Suburban Secret


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My wife and I are very open sexually. She has experimented in the past, even with other women. In the cock department I have to admit that I am well below average and she has always let me know how much she would like to experience a big cock.
As it turns out I had always had a secret fantasy to watch her with a black man who was hung like a horse. I'm talking like 10 to 12 inches. We had played out so many of her fantasies, she asked what my darkest one was.
I admited my fantasy to her, and she was a little taken aback, but said that she was kind of turned on by the idea. So we went into action looking for someone to do this with. It wasn't that difficult finding some one and the three of us met at a downtown bar one night to get to know each other. He was a large black man, who actually turned out to be a pretty cool guy.
Anyway sparing the many details, he came over after we had a couple of drinks and my wife had sex with him right in front of me. It was an amazing sight to see my wife take his huge cock and cum so hard. I had never seen her react like this when we fucked, but then her black stud was almost three times my size. When they were done and he left, my wife asked me to fuck her and told me how much she loved me. I was happy that she seemed to respond to my thrusts after having just taken such a huge tool!
My wife and I live in our quiet little suburban neighborhood and about one a month have our friend come over and we have one hell of a threesome. If anyone at either one of our jobs knew this, my wife's career would be over, and our neighbors would most likely avoid us forever. As long as its our secret, we'll continue to enjoy it.