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The Alpha Organization-Part 3

The Alpha Organization-Part 3

Kim had been overwhelmed by the mission statement but still did not know who was a member and where did her future lie. Karen opened a briefcase and pulled out a file. She then told Kim "Kim the next thing I want to go over with you are the rules. The rules are not meant to be some horrible thing that controls your life. They are just there to help. There is tremendous flexibility in these rules for the alpha men and some for the women." Kim noted the obvious and asked "Is there flexibility for the white men. The cuckolds?" Karen looked at Ellie and smiled and turned back to Kim. "No Kim there is not. But I want you to trust me on this point. These are men that are meant to be in a supportive role. They actually become happier when they realize that there are rules and guidelines for them." Karen then went on with the TEN. These were the ten main rules that all agree to.

1. All member decisions in life will be based on the mission statement. This will be facilitated with networking meetings and the active participation of members to advance the interests of the alpha men.
2. All female members, once accepted, will agree to put the needs of the alpha men first in all decisions. This includes areas of conflict with such people as a cuckolded husband.
3. T.A.O. promotes the natural romantic relationships between alpha men and women. The members will encourage and support this. Various meetings and parties will be held to encourage this.
4. All female members agree that sexual relationships between white men and women is unnatural and in direct conflict with the mission statement. The women members will agree to a program of teasing and denial but accept the rule of complete sexual abstinence for the white man.
5. Marriages between a woman and a white male are ruled "social" marriages. They will be allowed and encouraged in order to promote the development of a white male servant class. They are not meant to exist as romantic or sexual relationships except in the context of tease and denial cuckolding. They are not meant to result in an inappropriate pregnancy.
6. Romantic relationships between black men and white women is healthy and desirable. This will be actively encouraged. Formal partnership will be available to those who choose it and this relationship will supersede all aspects of a "social" marriage agreement with a white cuckold husband.
7. All women married to a white man agree to obtain the signed consent of their cuckold husband to become a servant class member of the organization and to agree to abide by the rules. If such an agreement cannot be obtained the woman has the option to divorce the white husband and can then join as an independent. Membership of the woman and the servant class husband is desired and encouraged in order to further the descent of the man and promotion of the alpha men of T.A.O.
8.All women members agree to the tattoo mark of membership. This will be a small alpha sign to be placed in the right lower abdomen. All servant class white males agree to hair removal in their pubic area and placment of a beta symbol above the penis. Once these marks are placed the membership is considered permanent. Sterilization by either surgery or hormonal means is not mandatory but may be considered for the cuckolds in some cases. Chastity devices or surgical means to prevent inappropriate sexual advances by the white man will be considered only if necessary.
9. The women members are granted complete control of their home life and cuckolded husband. The cuckold agrees to follow instructions given by his wife. Any conflicts can be appealed to the board of T.A.O. which has final say in all matters.
10. Additional rules are present for each member class of T.A.O. The members agree to any changes in these rules if the rule is enacted by the board. The board will be selected by vote of all alpha males. Requirements to serve on the board include alpha male status, full membership status, and black male status.

Kim looked at the list in front of her. She was impressed. She felt a twinge of guilt and though to herself that she ought to just walk out. At that very moment Karen spoke up. "Kim. If you are like most women you are probably telling yourself you ought to walk out of here. So my question is why aren't you?" Kim sat stunned by the observation of this experienced lady. She was quiet for several minutes and then spoke up. "I guess it is because I agree with all of this. Maybe it is wrong but it just makes sense to me." Karen and Ellie smiled at each other and Karen spoke again "It makes sense because it is the right thing to do. Quit worrying about your husband. If this works out he will be a cuckold servant and you will need to think about the men of this group and not him. It is the best thing for everyone and that includes your husband." As she said this Karen held her thumb and forefinger up to show the size of a tiny white penis and all three women laughed.

Kim went home and had to play the waiting game. It took a long week and Ellie called her. "Kim. I am so excited. The board has looked at your information and you have been invited to a mixer-meeting." Kim felt her heart racing but did not know what that meant. Ellie went on to explain that these were meetings that were part social and part business. This would be the first time that Kim would be around the alpha men. Even though this would be a small meeting, it would be her chance to be interviewed by the peolple who really mattered. Ellie hastened to explain things to Kim. "Kim. This is not about sex or swinging. Nothing like that ever happens at a mixer meeting. It is about you and the men deciding if you want to go forward and maybe become a member. Having said that you want to have a certain look. That should not be a problem but you and I are going to go shopping." Kim was happy and excited and nervous all at once. She then asked Ellie about Rick. She could already see the biggest obstacle in her becoming a member. that would be his agreement to basically become a servant and to give up everything, including sex, for the rest of his life. She felt it seemed appropriate and she was amazed that she had come so far in her thinking that she felt this way. But would he agree? Ellie listened to all of these thoughts come out of Kim over the phone. She then said simply "Kim. Trust me. Rick is a cuckold. It is just that he does not know it yet. You can break him and you will break him. I broke Ron and now he does all of the housework and never ever bothers me for sex. He has to watch me get all sexy to be with Greg and he accepts it. He totally accepts it and I have no guilt. This will work out. The first thing is for you to make an impression on some very important men. If they want you as a member then we will find a way to break your husband of his ideas of manhood. First things first."

So it was that Kim found herself shopping with Ellie and buying a sexy new black dress. It was very classy but hugged her ass and plunged in the front. Just enough to show cleavage and to suggest what was underneath. Now she had to get her nerve up for the meeting.

End of Part-3