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The Absolute Hottest Thing That I Ever Experienced

One Small Dick

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I wanted to share this true story with everyone here about what happened not long ago. I have always been a submissive kind of guy when it comes to females. They can make me do things no one else can just by sternly telling me to do it.

I work with a female, actually I am her boss. I always knew she had what it takes to dominate a man because she is damn good at it. I am her boss but she tells me what to do and I do it. She makes me do her job for her. When she needs extra money she tells me to schedule some overtime for just me and her. Actually it is overtime for her but not me because I am on salary.

Anyway, just me and her work during this overtime and I do all the work and she gets paid time and a half for it while I don't make any more than I usually do. This in itself is a major turn on for me plus having her boss me around with no one else there is great too. She is pretty, strawberry blonde hair and nice smallish tits. Very pale skin and she knows I would love to fuck her. I have even told her that. I knew I was in business when she replied that the chance for that happening is slim but possible. She said it would strongly depend on how well I followed her orders.

Anyway she said that she had a little fetish that she enjoyed and that she thought I would be a good fit for it. I was thrilled to the max but I calmly asked her what it was. She said it involved something I was good at, being very obedient to a female. She said that I had a chance to do what very few men have ever even been given the chance to do and I think you would be perfect for it.

I said that I didn't know what it was yet but I agreed that I would be perfect for it whatever it was. She said would you do whatever I told you to do? I said yes. She said good. Good Boy! She asked me if I obeyed my wife too and I told her I was divorced but I had a lady that I date sometimes and I obeyed her. She said good. How often do you have sex. I said not too often and she was the only one I when I did. She asked again how often and I said maybe once or twice a month. She asked if I ever just popped up at her place out of the blue and got any. I said that I had a time or two.

She wanted to see a picture of her so I showed her one and she said she was cute and perfect for me. Then she pulls out a picture of a very attractive female and asked me if I thought this girl was pretty? I said yes, very pretty. She asked would I fuck her if I could and I said Hell Yes. She said really? Then convince me that you want to fuck her. Tell me how much you would like to. Tell me that you want me to hook you up. I started in begging her to fix me up with her. She laughed and said well, we'll see. Then she told me to give her that picture of Malynda that I showed her a minute ago. I did and she put both pictures, the one of the pretty girl and Malynda's picture in her purse.

I didn't know what she had up her sleeve at that point but I found out later. She told me to be at her place the next day at 4:30. She said not 4:29 or 4:31 either. She told me she wanted to hear her door bell ring at exactly 4:30. I did just that and she opened the door and looked at her watch and said very good boy. I went in and she said now, I have to make sure that you don't try to weasle out of this or even worse, try to do something that would interfere with work.

She said you wouldn't ever do anything like that would you? I said no way. She said good but I am still going to make sure of it. Take your clothes off for me, all of them. I said really? Why? She said just do it. I said Ok, your the boss. She said I know. I stripped down to my underwear and asked her if this was Ok. She said what did I tell you a minute ago? I repeated what she had said and she said, does that look like all of them are off? So I bent down and took my underwear off and my little dick sprung straight up and stood there. She laughed and said, I always figured you probably had a tiny dick.

She pulls out her camera and said, don't worry, no one will see these unless you do something stupid and you won't do that. I was standing there completely naked with my little dick hard as a rock and I dropped my head down as she raised the camera. She said look at me. I kept my head down but moved my eyes to look at her. She said raise your head straight up here and look at me. I did and she said put your hands behind your back. I did and she snapped several pictures of me. No doubt I was completely revealed and exposed by all the angles she took. Then she said, yep, that should give me what I need if I ever need it and that will be strictly up to you. If you can keep secrets then I can. If you can't then these might just surface at some point.

Then she said, looking at you all excited with that little hard dick has made me excited too. Then she calls this guys name out. The door across the room opened up and this white guy walks into the room completely naked like me. He walks up to her as she grabs her purse and pulls out the two pictures. She hands me the cute girls picture and she hands him the picture of Malynda that I had given her. She asked him what he thought about Malynda's picture and he said she is cute. She said would you fuck her? He said in a heartbeat. She looked at me and said, would you fuck the girl in that picture. I said Hell Yeah.

She looked at him and pointed to malynda's picture and said, that's his girlfriend. Then she looked at me and said, that picture you have there is his wife. So both of you boys are fucking the one that the other would like to fuck. She said so here is what I want you to do and she grabs her purse again. She pulls out this pill bottle and shakes out two pills and hands one to each of us. Here is a Viagra for each of you. I want you to take it right now and she looks at him. I want you to go home and fuck your wife right now. Don't cum in her. Don't cum at all. Just fuck her real good and then I want you to hurry on back over here. He looked sort of puzzled and then she looks at me. You go to your girlfriends house and you fuck her. The same as him, don't cum in her just fuck her good. Then come directly back here. I mean directly back here.

I want you both to bring your slicked down little hard dicks back here completely coated with your wives pussy juice. You understand? We both looked at each other still confused some and said yes. Good. She said those little pills will keep those little dicks nice and hard for a good long while and when you both get back here that is what I want to see. Two little hard dicks nice and soaked with your little ladies juices. You have exactly one hour and 15 minutes to take care of this and be back here, on time. Now go.

