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The Alpha Organization- Part 7

The Alpha Organization- Part 7

Kim felt her breasts up against the strong chest of J. Her right hand was slowly jacking him and she was amazed at the size and hardness so soon after he had orgasmed into her mouth. J looked at the beautiful blonde woman and smiled as he saw her wedding ring. He enjoyed sex. that was for sure. But he really loved all aspects of cuckolding. This included the slow build up and the eventual consummation. To have such a beauty in his bed was special. Even for an organization like TAO. She had not hesitated when he put his cock in her mouth. She was a natural at that and he knew there would be other blowjobs. But right now he wanted her. He wanted to take her virginity and that was how he saw it. Sex with little white boys just didn't count. Not in the real world.

From Kim's standpoint she was panting and felt herself wet in anticipation of J. Part of her mind was glad she had been taking the birth control pills. She had figured she would be having sex at some point in her life. She knew it would not be with Rick. She had not counted on a dream man like J. On the other hand there was a funny part of her that wanted J to make her pregnant. To really go all the way. She just felt strange and confused about it all. But at this moment she desired J. At the moment she was thinking about this she felt J's hand probe her vagina. She felt his finger start to rub on her clit and she orgasmed just like that. A violent orgasm. She knew it was because of him more than the rubbing. He pulled away slightly and slowly massaged her breasts. She closed her eyes and thrust her chest into him. J lovingly turned her around and was hugging her. At this moment she felt his member against her. Without thinking she raised her left leg and draped it back over J. She was wide open and exposed to him. She felt him start to enter and she tensed. She had been with a dozen little white boys prior to this moment but none like J. She worried she would be too tight for him. J held steady and leaned forward. He whispered into her ear "Relax baby. You can take it. I want you to come back on me. Show me that you want it. Don't worry." Kim felt totally calmed by his words and she very slowly wiggled her body backwards. She went so slowly that she was afraid that J might lose his erection. But he stayed hard. He wanted her. She felt pressure. There was no pain. Her natural juices were just flowing too much to make it hurt. But she was not used to this kind of man. She felt him respond with a gentle nudge and then he was in. He was in all the way. She felt split in two but the discomfort passed. The two lovers stayed like this for what seemed like an eternity as J whispered to her again "Kim. Just relax. You are going to love this." He then slowly started pumping in and out. Kim initially did not move as she was getting used to the feel but she started to feel a second orgasm build. J sensed this and reached around with his hand and started rubbing on her clit as his cock totally filled her. Kim started to push back and in short order J was stationary as Kim was doing the work pushing back into him and trying to get him as deep as she could get him. Kim felt the build up and then her legs went into a spasm and she had a violent orgasm followed by two other peaks. J at this moment was able to relax and he took over the thrusting and after three more deep thrusts he came. He held her tight and all of his cum went into Kim. She pushed back into him with a natural urge to get it all. They were both panting now and it was minutes later that a slowly softening, but still large, cock slid out of Kim. J reached around and casually felt the left breast of Kim. She had her eyes closed recovering from the orgasms and she lovingly placed her hand on top of his so he would not take his off.

Kim slowly came to from the sex and thought about her husband. He would be worried and might call her in as missing. She lifted her head and started telling J that she had to get home. J gently pulled her back into the bed. "Kim. It is all taken care of. Ellie is going to call your little cuck and tell him that you are staying over because of some drinking. He will find out the truth soon enough. I want you here with me tonight." Kim immediately felt so protected and secure and she laid her head down on his chest. She realized her mistake in thinking about Rick. J was what mattered and she wanted to please him. The two fell asleep for a short hour or two and then woke up. Kim opened her eyes and saw J staring at her. She laughed as he wrestled with her. She soon found herself pinned on her back and he brought his now hard cock up to her chest. Kim was now laughing with the fun of it all as she pressed her C cup breasts together. J took the hint and slid his cock between them and started into a tit fucking. Kim lifted her head and her tongue flicked out as his cock would emerge. It would then go back. After a time J wanted the real thing and he pulled back and swung his member down to her opening. This time he slid in like butter and he took advantage of it. J thrust hard and long and Kim held on for dear life. She felt her insides being pushed up and rearranged and felt herself stretching. It was all for the good. She felt J's attraction to her. He wanted her. Kim wiggled and coaxed the last thrust out of him and the two pulled off the rare double orgasm as he came deep inside of her.

Kim woke up an hour later finding herself draped on J with crusty cum dried all over her. He opened his eyes at her movement and smiled. Kim laid back and played coy. J laughed at the sight and spoke out "You are one of these hard to get woman, are you?" Kim laughed back and said maybe. J pinned her down for the second time and pulled his lower body up to her face. This time he pulled forward and his rear was over Kim's mouth with the blonde hair covering one eye and the lipstick smudged. Kim had never done such a thing but she wanted to be a part of this black man. A real man. She cautiously extended her tongue and in short order she was rimming him. He went back and forth and after what seemed like forever he pulled back and suspended his cock over her mouth. She now did not hesitate and she took him and once again she proved that she was a natural as he went all the way in. J steadily fucked her mouth and then came for the fourth time. His spurting cock came out during his climax and went all over Kim's beautiful face and hair. The two of them were now laughing with the fun that they were having and then Kim became serious and grabbed J and slowly smeared his member over every inch of her face and neck as she stared into his eyes. She then lookked up at him with a look that was somewhere between worship and smugness. She had, after all, been able to seduce this man. Four orgasms were the proof of the virility of J and the ability of Kim to attract and seduce a real man. Kim felt like a woman for perhaps the first time in her life.

The next day was Saturday and Kim got home after noon. She had fixed herself up somewhat but still had the look of a woman who had just been fucked. Rick seemed a little angry and upset and Kim knew she had to pull herself together. Rick finally asked where she had been and Kim looked him steadily in the eyes and slowly spoke "I told you that Ellie and I went to a meeting. There were so many amazing people there and everybody was talking about how these guys were the future leaders of society and all of that. So it was a lot of fun." Rick sat down and seemed diminished and deflated. He finally spoke up in a very soft voice. "Kim. I know that I have been something less than the man of the house but I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep us together. Whatever. It is just that when I saw you leave and then saw you come in I had this image in my head of you with another man." Kim interrupted him and asked "And how did that make you feel?" Rick looked at the floor in shame. "It excited me. I had an erection. I am ashamed to admit it but the idea that you are with other men and I am out of the picture turned me on. But I don't want us to not be together. I am so confused." Kim sat down next to Rick and patted his hand. "Rick. What if I told you that there is a way for all of this to work out? Would you go for it?" Rick nodded and then said "Kim. I just want you to know that I will always be faithful to you but if you want to have sex with other men that is ok with me." Kim had to work to prevent smiling. She had just had wondeful sex and now the moment had come. Rick had fully broken. He was ready to be totally and permanently cuckolded. She followed up. "Thank you Rick. But you know if I do something like that there will be a price to pay. If I have sex with other men than I would want you to have no sex. And that includes me. It would be a change but the pressure would be off of you. Could you do that? Could you do that for our marriage?" Rick was in shock. He had had no idea that this entire event could end up with total sexual freedom for his wife and total sexual chastity for himself. But it had come about so slowly and so naturally that he felt it must be how things were supposed to work out. So he just looked even more at the floor and meekly said "Yes." At this moment Kim stood up and patted him on his head. Her voice had changed into more of a command voice as she said. "Good. We have a lot to talk about. But right now I want to clean up. Go draw me a bath and we will talk more later." Rick hurried to the bathroom happy to have a job. As the water flowed he could not help but wonder what it was that she was cleaning up from.

End of Part 7