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Tell me about your cuckold relationship

My primary lover lives with us. My husband is in chastity. My primary shares me with his friends and family and their friends and family. My primary is the MAN of the house. My primary is just shy of 12" long and very thick. My husband is not even four inches when totally erect.

My primary, our live-in, is an amazing man who understand and fulfills my needs. My husband is a wonderful man because he accepts that he doesn't.
i had one cuckold relationship before, it ended because the girl i was with wasnt 100 per cent into the life style thing, but still looking for the special one.
My wife had a BBC for almost 6 yrs and was owned the last 4 and a half. He could do anything he wanted with her, I loved it. She belonged to him and she did anything he asked without hesitation. She liked making him happy and pleasing him. We lived 200 miles apart, but we were still able to see him, on the average, about every 2 weeks. Since it wasn't as easy for him to travel to meet as it was for us, he was only at our house a few times, but we wanted him to treat it like it was his. He could of come and gone as he wanted and we talked about giving him a key. He always used our bed as his and my wife with it. Whether it was at a hotel or our house, I was there to assist and I never got enough of seeing them fucking. I loved to help in whatever was needed and provided lube, a drink, fluffed and cleaned up as I felt as much owned as my wife was. I was told a couple times to leave and let them be alone, which added to the excitement of not knowing what they were doing while I was gone, even though they were fucking, I wasn't able to see their position or his cock buried in her, it was exciting. My wife did spend the night at his house once and I loved it. There was something about me dropping her off in his driveway and watching her walk up to his house, him opening the door and her going inside. Seeing the door close and knowing they were spending the night fucking was exhilarating. Me delivering her to him showed his ownership of her.
How many people here actually live the cuckold lifestyle, I wanna hear from you. The relationship between your wife you and her lover. Do you guy hang out or dp you give them (the bull and your wife) the space they need. Do they fuck in your bed? Does he make your home his? View attachment 578181
It seems to me that I've answered this question, in one form or another, many times before on this site, however since you asked the question.

The first time anyone stuck a black cock into Pam was three years ago. That pleasure went to an old university friend and roommate of mine, Edwin. That happened while we were attending a company convention. Edwin and I quickly lost contact with each other after after graduation, he took a position with a company in Europe, I stayed put, so nothing strange about that. Edwin and Pam screwed their brains out for four nights straight. He was extremely well endowed, Pam in a playful break from screwing, measured his member at well over 11 ins. That was just slightly over three years ago this past March. Edwin has had the pleasure of fucking Pam numerous times since then. The last time was when we took a month to cruise aboard our boat in the Carib a few months ago. By way of interest, Pam has often mentioned that the "motion of the ocean" added a delightful new treat especially when Edwin was in her balls deep. (Which seemed to me he always was. Edwin was like a mink in heat 24/7). Pam also made out with Edwin's twin brother, Eduard, and two others since then. One guy was a total looser and couldn't even get it hard enough to get it into her! Like Pam says however, 75% average ain't bad.

The first time Edwin had her it was in our bed at our hotel suite. He's also made use of our bed at home, our summer home, our condo in Florida and suite aboard our yacht. So I guess he makes himself at home whenever he's with Pam. (or should I say, with us.) and that's the way we like it, especially Pam. As for the word "cuckold", that wasn't a word we use to describe ourselves or our actions.