this for both of our sakes?" Kim had expressed everything and in TAO this was the moment called the "cementing moment" when the cuckold was first told that his wife had been with other men and had made her choice about the future. Kim knew that this was a delicate moment. She also knew that she wanted to see Rick as a servant for a man like J. What a power trip for all concerned. As these thoughts went through her mind Rick was literally shaking. Kim shot her hand out and grabbed Rick's crotch. As Ellie had predicted. He was hard. Tiny yes, but rock hard. He squirmed but Kim squeezed and held him in place. She looked him in the eyes and slowly said "Rick. You love this and know it is right for both of us. You will never be able to lie to my about it. This proves it. I am going to fully and totally cuckold you and it starts now. OK?" Rick was trapped and all he could do was look to the floor and say OK. Later he wondered how it was that she had been the one having sex and he was the guilty party in their relationship. It did not make complete sense to him but the classes would help. Kim told him as much.

So it was that Rick was in the class with two other white boys as the stern woman came in. Introductions were made and she went to it. She explained the difference between alpha men and beta men and the superiority of the black man. She then explained why all women were attracted to the black man and why it was so important for society to have the white boys cuckolded. She then explained that the 8 week course would help the three potential cuckolds learn the facts instead of continuing their own prejudices. She said that at the end of that time they could become beta members of TAO if they signed all the agreements and if they accepted the "mark." Rick's head was spinning.

The 8 weeks went by quickly. The classes made total sense to Rick after things were explained. He began to see why it was a totally natural thing for his wife to love and have sex with the black men and why it was unnatural for him to have sex with her. Desire for him and jealousy were good. Contact was not. He learned of some men who had voluntarily had had surgery to keep them from ever being able to erect or perform. When his instructor told him about these men he asked if that would be good for him. She just laughed. She had a complete record of his physical exam and she knew he was tiny. She just said "Rick. You are what we like to call the "perfect cuckold". You are too small to be a threat. No. It is best for you to be like you are and to just be denied."

The classes ended. Rick had seen little of Kim during these 8 weeks. She had been attending her own classes. But during this time Rick did notice how much sexier Kim was looking. The clothes were lower cut. The skirts were shorter. She would get phone calls from TAO men at home and Rick would hear her laugh and flirt with the men. She had a look of a woman who was getting lots of attention adn lots of sex. Rick found himself no longer just helping with housework. He did it all. Kim would sometimes be gone overnight. The amazing thing was that the jealousy and envy of Rick got worse but at the same time his desire to have more of it increased. As his instructor explained this was "white boy syndrome". It was normal and healthy. Rick finally met with some advisors and the scary stuff was brought up. This was the small business that Rick owned. He knew it would be better if he gave it up but this was the source of the income. Contracts were drawn up and Rick finally signed them. The company would be owned by TAO holdings. His wife would get all of the proceeds. He had to admit the most difficult day was the day he moved out of his office and helped move in the new manager Terrele. He was a young black man who had a very confident attitude. He was now in charge and his first job was to demote Rick to "junior associate". Rick was expected to help make the business profitable for Terrele and also fix his coffee and run the errands. Many of the employees thought about leaving but they came around to the idea. The confusion was finally put to rest with a small party that was hosted by Kim. Her speech about how much better things would now be resonated with the employees. And they gave a standing ovation when she stood in front of the group with Terrele and he actually kissed her on the lips. Kim just laughed after he pulled away and gave a double thumbs up to the crowd of employees. There were the hoots and hollers but mostly it was about respect for the new man.

Finally the moment came. A meeting was held with Kim and witnesses. Rick was formally asked if he was willing to accept Beta status in the organization along with acceptance of all it implied. He was slightly in shock that he had come to this point. Beta status meant his pubic hair would be permanently removed and a Beta sign would be tattooed above his little penis. He would basically agree to become a servant to TAO and to Kim and he was accepting complete abstinence from sex. He asked to get on his knees to take the vows and he hesitated slightly when the words "For your entire life in tribute and reparations to the men of TAO." He finally said "I do" and within a matter of minutes he was strapped to a gurney and the laser hair removal was done and the Beta was applied. Pictures were taken. Kim had been afraid of him backing out and had asked that it all was done quickly and smoothly. A small reception was held after he took the mark. He could already tell that Kim was more assertive and dismisive of him. He ended up serving drinks at his own party and watching Kim interact with a number of black men. Rick was very aware that Kim had not taken her vows yet. She had had to cuckold him fully first and it had been so easy for her. So natural. As they left the party Rick felt the burning pain in his groin and looked at a flag of TAO that had been hung. It said teh motto "Justice becomes Reality". It was now his reality.

End of Part- 8