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My gf spent the day at our local pool with her friend one afternoon this summer. when she got home, she was acting a little strange. then, out of the blue, she looked at me and said " i need to tell you something..". ok. She said that her and her friend were sitting in lounge chairs next to the pool. She saw a you black guy, maybe 16 or 17 getting out of the pool. as he was getting out, she had to do a double-take. through his wet swim trunks, you could see a perfect outline of his huge cock. She said it was the biggest cock she has ever seen. she looked at her friend, and her friend had her eyes locked on it too. As she was telling me about her cock staring episode, she started getting flushed, and very excited. she tried to play it off like it wasnt a big deal, but i know, that the thought of that cock stuck around in her head for quite a while. about a week later, i bought her a lifelike 9" chocolate vibrator cock. she used it til it broke. i think it is time for the next step. i would love to hook her up with a hot/HUNG black guy in the area. she is a great fuck, and i have always been turned on by the thought of her with someone else. hopefully someone here can help me with this? i look forward to hearing from you.