We put our clothes back on and headed out. I was hoping Malynda would be ready to fuck. I figured she would because it had been a while since we had. Luckily she was ready and I plowed her good. She said what you got going today. I never let up and said aw nothing. It just been awhile and I figured you were about ready too. I can't stay long though. She said Oh, I see. You fly in here and wham bam me then you got to go. I said yep, pretty much.

Anyway, I did as I was told and fucked her good without cumming and I headed back over there with my dick still hard as a rock and not sure what was about to happen when I get back over there. I had about 20 minutes left when I got there and the other guys car was already there. I rang the bell and went in. She looked at me and said get naked again. As I was pulling off my clothes she said, did you fuck her? I said yes I did. She looked at the other dude and told him to strip too. She said you boys done real good. Each of you fucked your ladies without cumming and your little dicks are still rock hard.

So I am going to reward you both and let you cum for me. At this point I figured she was going to let us both fuck her but boy was I wrong. We were both standing there with rock hard ons and she said, now both of you have said you wanted to fuck the other ones wife but that is not what's going to happen. But you are going to get the next best thing. She looked at him and said get down there and smell his dick and tell me if you smell pussy on it. He did and looked up at her and said yes I do. She said good. That came from the pussy you want but can't have. She said, stand up.

She told me to get down and smell his dick. I did and told her that I did smell pussy on it. Good. That came from the pussy that you want but can't have. Since you boys want that pussy but can't have it, like I said earlier. You get the next best thing. You boys get to suck the dick that has had the pussy you want. Then she smiled and said. So, I want both of you to get down there in a 69 position for me and fuck each other in the mouth until you cum. I want you both to fuck that mouth the exact same way you just fucked your wife. I want you to pretend that you are still fucking your wife.

I was not expecting nor believing what I just heard. I said you are kidding right? She said now you aren't trying to back out on me now are you and she picks up her camera and pats her hand with it. She said, now, like I said get down there and fuck each other in the mouth. You won't quit fucking until you have cum in that mouth. While you are each getting your mouth fucked I want you to pretend that your mouth is that pussy that you want and with each thrust in and out I want you to be thinking that this is exactly how he fucks that pussy that I want.

Now get down there and get to fucking. I think we both were turned on about what she was saying and how she was saying it. She knew were getting turned on by it too. We both got down there like we couldn't wait to fuck each others mouth and also get our mouth fucked like that. I never dreamed that I would ever let something like this happen. But I must say that while it was happening was the most intense erotic feeling that I had ever had and I never in a million years would have believed that.

The icing on the cake was seeing her watching us both fuck each other in the mouth. Hearing her laugh every so often just added fuel to the fire along with that viagra pill. I heard your snapping pictures too and that even added to the tremendous thrill that I was feeling. He did cum in my mouth and I did in his and I must say, that was a first for me and now I hope it's not the last.

My plans now are to begin a mission to convince her to fuck a black guy and dominate me the same way she did here. After going through with this for her entertainment I feel now that I can say whatever is on my mind to her without any hesitation. She never mentions anything about this while we are at work but she does give me a smirky little grin now that I never got from her before.

I know what she is thinking when she gives me that sexy little grin and she knows what I am thinking while she does it. I never imagined her having such a kinky streak in her like she showed that one day and there is not a doubt in my mind that she will fuck a black guy for me and make me do him like she made me do that other guy. The real thrill will come from being able to taste her pussy from a dick that has fucked her while knowing she will never let me fuck her.

One Small Dick

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It was an amazing time. I finally braved up and told Malynda about my fantasy about me, her and a black guy. She said that was doable but I would have to earn that privilege and she would think about what that would consist of and let me know what she decides.

One Small Dick

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Very good story. I want to fuck Malynda and cuck you!
Sir, something like that is the best way I can think of for us white boys to show and prove our loyalty to the black man. I believe the majority of white boys would agree that us being with a female, whether wife, girlfriend or whatever, that has had black dick and cum inside her would make us very proud.

I feel sure that any and all white boys who have done cleanup before or has tasted a black mans cum in some way or another also makes them very proud to have done that. Even more so if that built or boosted the black mans ego any or gave him pleasure to see it happen or to actually do it. If this was to even give the black guys a chance to laugh it up with their buddies about it happening would be a special thrill for us.

I think more and more white boys are learning that it is you guys right and privilege to receive sexual pleasure and release without providing much if any effort and it is our duty and honor to provide you with the amusement, pleasure and release along with the effort. I have always been told that a black man should never have to get himself off and if he so chooses should be able to cum whenever he wants without even lifting a finger.

One Small Dick

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OK, DMonz, first off I don't really give a shit whether you believe it happened or not.

Secondly, I don't need nor want your so called legal advice on what I can or can't do or what the fuck ever.

And third, just because you don't happen to agree that you or a majority of others are not necessarily one way or the other doesn't mean that it isn't so, that it doesn't happen or that whatever it may be is fantasy alone and nothing else. That may be so involving the people you know but otherwise, for the people you don't know, it is pure speculation on your part.

So with that being said, I am sure there are plenty of stuff around that should keep you and your pessimistic attitude very busy.