sylvie white hoe

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Any black masters ready for a real white hoe, trav slave?

  1. Yes, I am looking for a trav, a shite slave hoe to dominate.

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  2. I would like to own a white trav slave hoe.

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  1. sylvie white hoe

    sylvie white hoe New Member

    sylvie fem fem, trav, really convinced slave for black men.
    not gay, nor sissy, but masochist, real ‘O’, into s/m.
    dutiful maid and servant, to be used for the pleasure of a black master. willing to serve others, men or women, chosen by the master, who will truly ‘control’ his hoe. sylvie beautiful, cultured, serious. Italian, but can travel to east coast U.S.A., or all Europe. Being free from ties, willing to enter into 24/7 Master/slave hoe relationship.